Peer Tutoring Final Reflection Essay

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Peer Tutoring Final Reflection

My goals in joining peer tutoring were to have an easy term project assignment and spending one hour each week for studying with my friends in an enjoyable atmosphere, but after a couple of sessions, I discovered that peer tutoring was more than that. With peer tutoring, my motivation for studying has increased a significant amount as well as my grades. The program didn’t only provide me academic success, but it also thought me the best studying skills that I will use for a lifetime. Throughout the program, I experienced both being a tutor and a tutee.

Both of them have benefited me in different ways. The day I started my first session, I was not aware of the fact that choosing peer tutoring was one of the best decisions I have made in my academic life. During the after school sessions that I have attended, I worked on English, Mathematics, Biology and Physics. When I was a tutor, answering the challenging questions of my peers and going over the subject over and over again made me comprehend the topic better. While explaining them the subject in different ways, I was also reviewing and studying it.

For instance, when a friend of mine asked me the similarities and differences of competitive and incompetitive inhibition, I was able to visualize the types of inhibition in a better way. Looking at the other side of the coin, when I was a tutee, I had the chance to observe my friends’ studying methods. For example, while studying with Beste, I learned that making diagrams and lists are very helpful for science branches. Furthermore, it is easier to ask the things that you don’t understand to your friends.

You can ask the same thing over and over again without feeling embarrassed. Besides, I’m an auditory learner. When I worked on a subject with my peers, either listening or explaining, hearing the words made it easier for me to learn. To be honest, I have never studied regularly before. Staying after school for peer tutoring at least once a week forced me to study in a routine. After peer tutoring, I was going home with less work to do and feeling content about the work I have finished. Moreover, I didn’t quite know how to study for the exams.

Thanks to peer tutoring, I had chance to observe my friends’ studying methods and apply the most suitable one for me to my own life. For example, I learned to review my notes and rewrite them in shorter phrases on flashcards. They were really easy to review before the exams. In addition, I used to study the night before the exam. Peer tutoring taught me to study days before. For example, I started studying three days before my biology exam. Peer tutoring session was on Friday and the exam was on Monday.

Thanks to peer tutoring, I got the best biology grade since the beginning of the year. In other words, peer tutoring increased my grades as well as teaching me studying skills that I can use for my whole life. I studied with my friends which was much easier than studying alone. Just like Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. ” I thank peer tutoring for bringing me and my friends together, keeping us together and making us work together. And eventually, for making us succeed.

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