Human Resource Management and Selection Strategies Recommendation


It is the responsibility of the HR department of Landslide Limo services to provide data for the task proficiency and an analyses and minimum qualifications to staff the business. The HR department is responsible for speaking with candidates, incorporating info gathered by the rest of the department to determine financial and wage recommendations and make decisions on entry-level hires and promos (Cascio, 2013). Diversity in the office can make up a variety of different aspects. The distinctions in nationwide origin, main language, social status, religion and age can benefit or hurt the business.

Managing variety within Landslide Limousine services will successfully be the secret to leveraging the advantages and minimizing the drawbacks of variety in the work environment.

Office variety goals:

  • A workplace that values are integrated into a board range of organizational values.
  • The Landslide Limo will support all team member, families, career and cultural obligations.
  • The Landslide is a business that is totally free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Techniques for evaluating prospects can be a frustrating experience for the job interviewer and interviewee.

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As the interviewer for the business, you probably have seen a great deal of applications and resumes with a range of education and experience. Each candidate interview might appear like a good prospect, with best grades and resumes that are extremely remarkable. It is impossible to understand rather the individual will be a great suitable for your business up until an actual interview is performed. Choosing the incorrect person could be costly to the company and a wild-goose chase for both the company and the employee.

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The very best way to perform interviews is to

Screen initially by phone

Then carry out a face to face interview with a set of behavioral concerns. This permits recruiter to discover if the prospect is encouraged, a group player and their desire to discover brand-new things. Laws to consider in Austin Texas for the recruitment and selection procedure:

  • Affirmative Action- Law set to implement by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs to band discrimination in the work environment. Kid Labor- This law was set in location and impose by the Wage and Hour Department of the United State Department of Labor.
  • Foreign Labor- This law is set in place when a business wishes to hire a foreign national. After the recruitment and selection process and a candidate is chosen. It is then the responsibility of the supervisor to make sure the employee is aware of their job responsibilities and set goals to achieve during the year to be more of an effective employee to make the company more successful. The performance management and plan discussed below and in plan past recommendations is used during this time.

Performance Management Plan

A performance management is used as a tool to indicate the employee’s direction and desired direction within the company. This is not the same as a performance appraisal that identifies and discusses job-relevance and performance, strengths and weaknesses. A poll was done to show that 58% of HR executives rated their performance management systems at a C or below average (Cascio, 2013). The one solid payoff for a strong performance management plan is that studies show 51% are more likely to outperform their competitors on a financial standpoint (Cascio, 2013). This tool will be explained and given as a recommendation to Mr. Bradley Stonefield for his Limousine service. Feedback from the employee will be important to Landslide Limousine Service and the employees no matter if the feedback is positive or negative. Employees will have to learn to accept constructive criticism and for Landslide to know how to work with the department and each employee to improve production.

A rubric for appraisal will be held by the management team it will require each employee to meet a significant and or attainable requirement. It will be important as a company to demonstrate the standards related to each individual performance. This helps employees to identify what is a failure and what is a success (Cascio, 2013). Management should also be able to give employees a time-frame in order for them to fix the negative parts of their appraisal. Traci’s recommendation would be for receiving too many negative feedbacks would be to put the employee on probation for 60 days to fix the problem which they received on their appraisal. The employee will have the opportunity to clean up their act to keep their position. This will show the employees are capable of fulfilling the terms and conditions of their terms under the position in which they have been working.

Landslide Limousine will offer opportunities for promotions that offer lateral and advancement within the company. Growth with in Landslide will help develop more opportunities to stimulate knowledge and skills in the business. One service that in the future Landslide would like to provide is to offer educational advancement classes that will be available online. In order to take part in these services the employee will have to wait until after their first year and having a good appraisal and not being placed on probation for any reason in order to be considered for a promotion (Cascio, 2013). Employees who are not micromanaged will work better and offer a more flexible schedule for the limousine service. With selecting a schedule; the employee will keep the same schedule for a year. Offering the employees a flexible schedule will also allow more family time for employees.

Landslide is big on family and feels that family is very important so employees should not have to miss out on family functions and appointments (Cascio, 2013). Diversity within a company is important. The drivers and administrative staff of Landslide Limousine Services will be diverse, with a diverse group of different ages and race. The appraisal system will also be a diverse group of individuals. The appraisal team’s mission is to help motivate the team of employees to be more valuable to the company. Using the company mission statement and vision will help motivate the team to be successful. Having a diverse group gives the company different experiences from different people and helps provide the drivers with different ideas and each driver can express their experiences and ways of learning in order to improve the team.

The more determined the team the better the experiences for our customers and helps the possible longevity of the company. All drivers and staff will be treated as an equal and no one will be heard over someone else. Each driver will be given a job description and with his or hers roles. Each driver will have a background check conducted and diver’s record check by Texas DMV. Ensuring a clear background and driving record will ensure our customers that we are providing them the best service.

A check will be conducted every year to hold the drivers accountable and to ensure our or customers safety at all times. All tickets, accidents, arrest will have to be reported to the administrative office within 5 days of the incident. All arrest for DUIs will call for an automatic termination from the company. All drivers will be put through an intensive training. This training will insure the driver’s capabilities and the driving skills are up to the standards of Landslide Limousines services. The training will help develop stronger individuals and to help them reach their goals and make Landslide Limousine a successful company serving all types of people in the city of Austin, Texas.

The organizational performance philosophy is great to have when starting a business. It is important to set the standards for the employees in the beginning. Employees work well when they have a clear understanding of their expectations. The performance management plan gives that clear understanding. Criteria – Training evaluation strategies are an important aspect of any company.

“To make an intelligent decision within the HR department and the best way to deploy and manage people, there are two ways that are most essential (1) a description of the strategies that the company would like to use to compete in the marketplace. (2) The design of the job, that includes a description of the work that needs to be done and the skills needed to perform the job and the training and experience requirements required for the number of jobs” (Cascio, 2013, pg. 182). Training should include methods to evaluate:

  • Employee reaction to the training
  • Knowledge and skills gained during the training
  • Application of the knowledge and skills in the workplace
  • The impact of training on the organization.

Pretests – It is important that Landslide Limousine Company have a written plan for evaluating and training its employees. When there is a clear course objective and content developed, it should not delay until after the training gets completed. “An evaluation determines the amount of learning achieved by training” (Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model, 2014). An employee’s performance will improve on the job as a result of training, and the methods of evaluating training are: 1. Gaining employee’s opinions, questionnaires or informal discussions with employees can help employers determine the importance and suitability of the training program for the employee.

2. Supervisor’s observations allow supervisors to remain in a good position to observe the employee’s performance before and after the training to note the improvements or changes.

  • Improvement in the workplace – the ultimate goal in the workplace regards getting constant improvement in the workplace. The training programs helps to make changes throughout the workplace, and it may reduce injury and accident rates.
  • Monitoring and observing training – The strategy is very important. It provides the big picture of how you the company intends to evaluate the training across the business. “The training evaluation strategies help generate coherence to your activities forcing the company to write down and approach the evaluation of the training that helps ensure that the employee and employers have a logical and efficient plan in place” (Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model, 2014).
  • Collecting feedback – An important way for the Landslide Limousine as an employer to determine what the employees has learned during the training events remains during the training, and the training instructor should have specific learning objectives. Evaluations done on the training should get done immediately after the training event to determine if the employee has gained the knowledge, skill, or attitude toward the training.
  • Implementing feedback – The behavior of the employee determines if the training changed his or her on-the-job behavior as a result of the training program. If the behavior on the job did not change, it is the responsibility of the supervisors of Landslide Limousine to find out why a change has not occurred from the feedback received.

“The supervisors and training instructor should determine if the training had a positive effect on the job performance” (Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model, 2014). Landslide Limousine’s management should explain to the employees the importance and applicability of on-the-job training, actual experiences, real world examples, and practicing behaviors to explain the importance to the employees. The final results are determined by the business’ operations, and the results contribute to how good the business functions. How well the training gets done and observed get based off of several things:

  1. Improved quality of work
  2. Higher productivity
  3. Reduction in turnover
  4. Fewer grievances
  5. Lower absenteeism
  6. Fewer accidents
  7. Greater job satisfaction
  8. Increased profits.

In Landslide Limousine the HR department is going to become very important when it comes to recruitment and selection process. It is important to use the tools and information given in the last 6 weeks recommendations for your business to be successful.


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