Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics

Taking the Lid Off Racism: Introspecting about Race

From my readings of Race, Culture, and Identity, I realized that to this day, it is recognized that Whites still hold racist views despite their vocal claims of being egalitarian. These biases are implicit and have profound roots within their psyche (Melior 480). In current American communities, it is unacceptable to show conspicuous signs of… View Article

Race and Power

The average person looks at race as being the physical differences, characteristics or maybe even the status we uphold as an individual. This only contributes to the racial inequality, humility, insults, and assumptions that we as Americans have its origins of creating. This is partly due to 1619, the first Africans who arrived to Jamestown… View Article

Racial Mixed Jury Reforms

Details: The Supreme Court has repeatedly asserted that a defendant is not entitled to a jury composed in whole or in part of persons of his own race. Although these rulings establish that states are not obligated to use racially mixed juries, they do not prohibit states from doing so. In fact, a number of… View Article

Black People and James Baldwin

A. The theme of Baldwin’s essay is equality. He establishes this theme in his essay with the juxtaposition of a poor white man and a black man. In this essay, Baldwin speaks of how “People are continually pointing out to me the wretchedness of white people in order to console me for the wretchedness of… View Article

Black People and Dorothy Allison

Race, class and gender have been a topic for most books that have been written. A lot of books talk about these topics because it is something most people face. Whether you’re at work and can’t get a promotion because of your gender, excluded from a place because of your class or hated because of… View Article

Black People and Roberta

In Toni Morrison’s “Recitatif,” the story is about two girls, Twyla and Roberta. They grow up in an orphanage because their mothers could not care for them. Morrison makes it clear the girls come from different ethnic backgrounds but never states which one is black or white. At one point in the story Twyla comments,… View Article

BLack and white- eric walters

The name of the book is ” Black and White”. It is written by Eric Walters. The illustrator of the book is Joe Baker. This book was published by the Penguin Group in 2009. The genre is fiction. Black and White is book about Thomas and his best friend Steve who tries to persuade him… View Article

Mockingbird: Racism and White Community

Also victimized by racism and its repercussions, Helen Robinson, Tom’s wife, suffered in the aftermath of her husband’s trial and death. Widowed, she must raise her children, maintain her household and work to make a living for herself. Because she is black, a woman, and the wife of a man accused of raping a white… View Article

Educational Attainment

Educational attainment is primarily due to individual’s goal in life. Attitude likewise has life-transforming power (Harrel, 2003) which must be in equilibrium with aptitude. Though, motivations often are the challenges to excel and achieve one’s goal. The individual’s goal in life has been set with the consistent support and management of its parents. This subsequently… View Article

Race and Racism in Modern Europe

There have been many talks about racism and race in Europe. Germany has a record of implementing its program of gassing the Jews in concentration camps. Likewise, France has also its one share of French people discriminating or looking down on people who are Asians, Africans and others. Germany is bent on pursuing its Heimat… View Article

Black people

Race and racial issues are all around us. Nobody can sneak behind a curtain, or tuck themselves away in a dark room to avoid this; there isn’t a way to escape racism. Our day to day lives are filled with stereotypes and overgeneralizations that make us think and judge the wrong way. We weren’t born… View Article

White Privilege: Reflection Paper

Abstract This paper is about my reflection of White Privilege in the United States. I got my information from four resources. The first resource was the handout provided for this assignment; White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, by Peggy McIntosh. The second resource was the website, www. jstor. com. Access is provided via Northeastern State… View Article

White Guilt

Guilt is an unhappy feeling that you have done something wrong or you think you have done something wrong. Or it also refers to the fact that you’ve done something wrong. It also can be explained as the state of having committed to an offense or the remorse caused by feeling responsible foe some offense…. View Article

Crash: White People and Movie

Crash is a movie that takes place in a two-day period and puts racism right in the face of viewers. From the time the movie starts to the time the movie ends, there is racism covered. The opening scene shows a black couple driving and gets pulled over by two white cops. One of the… View Article

Fences: White People and Troy

August Wilson’s famous play “Fences” is a drama set in the 1950’s. Being a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for the best play of the year, this play has had many positive responses to blacks and whites in this society. It is about protagonist Troy Maxson as well as his african american family that is… View Article

How White People Became White

The story of how white people became white in the United States goes as far back as the 15th and 16th century. People born white in this country were born with great privilege. It was an honor to be classified as a white man, or woman because white people had the pleasure of enjoying the… View Article

Growing Up African American

I am a member of the African American group and I would like to tell you a bit about the group of when I am a part of. Let me start by saying that my African American group originated from Africa and growing up in America can be tough for people of my race, the… View Article

Shades of White: White Kids and Racial Identity in High School

Shades of White is an ethnographic study of two high schools. One, “Valley Groves High School,” was suburban, and the “whitest” high school in the region. Here the student body was comprised of non-Hispanic whites (83 percent), Hispanics (7 percent), Asians (5 percent), Filipinos (2 percent), and African Americans (2 percent). The other, “Clavey High,”… View Article

Native American Culture

Estrangement is the state of being withdrawn or isolated from the objective world, as through indifference or disaffection. Ill-advisedly, the protagonist from “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven” is forever bound in this state of mind. His internal conflicts enthrall between fighting for his Native American ethnicity, and, finding his purpose to this… View Article

African American Athletes

American student athletes have always faced stereotypes in and out of the classroom, being seen as self-segregating or “dumb jocks” that really wouldn’t be at school if it weren’t for their athletic ability. Although these stereotypes are applied to both white and black athletes, African American students, especially men, feel it more than their white… View Article

The White Mans Burden

What is your general interpretation of the poem? My general interpretation of the poem is that Kipling presents that white people have an obligation to rule over people from other races or ethnicities. Also, it suggests that the “burden” of white people, is to help other countries to develop around the world. Finally, Kipling is… View Article

Reflection on White Privilege

Peddy McIntosh highlighted various unearned white privileges in her autobiographical article “White Privilege, Color and Crime: A Personal Account. ” She illustrated the white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets that one white person could count on cashing in each day. White people have these privileges given to them by the society in… View Article

Race Colors Judgement

The criminal justice system in the United States is one of the many places that I believe stereotypes are formed. For example, African-Americans make up only 13% of the U. S. population but represent 46% of the inmate population who have received sentences of more than one year (Hart, 2006, p. 1). Another example of… View Article

African American-European American Iat

The version of the IAT, that I chose to take is the African American – European American IAT. There were a few steps in order to complete the test; the first step was to fill out information about myself. The questions that I answered were related to my age my educational status, nationality, religious beliefs… View Article

American Stereotypes

The United States is a unique nation in several ways, but there is especially one (fact) which fascinates me. And that is foreign people’s interests and ideas about the American people. The diversity of ideas and meanings about the American people is astonishing, and the stereotypes are many. Some stereotypes are more commonly used than… View Article

White Privilege – White people

A variety of factors within our society prevent equal opportunity. We still live in a racialized society where the color of our skin often determines how we are treated. Many white people do not recognize, or want to recognize that race still significantly impacts lives. Many white people are taught growing up not to think… View Article

Soapstone: White American and Louis Brown Bomber

Speaker: The voice of the story “I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings” in the chapter “Champion of The World” is a little African American girl named Maya Angelou. From the research I have done it seems that she is around the age of 6 or 7 years old; do to the fact that Joe’s… View Article

White Privileges and the role they play in American Society

Our daily lives are affected by race whether we know it or not. We all see the world through a racial lens that colors our world, African American, Caucasian, Asian, Mexican, or other. I came across an article online entitled “Black Sons, White Privilege, Ferguson, and the Gospel” which is written by Caucasian Pastor Jeremy… View Article

Eth125 Stereotypes

Part I Select three of the identity categories below and name or describe at least 3 related stereotypes for each: Race Ethnicity Religion Gender Sexual orientation Age Disability |Category |Stereotype 1 |Stereotype 2 |Stereotype 3 | |Race |All black people are lazy or |White people are prejudice |Hispanics are all illegal aliens | | |criminals… View Article