Decoded: Bridging the Coding Divide

In the realm of technology education, Decoded stands as a pioneering force, addressing the growing demand for coding skills in the business world. Founded in January 2011, this Silicon Roundabout tech company has become a transformative force in the industry. From its modest beginnings with the launch of the first Code in A Day session in August 2011, Decoded has evolved to teach over 2,500 executives across various industries, including giants like Unilever, WPP, Microsoft, and Google.

The Genesis of Decoded: A Response to Industry Needs

The brainchild of Kathryn Parsons, Decoded emerged from her personal struggle to hire developers for her previous creative agency, The Scarlett Mark.

Faced with the challenge of finding skilled professionals, Parsons conceptualized a platform to take individuals from zero coding skills to creating a multi-platform app in a single day. The workshops offered by Decoded provide a unique and essential introduction to the world of programming, aiming to equip attendees with a comprehensive understanding of web product development.

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Decoded's workshops are distinct in their approach, leaving attendees with practical coding skills. The company has carved a niche for itself with no direct competitors offering a similar service, making it a trailblazer in the realm of accelerated coding education.

The Journey: From Self-Funding to Global Expansion

Self-funded by Parsons and co-founders Steve Henry, Richard Peters, and Ali Blackwell, Decoded faced the challenge of investing time and money into an untested business concept. However, this risk proved to be a strategic move, exceeding the expectations of the founders. Kathryn Parsons, already equipped with entrepreneurial acumen from her successful venture, The Scarlett Mark, ventured into uncharted territory with Decoded.

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A graduate with a diverse academic background in French, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, and classics from Cambridge, Parsons brought a unique perspective to the tech industry. Having worked at WPP's Ogilvy Group and started her first business within the Ogilvy framework, Parsons transitioned her focus to Decoded, driven by the vision of democratizing coding education.

Decoded's influence extends beyond London, with operations expanding to Singapore and New York. The company's footprint has reached global proportions, with pop-up workshops in diverse locations, including Shanghai, Palo Alto, Dublin, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Chicago, Minneapolis, and South Africa.

The Decoded Experience: Shaping Tech Education

Decoded's workshops are not only a reflection of Parsons' journey into coding but also an immersive experience for clients, including top executives from Ogilvy Group, Facebook, and the BBC. The success of Decoded is rooted in its strategic positioning, catering to a market where coding skills are increasingly indispensable.

Looking ahead, Decoded plans to launch the Decoded Foundation, an educational initiative designed to train school teachers from various subjects in coding integration. Led by co-founder Alasdair Blackwell, the foundation aims to equip teachers to incorporate coding across subjects, from art to geography, aligning with the broader mission of driving tech education.

The company is actively pursuing the Mayor of London Boris Johnson's £1m prize for London start-ups to fund the foundation's development. Simultaneously, Decoded is set to unveil new coding classes, including the "Future Platforms" course focusing on coding for emerging devices like Google Glass. Additionally, a "Cyber Security" course, addressing contemporary issues like the Snowden controversy, is in the pipeline, underlining Decoded's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological education.

Conclusion: Empowering a Tech-Driven Future

Decoded's journey from a London-based start-up to a global player reflects the growing significance of coding education in the business landscape. Kathryn Parsons, through her innovative approach, has not only addressed the immediate needs of the industry but has also positioned Decoded as a transformative force in tech education. As technology continues to permeate various industries, the demand for coding skills is set to rise, ensuring that Decoded remains a beacon for those seeking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Updated: Dec 01, 2023
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