An Analysis of the Significance of Graffiti and Street Art

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Graffiti is everywhere. Everyone has seen graffiti at some point in their life, but not everybody appreciates it. Graffiti is, by definition “writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place”- oxford dictionary. Some people see graffiti as art, while others find it offensive, disturbing, or even vandalism. I believe that some graffiti-like murals, large paintings, and clever puns should be considered art and not be removed because it is a way of expressing oneself, it is used as a way of communicating important messages, and contrary to popular belief, it can take on good or friendly attributes as well as bad.

Graffiti is tainted by name, but I think that if people actually took the time to look at some, they would find that not all of it as offensive, careless, and horrible as they think.

Graffiti is an important way of expressing oneself. When you look at a piece of graffiti you know what the artist was thinking when they drew it.

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You can understand their feelings through their art. Many people claim that graffiti is a form of free speech. We are free to express ourselves through our art. “Creating graffiti has been known to help people express their innermost feelings” - Shashank Nakate, Art Hearty. Even signing your name on a piece of property is a way of letting out all of those innermost feelings to the world, and inspiring feelings from the people who see it, even if that feeling is anger.

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What some people don’t realize is that graffiti plays an important role in spreading important messages. Graffiti shows what is going on in the world through a regular person’s mind instead of through politics, the news, or other sources that might not be exactly truthful. “The street and graffiti art on this list is perfect for spreading words about environmentalism and climate change to a broader audience.” -​Julija Nėjė, BoredPanda. A street is a place everyone sees. Everyone looks at the walls. What better place is there for everyone to see these messages? Graffiti shows people what they need to see, and right where they are bound to see it.

Graffiti is tainted by name. When people think of graffiti, they think of dark, messy, spray-painted images on a wall. People think of cities full of crime and poverty, even though that’s not necessarily true. People generally think of graffiti with bad attributes. I believe that graffiti can differ a lot from each art piece and that pieces don’t necessarily take on bad attributes at all. Not all graffiti is dark and offensive like people think. What they fail to look at are the beautiful murals on building walls, painted by graffiti artists, and the pieces of graffiti that spread good messages like “teach peace” or “choose kind”. What difference is there between graffiti and public art except that public art is acceptable, and graffiti isn’t? Graffiti isn’t always made by bad people either. Many graffiti artists help each other out, and doing graffiti can bring about an almost communal feeling for some artists, and pride in the pieces they so carefully planned. Graffiti is a way of expressing feelings, communicates messages, and isn’t always dark and offensive like some people seem to think. Graffiti can be good, or even beautiful, and should therefore be considered art.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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