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McDonalds Human Resource Management And Recruitment

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Essay, Pages 3 (734 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (734 words)


A business reputation ultimately depends on the quality of its products. McDonald’s is the biggest and fastest growing worldwide restaurant chain that uses recruitment and training policies that are intended to maintain a high quality staff. McDonalds demonstrate appreciation by providing customers with high quality food, and excellent service. A typical McDonald’s restaurant employs about 60 individuals.

Customers are an important asset of McDonald’s because customer satisfaction begins with the attitudes and abilities of employees who are committed and effective.

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For these reasons, McDonald’s strives to attract and hire the best, and to provide the best establishment to work. Recruiting and training is expensive, therefore businesses look to keep staff turnover to a minimum. Researching McDonald’s headquarters as well as the franchises I will be addressing the following issues.

  1. McDonald’s current state of labor.
  2.  McDonald’s recruiting policies, and recruiting methods. 3. McDonald’s recruiting sources, internal and external. 4. How McDonald’s evaluate the selection process for hiring.

McDonalds, Recruiting and Selection

McDonald’s Corp. and its franchisees hosted a national hiring day on April 19, 2012 to fill hundreds of positions for crew members and restaurant managers. With the vast amount of hiring McDonald’s did on national hire day, the number of teenage applicants is dwindling. For years, McDonald’s has manned its crews largely on teenagers. In the 1990s, 45% of its U.S. employees were under 20, today its 33% of the workforce which totals 650,000. Forty percent of the top fifty managers worked their way up from the cash register, crew member, etc.

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Computerized cash registers, touch screen ordering, and electronic ovens is the reason for the decline when hiring teenagers. With the number of teenage applicants declining, McDonald’s has rolled out a new commercial emphasizing the opportunity for advancement with the company.

McDonald’s is being more selective about it hires. They require applicants to take a test designed to measure their experience and behavior patterns. Sophistication is rising and burgers are no longer flipped on a griddle but cooked in an oven operated by an electronic timer. Items on the menu forces staff to master new techniques, which are often intimidating to workers that are uncomfortable with technology. Recruitment is the initial process of filling a job. This process includes investigating the job as well as considering sources for suitable candidates. Once suitable candidates become available, an application is given, interviews are set up.

Every branch of McDonald is independent to hire their employees. A typical McDonald’s can employ about 60 people who include both managerial and floor based staff. Under McDonald’s recruitment policy, each individual restaurant is responsible for filling hourly-paid positions. The Management Recruitment Department coordinates recruitment of managers. Jobs are usually advertised in the restaurant, for hiring quality staff; people living in the area/friends of existing employees. The company’s recruitment history shows McDonald’s follow the two basic types of recruitment, internal and external. Internal recruitment is select candidates that from inside based on their past performance. McDonalds publicize their open positions on their site, www.mcdonalds2.rozee.pk.

This is where their employees could apply for the job they also publish in their restaurants on Notice Boards. McDonalds often goes for external recruitment though they mostly prefer internal recruitment or internal promotion. External recruitment of McDonald’s involves recruiting via the internet, advertising, and college recruitment. Recruiting via the internet has become very common. McDonald’s has its own site where they publish jobs and offer people to send the CV’s through online process and often recruit employees from there. Advertising includes newspaper/magazine ads.

The advantage of college recruitment (internship) is that McDonald’s don’t have to pay them much and their only temporary. As with most companies today, McDonald’s require that all applicants who are considered for a position must have a criminal background check before they are hired. A successful applicant will have demonstrated skills and behaviors that have been identified as being very important to the position.

This consist of on the job training, and open learning development modules, supported by courses and seminars at the Company’s National and Regional Training Centers. McDonald’s believes that the success of the restaurants is achieved through the people it employs. The company aims to recruit the best people, to retain them by offering ongoing training relevant to their position and to promote them when they are ready. Its recruitment policies, procedures and practices reflect the company’s determination to fulfill its goal.


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