Normal Recruitment vs Holistic Recruitment

Gone are the days of simply getting hired because you have the proper job qualifications and experience. The new HR specialist is looking at a holistic recruiting approach. Through holistic recruiting, the HR specialist now looks at the complete you. And it’s your ‘emotional intelligence’ that defines the best part of the holistic approach to hiring. Your core values as a person drive your EQ or emotional intelligence.

As such, the better you score at the EQ level, the better equipped you are for fast track hiring and thus, promotion.

On the other hand normal recruitment refers to the past scenarios when employees promoted well beyond their capabilities. Yes, they were very good at their job, and as such worthy of being promoted to supervisor level. Their EQ, or emotional intelligence, was never a factor, and thus we have all kinds of ‘great’ workers promoted into positions they are totally unable to manage.

Normal Selection Vs Holistic Selection The transformation happened in the selection system of Google inc.

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would be the perfect distinguish between normal and holistic selection system; Google inc. recently changed its employee screening process. A few years ago, Candidates went through a dozen more grueling in person interview. Then, the firm’s selection team would routinely reject candidates with years of work experience if they had just average college grades.

But, as Google’s new head of human resources implemented holistic selection process and said “Everything works if you’re trying to hire 500 people a year or 1000.

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” Now, Google is hiring thousands of people per year, and can’t be bogged down by such slow hiring process. They’ve lightened the interview load(down to about five average) and, among other things, no longer put as much weight on college GPA as its required in creative people selection. Normal Compensation Vs holistic compensation

The old paradigm of executive pay, in which compensation, benefits, retirement plans,equity incentives and severance provisions were delineated and managed separately, is disappearing. In its place, the "total rewards package" is emerging. The total rewards approach lends itself to a new paradigm of looking beyond the regular payment of salary, benefits and incentives as an annual process, to viewing the long-term "big picture" of executive-wealth creation.

Because of their nature, equity incentives -- including options, stock and performance-based plans -- carry the potential for a dramatic upside. In fact, long-term equity incentives make up 60 percent to 80 percent of the compensation for the average CEO, and 40 percent to 60 percent of the compensation for other senior executives. In the coming months and years, HR executives need to lead the way in breaking down the traditional barriers between reward components and creating a long-term, holistic vision for management and the board of directors.

Updated: Aug 11, 2021
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