Physical Activity is the Key to Weight-loss

Many dieters think that the key to a healthy weight-loss is through different varieties of food and the intake amount. What they don’t put in mind is the importance of physical activity and how it is actually the key aspect to maintaining a healthy weight-loss.

Physical activity in general terms is literally anybody's movements made for a purpose at any intensity, at any time of the day. Whether it is a simple sport or an extreme exercise workout routine, they are all called physical activities and they play important roles in our daily living.

If a person seeks to lose weight but doesn’t enjoy exercising, this person can engage in a physical activity that he or she likes. For example, a type of sports like soccer or baseball can be put into consideration as a substitution for running laps on the track field.

Some people say that they don’t have the time to engage in any sports because they’re too busy, well physical activity comes in many forms.

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One of them is substituting the “little things” in life. For me, I prefer walking to driving a car. It helps me save gas and walking is also a type of physical activity. I prefer walking to school instead of driving my car whenever I have classes and would regularly take afternoon walks by the beach before sunset. It is really relaxing for me whenever I feel stressed because walking makes me let out all my stress and I feel better and energized throughout the day.

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I never liked exercising or engaging in any physical activities growing up, even though I was never overweight, I just hate the feeling of sweating and feeling tired. A few years ago, I had the flu and was feeling really sick so I visited the doctor. The doctor insisted me to eat more fruits and vegetables, but most importantly to get the appropriate amount of exercise daily. From that day on I started my healthy living. I would wake up at five in the morning and go jogging by the beach. In the afternoon, after all, my tasks are done for the day, I usually go to the gym and use a few of the equipment there. After getting out of the gym I stop by the beach for another walk just to cool down. At first, because of the lack of physical activities that I do, my body ached for a few days. I would feel pain all over my body, especially my legs. My legs would hurt so bad that even just going up and down the stairs was critical for me. Everything is different now since I do these physical activities daily. Some of the benefits that I noticed is that after working out I feel really energized and I can concentrate more on my assignments. The other benefit is that I fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling more energized than before.

Engaging in physical activities can increase metabolism, so people with low metabolism can consider stepping up their game by doing daily activities that require their body to move for a period of time. If a dieter wants to strengthen his or her weight-loss diet, sticking with healthy meals that include high protein and good carbohydrates is highly recommended along with daily physical activities. That doesn’t mean that snacks and other junk food are strictly prohibited in the weight-loss diet, but it should be minimized. For me, I have a special day in which I let myself “pig out” and eat all sorts of junk food that I crave. This is what I call my “cheat days”. I don’t regularly have cheat days very often, I usually have my cheat days once a month or sometimes even twice a month. At first, it was really crucial having to say no to all the unhealthy but delicious foods, but it slowly gets easier and easier once the first rejection has been done.

Many dieters also use this type of trick to lose weight, some can but others can’t. So if a dieter wants to lose weight but with much more cheat days, all he or she needs to do is burn more calories. Weight-loss means calories out needs to be greater than calories in. In other words, the number of calories being burned needs to be greater than the calories being digested. Engaging in physical activities is the top calorie-burning method known to the weight-loss world.

I have heard many people say physical activity isn’t important in losing weight and that in order to lose weight, the only thing that needs to change is the intake amount of food and the choice of food which is called the diet meal. This is not true. According to Prologo, D. (2018) “Any studies have shown that exercise changes your body’s composition, improves your resting metabolism, and alters your food preferences.” So physical activity can help benefit people in so many ways.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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