Exploring Public Displays: The Artistic Expressions of Young Youths

Public displays have become a canvas for the creative expressions of young individuals, sparking debates on whether they serve as a positive outlet or contribute to the negative perception of damaging public properties. This essay delves into the multifaceted meanings behind public displays, exploring the dynamic interplay between colors, shapes, and societal perceptions. The focus is on understanding why graffiti, a form of public display, has become a preferred mode of expression for young street artists and the societal implications it reflects.

The Varied Perspectives on Public Displays

While some view public displays, particularly graffiti, as a menace that defaces public spaces, it is essential to recognize the myriad meanings embedded in these expressions. Colors used in public displays, such as graffiti, serve as a powerful tool to alter perceptions and evoke emotions. The vibrant hues inspire young street artists to transcend fear and be spontaneous in conveying their views on society. The negative perception surrounding public displays often overlooks the potential for these vibrant expressions to reshape one's understanding of the world.

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Acceptance of Graffiti as Art

It is imperative for society to embrace the idea that graffiti is a legitimate form of art, providing a unique avenue for individuals to explore and communicate their expressions. As a young researcher, I embarked on a project to capture the essence of street art in London, documenting various colors and shapes that emanated from public displays. Each design I encountered offered diverse interpretations, reflecting both positive and negative aspects of societal views.

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To further investigate the behaviors of young individuals in today's society, I extended my research to include capturing moments of young students at my school, presenting a visual narrative of their attitudes and actions.

Banksy's Influence and the Art-Society Nexus

At the inception of my project, I delved into the works of prominent street artists, with Banksy emerging as a particularly influential figure. Banksy's exploration of shapes and meanings, coupled with his adept expression of political views through art, distinguishes him from other street artists. Notably, Banksy employs a distinctive stenciling technique, combining dark humor with graffiti to convey powerful messages. Inspired by Banksy, my goal for this project is to incorporate his techniques into my work, ultimately deciphering the underlying meanings behind public displays and shedding light on the challenges faced by many youths, as depicted in street art.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Layers of Public Displays

In conclusion, public displays, particularly graffiti, serve as a unique medium for young individuals to express their thoughts, feelings, and societal critiques. The diverse colors and shapes utilized in these expressions have the power to transform perceptions and initiate conversations. Society must move beyond the narrow view of public displays as mere vandalism and recognize them as legitimate forms of artistic expression. Through the lens of influential artists like Banksy, we can appreciate the intricate relationship between art and society, where boundaries are challenged, and walls redefine what is considered art. This research project seeks not only to unravel the meanings behind public displays but also to shed light on the pressing issues faced by today's youth, as mirrored in the vibrant tapestry of street art.

Updated: Dec 29, 2023
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