Crusader's Journal: Trials, Triumphs, and Divine Intervention

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I wish my soul to reap untold rewards. For my sins to be washed far offshore and for my Lord to cleanse me through. With this resonating through my head, I strive towards my salvation in the Name of the Lord. I shall wear the cross on my front alongside my fellow brothers, embarking on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

You must be sure dearest, I have completed my pilgrimage to Antioch safely and unharmed, with God's grace and prosperity behind me.

You have surely heard of our great first battle at Nicaea! We fought against our enemy with valiance and endurance and with God's succour conquered them. With our first great victory at Nicaea, we have marched on! To Dorylaeum. It was brought to our attention that we were being followed. His majesty Bohemon had seen the shadows of Turkish scouts in the brush. We were attacked at dawn, the first morning of July. We had heard their war cry earlier in the morn and had seen their combatants advancing towards us.

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The Turks utilised their lightly armed horse archers, shooting arrow after arrow into our midst, we rose our shields held above our heads and fought on with God in our hearts. We were ordered by Bohemond to form a front line, defending our camp, and held off the Saracens for as long as we could. We were all huddled together, like sheep put in a pen, trembling and frightened, surrounded on all sides by our enemies, so that we were unable to advance in any direction.

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It was a difficult battle, however, our reinforcements came right on time, attacking from behind and granting us a second victory!

We have marched through the Seljuk lands, and have come to settle at Antioch. We have found the city to be very extensive, fortified with farfetched strength and it is somewhat impenetrable. We learned of a large number of enemy soldiers who have gathered within the cities walls. Bohemond ordered to feign a march south over the mountains, and so we marched. As soon as the sun fell and moon awoke, Bohemond wheeled around, doubling back and we were led back over the mountains to the walls of Antioch. Many of us were told to hide in the nearby rocks whilst a small group of brothers, including Bohemond himself scaled the wall of the city. We carefully watched as the foot of the last man disappeared over the wall, and within a few seconds the great gates of Antioch were opened and we charged. Straight into the city we began to fight, we killed a great many of them.

Contending against our enemies we have endured great loss and suffering, innumerable evils, our resources are now heavily depleted and it is very much true that if we did not have the clemency of God or money many of us would have met our end, a secular death from starvation. Whilst we control most of the great city, we are not in control of the citadel, and it still under the supremacy of the man called Kerbogha. We are resting within the city, but alas! We have been besieged by Kerbogha's army! We have very little resources, the weather attests its strength against us. After many long days and strenuous nights of harsh conditions, God has bestowed upon us a sign. The Holy Lance! We uncovered it! The news of the discovery of the relic has very much motivated my fellow brothers and I. With the spear in the front of our soldiery we marched, advancing right upon enemy forces. The Saracens indeed inflicted considerable mortalities among us, however, their arrow fire was no match for our faith and endurance! We marched head on across the open field straight into our adversaries, we pushed them back, watching as bit by bit the enemy got smaller until they had all retreated away.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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