Job: Recruitment and Selection

In this task I am going to create an information sheet which will compare the purposes of the different documents used within the recruitment and selection process.

Person specification:

The purpose of the person specification is to provide details about the type of person required such as attributes, personality for example qualifications. The person specification often includes Knowledge and Skills Experience, Personal, attributes, Interests and qualifications.

Job description:

The purpose of the job description is to provide information to potential employees about what the job involves such as the purpose, responsibilities and duties.

Job advertisement:

The purpose of a job advertisement is to find one or more individuals to fill a specific job opening. Companies usually target specific types of individuals when placing job advertisements, as they want to find the most-qualified applicants.

Person specification vs. Job description:

A difference between the person specification and a job description is the job description is created to inform the applicant about the job itself, for example it contains information on the responsibilities and duties of the job.

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Whereas the person specification is more of a skill list that an employer creates to ensure they only get people who are applying who have the correct skills, attributes and qualifications. A similarity between the person specification and a job description is the purpose, they are both created by the employer for the same reason, they are both used to short list employees, and also used within the interview process to help determine whether they are suitable for the job.

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Person specification vs. Job advertisement:

A difference between a job advert and the person specification is the job advert is created to advertise a job and to attract suitable people to apply for the vacancy whereas a person specification is the criteria that must be met in order for an applicant to be considered. A similarity of a job advert and a person specification is both give an overview of the skills that the applicant must have. The difference is the job advert only gives a brief list of skills that are wanted. However the person specification goes into a lot more details by splitting the skills and qualifications into two different categories , the two different categories are desirable and essential skills.

Job description vs. Job advertisement:

I compared the job description and a job advertisement, I found one key difference between them. The key difference is the purpose, the job advert is created by the employer and is used to attract people to apply for the job whereas the job description is used to inform candidates about the job and responsibilities, the job description is also used to help short list candidates by using it to cross reference with their CV. I also found one key similarity between the job advert and job description is both give a brief overview of the job, including the main responsibilities and duties, the only difference is the job description goes into a lot more detail, it includes more information such as working hour or wages.

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