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Romanticism Essay Examples

Essay on Romanticism

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Romanticism in Art, Music and Literature

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) was a German writer and politician. His body of work includes epic and lyric poetry written in a variety of metres and styles; prose and verse dramas; memoirs; an autobiography; literary and aesthetic criticism; treatises on botany, anatomy, and colour; and four novels. In addition, numerous literary and scientific fragments, more than 10,000 letters, and...

William Wordsworth: Life & Legacy

William Wordsworth was an outstanding English romantic poet. Even after many hardships, he found a way to be extremely brilliant and write some of the best poems of all times. Wordsworth’s most famous work, The Prelude, is considered by many to be the crowning achievement of English romanticism. Devastated by the death of his daughter Dora in 1847, Wordsworth seemingly lost his will to compose p...

Gwen Harwood Analysis

Also, the lines of the final stanza, “At your side among the graves I think of death no more,” contain the positional verb, “side,” the funerary reference of “graves,” and the noun, “death,” in conjunction with the negative terms, “no more,” to combine ideas of companionship, spiritual well-being and death. This highlights the religious notion that friendship and other relatio...

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Imagination vs. Obsession in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Finally, the scientist knows he lost touch with reality and needs to ease the load in his mind after creating the monster. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the author shows us how the scientist Victor Frankenstein loses touch with reality at the end of the story, after an imagination that led to his obsession of creating life. After Victor Frankenstein is confident, egocentric, and beli...

Frankenstein and Blade Runner Comparative Study

Additionally, the depiction of a tear running down Pri’s face whilst she lies on the sidewalk surrounded by blood combined with sultry, non-diegetic sound and that of a heartbeat, reinforces this questioning of humanity. This is juxtaposed with Deckard’s emotionless features and the monotonous drone of the droid, suggesting that our artificial creations can lead to the dehumanisation of mankin...

Realism and Romanticism: Similarities and Differences

Two of the most important aspects of Romantic literature can be found in Goethe’s Faust, as it is about Heinrich Faust, one singular person, and how he and his life are influenced by the supernatural. In Faust, the title character is visited by Mephistopheles and has his life dramatically changed as a consequence of a heavenly wager on his life between Mephisto and God. God describes Faust as co...

"i wandered lonely as a cloud" analysis

This is a beautiful but simple poem about the beauty of nature and how inspiring it can be. The images that Wordsworth uses to describe the scene are like an artist painting a scene vividly so the reader can see it with his mind's eye. You can clearly visualise the day exactly how Wordsworth must have seen it all those years ago. It was interesting how Wordsworth gave the daffodils an almost human...

Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth

Eric K. W. Yu is Associate Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at National Chiao Tung University. He has published essays on Romantic poetry, postcolonialism, and Chinese folklore. His current areas of research are urban space, travelogues, and the Hong Kong cinema. One of his latest articles, titled “Productive Fear: Cultural Anxieties and Ascetic Labor in Bram Stoke...

Romantic Revival

“Oh for a life of sensations rather than of thoughts!” exclaimed Keats in one of his letters. Wordsworth defined poetry, as the spontaneous overflow of ones emotions. There is also an opposition between the static and the dynamic, as found in the classical and romantic works respectively. The classical writer is more likely to be concerned with permanent aspects of things, while the romantic t...

"The Devil And Tom Walker" and Romanticism

I believe “The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washinton Irving is a good example of the Romantic literary movement. The characters are almost in their own fantasy world and there is imagery throughout this story. It is very similar to other pieces of literature written during this era. The characters are connected to their emotions, their inner feelings come to light, and there are a lot of examples...

The Concept of Beauty in Different Cultures

With a swing set, a telescope, and beautiful skies, an element of mysticism emerges in the painting, suggesting that artists from this time period held opposing concepts of beauty in comparison to artists from the Renaissance. Rather than appreciating realistic portrayals in paintings, Romantic artists focused instead on actions and the natural world. Nature plays a very vital role in this paintin...

Relationship analysis of the Baroque and Romantic Art Movements

Friedrich, C. (1818). Wanderer above the Sea of Fog. Retrieved from http://cdn2-d.mindedgeonline.com/460/468px-Caspar_David_Friedrich_032.jpg Mok, K. (2009, February 18). Top 5 Environmental Artists Shaking Up the Art World. Retrieved September 5, 2014, from http://www.treehugger.com/culture/top-5-environmental-artists-shaking-up-the-art-world.html Movements in the Humanities: Baroque & Neocla...

19th Century American Literature

Edgar Alan Poe also writes in the Dark Romantic genre, he had a great dislike for the transcendentalists calling them, “Frogpondians”, after a pond on Boston Commons, he ridiculed their writings and his piece, Never Bet the Devil in You Head, was a clear attack on the movement. Poe, who is sometimes considered a gothic writer, uses ideas such as dementia and paranoia in his works. Supernatural...

A Poem To a Skylark by Shelly

Another typically romantic theme of the romanticists is desire, which is also mentioned in the poem. The poet wants to be creative and carefree as the bird is. 'A thing where in we feel there is some hidden wants' (L70). The bird is always happy as it has no knowledge of the feeling of sorrow and is incapable of feeling this way as it is oblivious and uncaring that these emotions exist. 'With thy ...

John Keats' Lamia as a Product of Romanticism

Although Lamia begins to wither under Apollonius' stare, it is only when Lycius considers his teacher's thoughts as truth, that she is actually destroyed. In attempting to define and confine Lamia's nature to their record of common things, they destroy her imagination--her own perceptions on beauty and truth, "Do not all charms fly at the mere touch of cold philosophy" (II-229-230)? The dream that...

The History of Drama

"brought new levels of realism that had previously not been found on the contemporary English stage" (Sanders 254). John Masefield's The Tragedy of Nan "gave an imaginative, even a poetic quality, to a drama of rustic realism by combining rhythms and imagery" (Kerensky 55). Many individual based playwrights of today are reproducing their own versions of famous Shakespearean and Elizabethan plays a...

Analize a Conflict in "Rip Van Winkle"

During the Romantic Period of American Literature it was believed that imagination is greater than logic and that imagination is the greater solution to finding truth and beauty, what most authors valued. Romantic writers also believed that cities led to corruption; therefore nature is a safe place to become more spiritual. This is why Rip Van Winkle schemes into the forest with his dog to escape ...

Romanticism in "The Scarlet Letter"

In Hawthorne's condemnation of the Puritan society, is another strong argument of romanticism. Hawthorne continually condemns the puritans lack of personal responsibility and independence, which go against the romantic ideal of one finding a independent, personal meaning to their life. The puritan society is continually held by Hawthorne in low regard, as he degrades their actions, from the hypocr...

Hymn to Intellectual Beauty

Using the imagination can help reshape reality. (Pg. 724)Shelley used his Imagination to transmit what truth and beauty was to him and expressed in terms of the sublime. He concludes to this invisible visitor: Whom, SPIRIT fair, they spells did bind/ To fear himself, and love all human kind. He illustrated the characteristics of imagination, nature, mystery and the supernatural in his ode, Hymn to...

William Wordsworth's portrayal of Nature

Wordsworth's poems," Three years she grew in sun and shower" and "Resolution and Independence" show that the characters he most admired lived their lives in the midst of nature. The poem "Three years she grew...." Is about a young girl, Lucy, who is taken away by Nature. In the poem, Nature says that she will make Lucy a lady exactly like herself. She says that Lucy will be a part of Nature and wi...

A critical appreciation of Keats' "Ode to a Nightingale"

With the use of the word "forlorn ", the poet is transported back into the world of reality. The phrase "the fancy cannot cheat so well/ as she is famed to do, deceiving elf" shows that the power of perception and imagination stimulated by the bird has cheated him and that it cannot take him away from the world that he is a part of. The same music, which instigated him to take his own life, now br...

Critical Lens Essay on Rime of the Ancient Mariner

In conclusion, "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is a romantic poem because passion, not reason, ruled, and imagination was more important than logic. Coleridge was able to use his imagination to generate dazzling sentences filled with imagery, supernatural beings, and all of which included writing that was elusive as a replacement for the logical and mathematical wording. Due to the use of imagery, C...

Mr. William Bryant And His Romantic Antics

This poetry by William Cullen Bryant is clearly of the Romantic style. He uses nature in his poetry in an aesthetic way, stating it as a kind being. Idealism is used in a romantic manner, glorifying death and showing the freedom of life in its natural form. His poetry is full of content and emotion with forgiveness and love. Bryant's "Thanatopsis" and "To a Waterfowl" are two excellent examples of...

Romanticism as a Movement and a Worldview

Nature, the literal opposite of the industrial city offered new perspectives on the world, became a symbol of good against the evil that was industralisation and its negative consequences. The emphasized and deepened appreciation of the beauties of nature was believed to inspire. Nature was the medium through which one could express their emotions (a major element of Romanticism) for it was seen a...

Sense and Sensibility: Neo-classicism vs Romanticism

Sense and Sensibility was used by Jane Austin to delineate her social culture of which her life consisted of. She uses both her protagonists, Marianne and Elinor, to effectively describe the balance that must be present in order to benefit from the virtuous attributes of both philosophies. By glorifying Elinor as the heroine of the novel, a character who is majority Neo- Classic, the reader can se...

Romantic Themes Used By William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth's poems all contain unifying themes and images that make his works fall into the Romantic genre. He shows many images of nature in the poem "Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey." In "The World is Too Much With Us" he uses the poem to tell the readers that there is a better or ideal way to live life, a major theme in Romantic literature. Lastly in Wordsworth poems "A S...

'The Eolian Harp' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It is clear from this analysis of the text that Coleridge uses the elements of poetry to create required effects. The occasional capitalisation of words, the use of exclamation marks and use of blank verse elevates the parts of the poem that Coleridge feels to be most important. Likewise, nature comes alive through human senses and through personification it comes out of hiding to embrace Colerid...

Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Mont Blanc" Analysis

'Some say that gleams of a remoter world visit the soul in sleep' (MBl48-9)'when the light of sense goes out in flashes that have shewn to us the invisible world' (TPl535-6)Shelley believes that a remoter world is the realm of imagination, that only those who are 'wise, and great' (MBl82) can reach while in a state of 'trance sublime' (MBl34). That nature has the power to help you understand the ...

The Death of Sardanapalus Analysis

The color differences are already striking and the overall composition is also extremely different. Every single art movement has its own characteristics. Whether the artist chooses to stay within that style or incorporate stylistic elements of another art movement depends on their feelings, their inspiration, and the theme that they wish to incorporate into their work. Neoclassicism, Romanticism ...

William Wordsworth: A study of his poetry

All four of these aspects were found to be Romantic in nature and moreover all of these aspects are irrevocably linked in the true Wordsworthian fashion of continuity. These four elements of his poetry fuse to form a unique, revolutionary and profound doctrine of ideas that show Wordsworth to be, in truth and in fact, one of the founding fathers of the Romantic Movement in England and a true Roman...

Symbolism in Poems The Lamb and The Tyger

The irony of this question is its answer – yes. When extended, this line could also mean that both good and evil exist in the world – both created by God. It implies the choice that man has to choose good over evil, or vice versa. Mankind must learn to live with and accept both. This is the dichotomy that is spoken of earlier and alludes to the archetypal and eternal battle of good versus evil...

History of British Literature

The Shadow of the Sun, and Babel Tower. Martin Amis Amis (1949- ) is an English journalist and novelist. Some of his works include The Rachel Papers, London Fields, Night Train, and Henry Water. The information in this lesson will be a valuable resource for you in the study of different periods of literature. Remember that this lesson is only an overview of some of the authors and literary works p...

Hawthorne Romanticism

From this speech it can be seen that the veil prevents the minister’s wife from experiencing the joy of seeing her husband’s face. It represents, therefore, an attempt made by shadow to obscure the light of happiness and freedom. The three stories by Hawthorne contain strong themes of the conflict between good and evil, and each of these two contenders is represented by two extremes of Romanti...

Social Realism

If you live Bel Air or in Beverly Hills for example in your entire life, without television, without internet, there is no way you can have a glimpse of what is really happening outside your yards. Social realists' work provide an alternative perspective with these people. It can managed to bring out a strong emotion to these formerly clueless people, making them to move and initiate changes in th...

Money Madness

The romantic period can be said to have begun with the publication of the ‘Lyrical Ballads’ by William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge. Lord Byron, Percy Byssche Shelly and John Keats comprised the latter period of the movement. Romantic poetry has always fascinated the minds of the readers with the life of the authors. The main attraction might be the fact that most of the poets died at a you...

Salient Features of Romanticism

One may use prose to narrate, describe, argue, or define. There are equally numerous reasons for writing poetry. But poetry, unlike prose, often has an underlying and over-arching purpose that goes beyond the literal. Poetry is evocative. It typically evokes in the reader an intense emotion: joy, sorrow, anger, catharsis, love... Alternatively, poetry has the ability to surprise the reader with an...

The Romantic Era: Art, Music, and Literature

Romanticism led writers to question and ponder various aspects of the world and society, allowing them to explore different facets of thought rather than focusing only on what could be scientifically proven. It is clear that emotion had virtually no boundaries during the romantic movement. When it came to art, music, and literature, expression and creativity were very prominent. Romanticism allowe...

Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne: a Comparison

The resolution of the story is that the horrid scene the young man had witness the night before was only a dream, yet he is not sure that it took place in his mind or if it was real. Reality and what one perceived as reality was something that Hawthorne was a master. Both Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne made use of the human mind as an instrument a person’s demise rather than actions. Th...

Edgar Allan Poe and James Russell Lowell

As shown, these two poems can be compared and contrasted through theme, tone, and figurative language. In the way the poets write, we can see their reactions to the snow. Even though they both wrote about snow, they didn’t approach the topic in the same way. Lowell and Whittier both lived in the Romantic era but lived different lifestyles, which affected how they saw events and formed the style ...

"Line Written in Early Spring"

And then the poet is disappointed over the fact that man has selfishly ruin his own peace of mind and joy of life. William Wordsworth loved the Nature. He looked upon it as a healing force. This poem is a good representation of its time period because it gives insight into how many people neglected nature, and the troubles and lifestyles of people during the Romantic period. William Wordsworth is ...

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