Various individuals have different knowing designs. Everyone’s knowing design significantly influences the research study method that finest matches him. For example, a person with a read/write learning style will be best find out when he is given in-depth descriptions and when he reads and composes. As such, a person needs to initially identify his finding out style before he picks the research study strategy to use. Nevertheless, each research study strategy has its own strengths and weak points.

For instance, note-taking is considerably matched for read/write students for it offers them the opportunity to document and reread as much details as possible.

Nevertheless, not all things can be fully described by words. For example, paintings or other artworks can not be explained by words alone. They can only be appreciated when they are seen and not when they read about. Memory methods, one other research study method, are handy when one has to keep in mind facts and details such as dates and figures.

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However, this strategy leaves out the very important concept of analysis. Simply put, there is not one strategy that encompasses all necessary elements of learning. To learn, one must apply various learning strategies and focus more on the strategy that suits his style the best. The locus of control greatly affects academic success. People with strong internal locus of control will rely more on themselves to learn. They will read beyond what is required and they will find ways by which to gain an understanding of the subject matter.

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People with strong external locus of control will rely on what they gather from their environment. They learn from what the professor says or from what their peers say. However, learning should not rely solely on what is taught. Learning must come from the person. Therefore, a stronger internal locus of control will lead to greater academic success. This is simply because the learner will gain knowledge even when he is not in class. He can learn even without instruction.

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