Rich dad and poor dad

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This story about Rich Dad, Poor Dad it inspires a lot of people who already read this book. It gives us motivation in life. We all know everyone has a purpose in life. Educational attainment is important to have a successful life in the future. Treasure your knowledge about the things you’ve learned. Make some experienced like working in a company and pay yourself and buy a reward for you. By sharing your knowledge to everyone that you talked to has a chance to have more ideas in what you do.

Be dedicated about your work; it is important to get involved in some investment, business ventures to have a secure and comfortable life. Used your skills about how to hold your finances right. “Rich does not work for money” they’ve work for keeping safe and the willingness to learn something new. They classify the standard of living, the powers that influenced many people and the money that controls all the necessities in the world.

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In the ‘Rat Race’ game in the monopoly board it shows how the player needs information to invest in a good deal to win the game and how you spent your money wisely.

He never exits because he keeps going around, always returning to the same place where he was before. Once we find ways to make more money working more to pay for our expenses, we find new ways to spend our money, which in turn gets us into more expenses.

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That is why we never find the exit from and will keep running in the rat race. Most of us got used to it because that is what almost everybody gets from life, but if you think about it for a while; we want to get out the rat race to be able to be financially independent and have a control of our lives. Many people trapped in a rat race because they do not know manage finances are important to value your money. Even if you are rich or poor you will think a good investment and keeping your money more useful and productive.

The rich man has to manage their accounts, investments, properties or assets to secure their future and the next generation. While in the middle class society they work hard and they do it for their family to give them a comfortable life but in some instances they’ve work because of the money.

Rich men have a more advantages in terms in finances they have consultant and the finances they manage well. Give your kids some advice on how they spent money and teach us how to be a more responsible about the money. The biologic dad was a teacher, worked for others during all his life and died poor. The “business” dad was an entrepreneur that invested his life in learning and building new businesses, and so he became rich. The poor man has an investment in education this is the good deals they do to be a better persons and learned experienced while they doing some stuff. Give your best shot and strive to life to achieve your goals. Have a positive outlook in life. Teach yourself to set yourself always be an employee of somebody that manages those concepts and takes advantage of that to run a business using the work force of other people.

Learn communication skills to deal with other people. Make your own move about all the matters you’ve encountered in life. Perseverance has obtained in our individuals personality to push you around. Make things possible. Both dads’ are thinking how the money flows. Act, manage risk, and think big, think businesses don’t be afraid to take a risk. Be more knowledgeable about your surroundings and conduct a surveys or knowing your priorities in life. It advocates financial independence through investing, real state, owning a business. It highlights the attitudes in money. In their decision making was affected because they will be smart in making decisions if they go wrong to their decisions they will lose it forever. Learn to classify your assets and liabilities. Generate a cash flow in the circulation of the market. The two dads influence their children to be more responsible about the money. Money rules

1. Spend Less Than You Earn
2. Don’t Over-Think Your Investments
3. Stop Wasting Time
4. Eliminate (and Avoid) High-Interest Debt
5. Talk About Money (And Be Honest)
6. Stop Trying to Impress Other People
7. Watch Your Progress (But Make It Fun)
8. Take Care of Your Things
9. Do It Yourself
10. Plan Ahead Every Time You Spend
11. Find and Work Toward Your True Passions
12. Build Real Friendships and Relationships
13. Improve Yourself Every Chance You Get
14. Give Without Strings or Regrets

In the rules of the money basically tackles about how the money flow and to planned and make your own move to improve your ideas and knowledge about the things you’ve taking care of. Makes plans, rules and your obligations to do and make it realistic and interesting. Think another strategies and techniques on how you will find a good opportunity in investing your money. Take suggestions came from your friends, relatives and other people. Researching or by attending a seminars will help you to learn a lot of new things and you will know the potentials of your money in the market. Control your money by having an accounts, cards, notes, bonds. Reading and understanding of financial statements is a must to understand how a business operates. Teach us the basic of business and finance concepts like cash flow, assets, liabilities, income and expenses.

There are good points in life management. Do some ways to invent money and have an investment that nurture your future life. The objective is to learn how to handle your finances and seeking a good opportunities. It talks about a lot of financial tricks you can apply to make more money. It is the way of life to fulfill your dreams or goals that you want to achieve. Be ready to the challenges and the problems that you encountered. It develops your perspective in life and boosts your confidence to take a risk. Learn to discipline yourself and have a point of view.

Get new ideas on how you can fix things eventually. You may work for others to gain experience, knowledge and insights about the businesses. The author of this book says about your financial responsibility. It talks about focusing and finding new ways are good sources of money. Many people do not learn to their lesson in life which continues now. The lives of many of us follow the same pattern. We get jobs working for others because we need money to pay for our expenses. Once we earn our own money, we are ready to buy more things.

The pattern of money spending is evident. Once we get what we want, we need more money to keep our life style. The “Rich dad, Poor dad” book teaches us how to get out of this never ending cycle. It teaches a very basic, but also very important lesson about financial education that we should have learned in schools. Most of those lessons are actually advices that you should reflect upon and choose to follow or not depending on your circumstances of life. Once you learn these basic lessons you realize how you can get the financial independence that will allow you to have a more satisfying life, working only on the projects you want, instead of just wasting your life working for others in things that are not very fulfilling. It has an outstanding content that will nourish our mind and our souls. “Enjoy life to the fullest” it is a one chance that may happen to your life and never goes back anyway.

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Rich dad and poor dad
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