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Montana 1948 Dream Analysis

Categories: Dream

David, after reviewing your dream, I have concluded that you care deeply for the Sioux that live in your area. I know this because you didn’t imagine them as the stereotypical Native American, such as the ones depicted in the movies. You imagined them as normal people in normal clothes. They are dressed in jeans, cowboy boots, cotton print dresses, and flannel shirts.

As they congregated on top of Circle Hill, they talked low and mourned the death of Marie.

They weren’t in battle formation, seeking for revenge on whoever was responsible for Marie’s death, they were paying their respects. You know that Native Americans are no different than any other person in Bentrock and don’t deserve to be treated any differently.

I believe that you are dreaming this because you want Native Americans to be considered equal amongst other people in Bentrock and throughout the country. After over hearing your parents talking about the horrific acts that Frank committed against Marie, I’m sure your care for the Native American people greatly increased.

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If you expressed your feelings of Native Americans, they would be extremely grateful to you.

In conclusion, your dream shows that you know the truth about the Native Americans in the Bentrock area. They are normal people that live normal lives. They are no different than the white majority. They wear jeans, cowboy boots, cotton print dresses, and flannel shirts just like normal people. The fact that you view them as normal people and not the stereotypical Native American shows that you respect the culture and people of the Sioux tribe in Bentrock while other people in the area, such as Frank, don’t respect them as much.

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