Obesity vs Jenny Craig Weight Loss Programs

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Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig

Millions of people have lost weight using the Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig weight loss programs. Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are two of the most popular diets in the United States that has similar weight loss options available for would be dieters. Among other popular diets, U.S. news ranks Weight Watchers #1 in best weight loss diets and ranked Jenny Craig #2 . In 2010 Weight Watchers retired its old point system and started a new point system.

With the new system, counselors will know if their clients are using their points wisely. With Jenny Craig there is no point counting. There method is a three level food, mind, and body approach to lose weight and keep it off. Although, their approach to weight loss is different, both Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig claims clients can lose up to two pounds a week. No diet is easy, but Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig both have their perks to make dieting easier.

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With the Weight Watchers program, dieters are allowed to eat whatever they want if a client uses their points wisely, along with eating foods containing protein and high in fiber. Clients can also eat unlimited fruits and vegetables.

Dieters are also encouraged to eat “power foods”, such as whole grains, lean meats, and low fat dairy products. Weight Watchers encourages their clients to choose foods rich in nutrients, but not loaded with calories. That is Weight Watchers primary goal, to give their dieters the weight loss edge.

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Weight Watchers has improved its plan to incorporate today’s science along with a proven to work formula for their clients. The key to having success on the Weight Watchers diet program, is to eat healthy filling foods. With Jenny Craig, clients get a personalized meal and exercise plan, plus weekly counseling sessions with a consultant. Your meals are pre-packaged and delivered to your door. Jenny Craig meal portions are small. You will eat three times a day and dinner comes with a dessert. The program teaches their clients how to eat small frequent portions. It also teaches their clients how to increase their energy levels. Jenny Craig also teaches its clients how to balance their lives to maintain their weight loss.

The program offers support for its clients with a 24 hour support line. Just like its counterpart Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig encourages eating fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and reduced fat dairy products. Jenny Craig’s pre-packaged menu serves as a model of healthy eating, clients will gradually learn how to cook at home for themselves. Since the Jenny Craig method is calorie based, a client will develop a menu based on their weight, height, and goals. With Jenny Craig recognizing the correct portion size is the first step to weight loss. When choosing diet programs, a person should take certain issues into consideration before starting that program. Even though Weight Watchers have revitalized their point counting method, it is still very tedious. After a long day at work, a person may not feel like tallying points. Cooking a pre-packaged Jenny Craig meal in the microwave may be much easier. The Achilles heel for the Jenny Craig diet, is you are not allowed any home cooked or restaurant meals until you are ready.

The cost is something else to consider when deciding between these two programs. With Weight Watchers, the cost will vary depending on if you choose weekly in person meetings or using online tools only. They offer unlimited meeting passes for $39.95, which also includes access to the online tools, or a person can pay as they go, which will range from $12 to $15 per week and a one- time registration fee of $20. To follow online only, a three month plan is $65. Keep in mind none of these fees includes the cost of food. There is no way to water it down, Jenny Craig is expensive. The exact cost will vary from city to city. The registration fee can exceed $400, and one week’s worth of Jenny’s cuisine can cost a person $100 at the least. The average person cannot afford this diet program, and for that kind of money may devise their own diet plan that will save them money. Both of these programs can be pricey, and the last thing that a person on a diet should be worried about is money. Maybe, that is why Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig use celebrity endorsers, their clientele may mostly be made up of people consisting of the upper-middle class or rich.

They are both known for their use of celebrity endorsers, but have different views on how they should be used. For Weight Watchers, collecting celebrity spokespeople is not their way. Jenny Craig on the other hand, is pursuing any celebrity that wants to lose weight. Weight Watchers has had only four celebrity endorsers, with Jennifer Hudson as the fourth. Jennifer Hudson has lost 80 pounds on the Weight Watchers plan. Jenny Craig employs six active spokespeople, including Valerie Bertinelli who has lost 40 pounds on the program. These two diet programs has their similarities and their differences. It all depends on what the dieter feel is right for them. It may also depend on what the dieter can afford. Weight Watchers focuses on teaching their clients how to eat wisely and how to keep the weight off. While, Jenny Craig focuses on an individual approach to weight loss and portion control. Both guarantees weight loss and entices would be dieters with celebrities and their weight loss stories. Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, both disagree on how celebrity endorsers should be used, but continue to use their celebrity endorsers because of their popularity.

A dieter should keep in mind that results will vary and they may not have the same results as Jennifer Hudson or Valerie Bertinelli. Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are considered to be the two most popular diets in the U.S. Jenny Craig appears to be expensive, but the more simple approach to weight loss, while Weight Watchers is less expensive, but requires strict point counting. Your schedule, way of life, and budget may be the deciding factors between the two. Single less obligated people may go with Weight Watchers, while busy family orientated individuals may choose Jenny Craig. The choice is yours.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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