The Power of Social Realism: Revealing the World through Artistic Mediums

Social Realism, whether it is on paintings, photography and films became a tool for artist to let its audiences have a glimpse of what is really happening in the world. In many cases, arts such as paintings, photography and films are endeavor of the upper end of the society (i. e. the socialites). These things are not for the masses who are more concerned on what they will put on their table on their next meal. The strength of social realism lies on its shortcomings.

As we may know, the usual films are bombarded with the casting of huge stars, expensive props and complicated special effects.

On the other hand social realists' works most especially in films features very little change in the original subject. In almost all cases, ordinary peoples are put in to shot rather than the usual big stars. The set or the environment are also maintained to mirror what can we really find in the reality. Rather than romanticizing the world that we lived in, we see the world with our naked eyes; without the use of any romanticizing or idealistic spectacles and lenses that other schools of though offer.

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Injustices, biases, corruption are emphasized, all with the goal of educating its audiences to have a real glimpse of what the world really is. Films such as the recent movie, “The Hurt Locker” provide us a realist perspective on what and how it feels to be on the front lines of the war. The films provide an almost first person view of the experiences of a soldier inside the enemy lines with civilians posing a serious threat to your life.

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This kind of films provide its audience a glimpse on what it is to be a soldier, removing any romanticism of the war brought by the propagandas of the government and the media. In films such as this, we see the war as it is. When we are asked the question, “Does social realism contribute to social change? ” The answer is simple. Yes. The use of social realism has the capability to educate its audiences. Most of the time, people are stacked in their own world. They are limited to what they everyday see in their environment.

If you live Bel Air or in Beverly Hills for example in your entire life, without television, without internet, there is no way you can have a glimpse of what is really happening outside your yards. Social realists' work provide an alternative perspective with these people. It can managed to bring out a strong emotion to these formerly clueless people, making them to move and initiate changes in their own ways that can help in one way or another to make a difference. Works Cited The Hurt Locker. DVD. Bigelow, Kathryn (director). Bigelow, Kathryn et al. (producer). Summit

Updated: Mar 22, 2023
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