Recruitment and Selection Strategies

The goal of this paper is to assist Bradley with the recruitment of brand-new worker and the selection procedure to benefit the start-up of his company. A crucial factor to determine in the procedure is to have a strategy with an outline instructions with an overview of the time reserved for recruitment. The recruitment process should not delay the opening of the business and each description ought to include the area, demographics of the business dynamics, and establish position, duties, duties, and salary.

Position Description

Hiring method is to interest, engage, and draw in potential staff members. The position has to have duties, qualification, and duties that match the job and represent the business. Supply the value of the function with clarity to bring in the very best employee to advance retention and limit turnover. Identify performance training time line with detail duties in written form to restrict confusion and supply preferred qualification as a standard. Identify threat connected with the performance of the duties, the equipment, and worker responsibility.

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Position Purpose

The statement in the position purpose includes the organizational goals as it relates to the company direction and employee functions. The position purpose is to clarity the need for the position with a summary of the management team, candidate function, and opportunity. The relation the position has to the company dynamics in operational functions and customer satisfaction. Detail marketing strategy and why it is important to attract a particular cliental to the business for longevity. Reduce time waste with the outline of the job profile to reach the most qualifying associates.

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 The objective is to set up a search engine that is cost affective the benefits the company making the site user friendly to all applicants. Outline qualification from the most important to the least important to help narrow the research of each candidate helping the startup time meet the goals set by the company.

Develop Recruitment Plan

The management team has to have a list to determine each position that is requiring running the company effectively and efficiently. The plan is a map of the company strategy plans for the applicant placement that starts with the HR department working with the management team to post prospective positions outlining the time for each posting and in the order to hire for each position. The plan has to include draw back that will allow for declining positions. The plan will help determine the number of applicants for each position with limits for the number of interviews. The plan has to include the determination for educational qualification, background checks, and experience. Determine the value of the qualifying factors to determine the postings placement.

Recruitment plan helps to plan cost of advertisement resources, plan the type of advertisement that will best fit the company purpose, and legal obligation regulation in the location of the company. Each factor has to be outline in the recruitment plan to reduce confusion and delays to organizational placement. Identify the job target to assist with the cost of advertisement. Determine the location of advertisement and time frame each advertisement utilizing all methods to benefit the company. The utilization can include media, paper advertisement (flyers, billboards, and ads). The advertisement can delay process if to many methods are in use and to help with this issue it is important to determine the number of applicant target setting a cut off number. Applicant Review

The purpose for the applicant review is important to ensure each applicant has equal attention and every applicant has to reviewed and consider. The methods of reviewing application has to be outline in the recruitment plan to ensure fair and equal opportunity laws and regulations are upheld. The organization could employ a committee to help with the process or a board to review the qualifying candidates. The candidates must apply in the consideration time to be consider for the position with the committee can pull applicants that have the qualification, apply within the time frame set for applying, and set all application up for retainer for a period set up by the company. Once reviewing the applications it is important to respond to the candidates in respect to perspective decisions for the position or not considered for the position.

The recruitment process has to have a time line for each process to ensure success and have a completion time. The review of applications should have an outline set up and follow each procedure outline by the HR department, utilize documentation to identify candidates that are set up for interview and individuals that are do not meet the qualification are entitle to communication in the form of telephone, corresponding letter, or email. Preparing for Interview

Preparing for interview is just as important as reviewing applications. The process has to have a format to set the direction of the interview. The direction of the interview must be clear and to the point to obtain the information about the applicant without discrimination of age, disability, race, and sex. The interview format is to help decision process for the applicant the interview questions should be written to identify the position. Prepare a packet to take notes and file with the applicants personal information to review after the initial interview. The question should be specific to the job pertaining to the competencies, skills, and requirements describing the duties and responsibilities.

The preparation has to include time for each applicant making it important to schedule and maintain the schedule to meet operational goals. The verification of information is the one of the most important phases during the interview process. It is important to be specific but allow interaction with communication to introduce the environment of the company but reserve the communication to the job details. The interview phase is to help with the hiring process but it is important to review information before offering the position and determinations can be reserve until all candidates are interview. Interview and Selection Process

The mechanics of interviewing has particulars that have to be set up in during the initial introduction to make the interviewee inviting and comfortable during the interview but maintain control of the interview. The sets have little but strong management attributes that introduce the company to the perspective candidate and communication is important for the interviewee because in many situations the interviewee will do the talking and the job of the interviewer is to listen to the communication and identify skills, qualifications, and opportunity.

Interviewer can become frustrated seeking a quick fit and to limit the stressor the team can set up a committee to take some of the stress out of the interview process. The committee can help with the final process and selection of qualifying individual. The team can prepare a rate sheet to help with the process to identify strengthens, weaknesses, and opportunity.


The company has to have structure during the recruitment process to assist in the growth of the company. The reduce obstacles during the process it is important to formulate a plan of action and follow the plan during each step. The steps in the recruiting and selection process will help maintain a schedule that will assist in the recruitment phase. Set goals for the company during the process that details the qualifications, expectation of each applicant, and utilize the local community to advance the advertisement process. Clarity the positions, duties, and qualifications to ensure the right person applies for the job. Create interview format to help with the selection process and each applicant must have consideration for the position during the review process. Overall recruitment and selection process is an introduction to the company and the environment starts during the first introduction with a firm hand shack.


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Recruitment and Selection Strategies

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