The external recruitment process

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If the management has decided to recruit employees externally, they then need to plan accordingly. The first step is to attract the candidate, but before that the management needs to solve some pre advertisement issues. After evaluating the need for recruitment, management needs to decide whether job will a temporary or a permanent one (Clark, 1992). There are many factors that might influence these decisions such as; budget constraints, requirement of service etc. moreover, the job should also have certain kind of job description.

If there is no job description available at the moment, the management usually makes up a new one, keeping in mind all the evaluation they had done about that job vacancy. Job descriptions should be very precise and unambiguous. Apart from job description and specification, choosing the means of advertising is also important. These days, organizations usually advertise in the newspapers, however advertising online is also being used. With its low cost and low budgetary requirements, online recruitment and selection techniques are becoming more widely used.

Moreover it is usually considered the most effective ways to advertise. Online recruitment reaches international candidates also. However, its most important point is that it is inexpensive. An online advertisement usually generates a quick and better response. Organizations have registered themselves to job boards, where the post the vacancy and get response accordingly. These job boards are now widely used by candidates as a job search tool (UTS, 2007). Advertising job vacancies

Today, the most usual way of advertising a job vacancy is to advert in the news paper.

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However many new ways are coming up in this age of IT technology. Organizations are now using websites to advertise vacant positions. For example most people searching for jobs in the education sector usually use www. jobs. ac. uk. It has also been predicted that people will now be using more internet for better recruitment and selection processes than any other advertisement technique.

Agencies, television and radio are also used to advertise vacant positions in organizations. However, external recruitments should be advertised internally also in order to spread the news as far and wide as possible. The advertisement method is usually evaluated and discussed by the recruitment managers and the human resource team in order to find the best way of advertising (Farnham & Amanda, 2000). An advertisement is the first thing which informs the candidates about an opening.

This advertisement gives the candidates information they need to know, like what are the required qualifications, skills etc. An advertisement which allows creating a wider pool of candidates is usually considered a better one. An advertisement which narrows down the pool of candidates to an extent, in which nobody actually applies, is not considered a good advertisement. Usually the human resource team defines the actual advertisement task (Cullen, 2004).

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