Religion Essay Topics

Catholic Church In Ireland

The role of Catholic Church in the development of the education system in the nineteenth century Ireland.             The Catholic Church in Ireland was known as Romans Catholic Churches. The church was headed by a pope. In Ireland the Catholic Church was organised in dioceses and parishes, which was headed by the archbishops, bishops and… View Article

How did religion influence the fabric of colonial life?

Increased autonomy in the hospital interns of the budget. These include decisions like what and how much to spend on staffing and drug purchases. Performance should be used in rewarding management team. This will encourage the team to make more sound judgments and implement better policies. Increased budget for drugs and any other medical supplies…. View Article

Eastern Religions Analysis

Modern western medicine is based on knowledge and technological innovations appeared in 19th and 20th centuries. In contrast to eastern traditions, modern western medicine rejects the role of mind and soul in treatment trying to explain everything form Rationalist point of view. Recent years, eastern religious traditions penetrate into modern medicine brining new understanding of… View Article

Eastern Religion Hinduism

Hinduism:             Hinduism has no single prophet nor one god to worship; rather they have many metaphors for the gods. Hinduism has no beginning, founder, no central authority, and no organization. Hindus believe in one supreme being who has unlimited forms. Some of the central beliefs of the Hindus is the idea of reincarnation, in… View Article

Eastern Religions

As far as the studies of Eastern religions show, the founders and saints of the religions exemplify the central virtues of the community. There is no wonder that this feature characterizes the religions because there is always a thirst for perfection in every community and in every nation. In Indian culture, the main figures are… View Article

Eastern religion

Transcendentalism denotes an abstract thought composed of several layers of meaning. The Oxford Companion to Philosophy states, “Transcendentalism is belief in the existence of things that transcend sense-experience, or more reflectively, belief in the possibility of transcendent metaphysics” (pp-878).  In the religious sense, it can be defined as the quest for reality through spiritual intuition… View Article

Enlightenment and Religion

Enlightenment has been fundamentally a humanistic movement, which proposed a new approach to basic matters of religion, faith and church. This paper aims to investigate some of the Enlightenment teachings about religion. I will use “An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?” by Emmanuel Kant and “A Letter concerning Toleration” by John Locke to… View Article

Religion And Confession

a. Define your topic in a relatively brief paragraph. The topic I chose is Confession. Confession is a basic part of living a spiritual life. For some cultures and organized religion, confession is a physical act of going to the priest, telling the priest your sins and asking sincerest repentance. One cannot partake of the… View Article

Jung: Psychology and Religion

Jung is accurate in his assessment that religion, to many, is a very personal thing. Despite the fact religious organization comprise of many millions of people, a religious experience in not exclusively a collective experience. To most people, religion remains a personal experience that is encoded and decoded in the psyche as well as the… View Article

Importance of Religious Freedom

“Religious freedom is the notion that people of religion can freely partake in the practices of their religion without opposition”. To me religious freedom is being able to have our opinions and speak our mind about our beliefs. Religion in general means a clear set of beliefs about a life that surpasses our current human… View Article

Master and Margarita-Religion Theme

Religion is an ever-present theme in the novel Master and Margarita. Many of the characters neither believe in heaven nor hell, and they also refute the existence of God or the Devil (Satan). Throughout the novel, religion is used for characters to make sense of their realities. When Woland, the Devil himself, confronts some of… View Article

How Religion is Detrimental to Human Enlightenment

Religion has bequeathed us with numerous powers to live, breathe in peace, and capture our soul to realize the truth of ourselves and divine. The whole concept of religion lies in the fact that it binds us with our imperceptible creator and enables us to visualize our self and our esteem perquisite hidden power. But… View Article

The Nuer Cognition

The Nuer people are among the largest ethnic groups in the northeastern part of Africa.  They are a pastoral herding people living in southern Sudan and the western part of Ethiopia. This region is a part of Africa where Islam, and to an extent the Arab word, comes into contact – and often conflict –… View Article

The Pentecostal Religion

It was Ninian Smart, a renowned expert on religious studies, who came up with the six dimensions of religious worldviews, mainly experiential, mythic, ritual, doctrinal, ethical, and social. We will now use this model to examine in-depth, the Pentecostal religion. The Pentecostal movement within Evangelical Christianity places special emphasis on the direct personal experience of… View Article

City of God vs. The Protestant Reformations

Introduction: The belief that God is present to the human mind and soul, and can be found is part of the Christian tradition. Many Christian philosophers seem to regard this as the concern only of specially devout persons and of no interest for philosophical purposes. The evidence for it, they think, it too slender to… View Article

The Protestant Reformation

The Protestant Reformation, the brainchild of Martin Luther, was a movement in Western Civilization that would change the face of world religion forever. In the 16th Century, the Protestant Reformation was exactly as the name implied: a protest movement designed to break the religious dominance of the Catholic Church and institute the reforms necessary to… View Article

Proctor and Gamble: No Links with Satanism

Introduction      It is human nature to be easily lured into tales of the strange and the extraordinary. In fact, any person generally relishes on spinning tales of his/her own probably to attract attention, and for sheer fun, make others believe as if they were true. Nowhere is this more applicable than in the many… View Article

The Religion of Paul the Apostle by John Ashton

This book is the outcome of the author’s conviction that an important way of understanding Saint Paul has been neglected. He mentions the idea expressed in 1888 by Hermann Gunkel, that Paul’s life experiences are the key to understanding his teaching about the spirit. On page 198 Ashton quotes Heinrich Weinel as saying :-            … View Article

The Reformation

Gabriel Mützenburg in his article Calvin and the Swiss Reformers ( p442 The Lion Handbook of Christian Belief) says that :- The Reformation was a reawakening. It was not basically an attempt at theoretical speculation and research. It was experience. Long before the well known reformers Martin Luther and John Calvin came along there had… View Article

The Separation of the Church and the State

Introduction             The importance of religion is given high importance in the legislature of the American society. As for a fact, it is a sacred aspect of human living that it is directly supported by the law as the US legislation on the part that the society should be able to choose what they opt… View Article

The Use of Protestant Religion by Ku Klux Klan Members

The Ku Klux Klan             This is an organization pioneered by some members of the Confederate (American Southerners) army. This organization was composed of renegade white military officers of the South. They were against the policies of Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party. The policies were the following: 1) granting freedom to black slaves after… View Article

The Truths About Religious Wars

A religion has always been coupled with the fate and faith and facts of life aiding it to decree the fact that the spreading of freedom of worship surrounding the whole world is a matter of righteousness spreading and right for every legal and illegal methodology for the sake of expanding the name of what… View Article

The Religion that Maintains Social Order

Hinduism is a religion that exerts positive force by being an inclusive religion. True, it implements no single rule in terms of orthodoxy, rule or proscription, deity, rituals, codes, or conduct. Because it centers more on mythology (and not theology), there should have been no categories for social rank or status within the community. Being… View Article

The Visual of a Religious Environment

How should a religious environment be visualized? Perhaps it will depend upon one’s concept of a religious environment and based on a particular religion like Roman Catholicism for instance, or Christianity. A religious environment may mean also one’s general view of a particular religious movement in one milieu. Or, it may mean a general view… View Article

Theosophy Paper

Theosophy can be described as a collection of beliefs that have been put together to guard mode of operation of the theosophical society. This collection of beliefs is basically man’s effort to understand God through meditation , acts of love towards others, intensive study about various issues as well as living a life that is… View Article

Mesopotamia Case

HISTORY OF MESOPOTAMIAN RELIGION The name Mesopotamia, is a Greek name which means ‘the land between the rivers’, refers to the geographic region which lies near the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and not to any particular civilization. The land of Mesopotamia is made fertile by the irregular and often violent flooding of the Tigris and… View Article

Functionalist Views on Religion

The functionalist view of religion stems from Durkheim who said that society is like the human body. He argued that that religion reinforces collective conscience that leads to a unity within society as a whole and that each member of the society is joined in solidarity, therefore it acts as glue. It does so by… View Article

Hinduism and Christianity

Hinduism and Christianity are two of the largest religions in the world today with nearly half of the world’s population claiming one of the two as their own. Without a doubt, both religions have been extremely influential in the world. In the minds of most, this is about as far as the similarities between Hinduism… View Article

Tibetan Religious Tradition and Nationalism

For many years, the issues of Tibet have remained controversial.  The ongoing occupation of China had brought the nation into international focus, which has eventually made the Tibetan issue global. Now more than ever, the issues of Tibet had received much attention.  This is due to the fact that many celebrities have participated in fighting… View Article