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Unit 13: Recruitment and Selection in Business level 3
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w/c Sept 2013
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1 of 2 Recruitment.
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As detailed on assignment

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Internal (Portfolio)
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Internal Standardisation
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Sept 2013
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Assignment Brief:
Unit 13: Recruitment and Selection in Business

Unit Specification:
See VLE or Edexcel.


Feedback Header Sheet:
CF015 will be attached for formative and summative feedback

Learning Outcomes relevant to assignment linked to:-
1 Know the processes involved in recruitment planning
2 Understand the implications of the regulatory framework for the process of recruitment and selection

Level 2

Level 3
Unit 1: The Business Environment (10) *
Unit 4: Business Communication (10) **
Unit 16: Human Resource Management in Business (10)
Task Submission Dates
Task 1
Task 2
Task 2a
Task 3
Week ending 4th October 2013
Week ending 25th October 2013
Week ending 8th November 2013
Week ending 22nd November 2013
Performance Criteria Assessed in this assignment:
Note that this IS / NOT a whole Unit assignment.

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Comments and Deadlines
Note: All tasks must be completed by the deadlines set. Failure to do so may mean that the higher grades may not be obtained. Evidence may be submitted for other units stated above but put into context. Make sure you xref to grade.

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This scenario relates to recruitment selection, advertising and preparing documents for different job roles.

You are working for a recruitment agency and they have asked you to review and write a report about the recruitment processes of two separate organisations.

You will prepare advertisement and appropriate documentation for an organisation. The first job is for an Administrator Assistant for the Finance area of a College and also for a Team Leader in a Supermarket. To confirm that the documentation is correct and accurate you will complete the documentation and submit for checking to your line manager.

Your line manager has asked you to identify how similar organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources.

Using the format below you are then to produce a report identifying why the 2 organisations identified need to recruit and how they plan their recruitment.

To: (Insert Teachers name)
From: (Insert your name)
Date: (Insert month and year)

Re: Recruitment and Selection

Task 1 (P1) : Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources.

Prepare a planning sheet this will support you to write your report. Once this has been completed, you will then create the relevant report to show that you gained an understanding about the processes for recruiting staff for two separate organisations.

This report should be headed up “Processes involved with recruitment planning by comparing 2 organisations, using internal and external sources.”

The report should have an opening paragraph introducing your aim with NO SUB HEADINGS

The main section should contain the following:

Section 1: Reasons for Recruitment -The reasons for vacancies.

Section 2: Internal Recruitment – The internal aspects of recruitment planning, including advertising internally, promotion and succession planning.

Section 3: External Recruitment – The external aspects of recruitment planning, including advertising internally, promotion and succession planning.

Section 4: Identify 2 organisations:
Research and analyse about Tesco (Sainsbury’s) and Havering College. Why should they take the decision to recruit by using different processes to recruit for internal and external staff. (Refer to sections 1 to 3).

Section 5: Recruitment Process Diagram and methods of application: Compare the organisations recruitment methods, which can be shown in a recruitment process diagram and the methods of application that are used.

Conclusion which should contain the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting internally and externally.

Recommendations of whether to recruit internally or externally.

Task 1 addresses P1 identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources complete by 4th October 2013 This report
should be 3 – 4 pages in length – see Appendix 1

Task 2 (P3) Recruitment pack

As part of your training you need to familiar with all documentation used for recruitment and their purpose. You must identify all the documents used in the three stages of the selection process (P3). Job description, Person specification and Application documentation which includes a letter, application form and curriculum vitae. You must know the purpose of the key documents and the purpose of the information that the completed documents will provide for the interviewers. You must present this in a suitable format to your line manager. See appendix 1.

You have been asked to produce documents for the position at a College and Team Leader for a supermarket (See scenario). These will include:

1) A job description (see P3)

2) Person specification (see P3)

3) Create job advertisement, (you need to create a company name and logo).
4) Develop a CV

5) Complete application forms (paper based and online)

6) Produce a covering letter

This needs to be to a good standard as it will be used during the interview process.

P3 Develop and produce the recruitment pack complete by – 8th November 2013

Task 2a (P3) – By producing a report to develop Task 2 further to include the following you may be able to achieve M1 and D1.

Addresses M1: compare the purposes of the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process for a given organisation.

Addresses D1: Look at the documentation collected and make judgments on the usefulness of documents that you have collated in the interview pack.

Consider the interview pack you have produced. You must judge how effective and useful each of the documents is that you have produced. How do they help you and the organisation manage and conduct the interview? How do they help you make a decision in the interview process? Do any of them limit your decision in the selection process? You can use SWOT analysis to help you consider the strengths and weaknesses of the process.

M1 and D1 compare the purpose and evaluate the usefulness of the documents in the interview pack for a given organisation, in facilitating the interview process – complete by 8th November 2013

Task 3 (P2): Create a presentation relating to the following: (Please include speaker notes – minimum of 10 slides)

The presentation must include information on the following legislation and the impact of that legislation on recruitment when conducting interviews. This must be done by providing a concise, but detailed presentation for interviewers on:-

Sex Discrimination Act 1995/97
Race Relations Act 1992
Equal Pay Act 1970
Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005
European Working Time Directive
Employment Act 2002 and Work and Families Act 2006
Age discrimination Act
Sexual Orientation Act
Data Protection Act 1998
What ethical/moral reasons should we follow when recruiting staff?

Make sure you include speaker’s notes for each slide which support your presentation. You may wish to use images or charts to enhance your work.
Include a bibliography of sources of useful information from your research.

Task 3 (P2) legal and the impact of legislation on recruitment – complete by 22 Nov 2013

Appendix 1
Please note that all assignments for this unit are to be submitted on one of the deadline dates listed above. Please make sure all assignments are completed with your name, student number and signature.

Guidance Notes: Please read

P1: It may help to research about working with an agency so that you gain an understanding about working in this environment. Consider other areas in the department and the duties they would be expected to do for each area or section which could support your job role. Look at how the college and supermarket would recruit and who might apply internally and also the types of methods that can be used for external recruitment process.

Guidance Notes: Please read

P3: When writing the job description and person specification, if you use the internet as a source please remember to ensure that the post contains duties that would be required by the college and not just generic duties that may have been found from your internet source.

Guidance Notes: Please read

P2: When researching for the legislation and the impact of that legislation on recruitment, please ensure that you give clear and precise information so that everyone is aware of the legislation and please do not use technical jargon.


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