Graffiti is Art not Vandalism

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Street art is interesting, creative and completely unrestrictive. It’s an incredible and diversely unique art movement and growing rapidly as work being exhibited continues to develop in size, style and sheer talent.

But whilst others will take a moment to admire the beauty of street art, others like Mr Average Joe, still don’t completely understand the beauty and richness of graffiti; their heads filled with images of vandalised bus stops, tagged alleyways and ‘yeets’ on the side of train tracks.

So, Mr Average Joe if you’re listening to this, that’s nowhere close to what street art is and what it’s all about·

The first graffiti drawings, were drawn on cave walls thousands of years ago. Graffiti officially dates back to the 1400’s when the first drawings on walls started to appear. The Romans and Greeks started writing their names accompanied by protest poems on buildings to mark out their territory.

Nowadays, whilst much of the unique artform has changed, some of it has been kept the same.

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Many gangs mark their names on walls, buildings and other public facilities, this is called tagging. And whilst this and other sorts of graffiti looks very modern, its been a trend for thousands of years before.

Art is about expression, creativity, freedom, asking and raising questions, protesting, analysing· for the creative type to get things out of their system. For the underdog to take a stand. For artists to step beyond convention·. and street, urban art and graffiti is the best proof of this.

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You don’t even need to be considered a ‘legitimate’ artist; don’t need to have thousands of fans, have a huge social media presence, be taken seriously by galleries or be picked up by an artist agency. You can just put your work in the street as and when you wish. (And you don’t even have to see people’s reactions to your work if you don’t want to!)

There’s freedom with putting work in the street (the same freedom that comes with people stealing and ruining work in the street· but that comes with the territory).

Art in the street makes people happy; it makes their day and their commute more interesting. It adds character to what would otherwise just be grey and boring. Art reminds people to feel alive. It wakes people up. It inspires. Motivates. And sometimes it can make people think. Street art takes the ‘normal’ and makes it a thousand times more interesting

Art is what defines us; it’s what keeps us out of trouble. If you give someone a paintbrush or some type of art equipment, blank canvas or a wall where all their ideas are welcomed, you can change their lives. It shouldn’t matter if its graffiti or “real art”. If you can change the world with a stroke of a brush, you can change the world with a can of paint.

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Graffiti is Art not Vandalism

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