Patient Essay Topics

Reflection on Placebo Effect

Does a Supportive Patient-Therapist Relationship Enhance Clinical Improvement? Kaptchuk (2008), Components of Placebo Effect: Randomised Controlled Trial in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. (PRO) Argument 1: Kaptchuk (2008) suggested that placebo effects (non-specific effects) include three components: a patient’s response to observation and assessment, the patient’s response to the administration of placebo treatment, and the… View Article

Terminating the Patient-Provider Relationship

Introduction Problem Overview With the advent of 21st century medical technology, health care procedures, ethical and legal considerations and scopes of practice among health care providers have become greatly complex. According to Servellen (1997), one of the most confronting issues of the modern provider-patient relationship is the often misunderstanding of accountability, responsibility and liability of… View Article

English Rhetoric

I find it really rewarding to be in the medical practice. Choosing to care for patients, for people who are unable to take care of themselves or lack the knowledge on how to get over their own sickness is something that nurses can be proud of. To care for someone you don’t even know is… View Article

The JACHO 2006 Standard and its Implementation in the ER

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare organizations (JACHO) is known for its effort in accrediting hospitals and other medical facilities and is an independent, nonprofit organization. It is the oldest standard-setting and accrediting body in the health care in the United States, evaluates, and accredits about 20,000 hospitals and health care organizations nationwide. The… View Article

Major Depressive Disorder and Patient

Please complete the following: 1. Select correct answer 2. Provide rationale 3. If you complete all successfully, all points will be awarded. 4. Total points: 34 1pt for correct answer, 1 pt for rationale 1. Select the example of tort. a. The primary nurse does not complete the plan of care for a patient within… View Article

Use of Ace Inhibitors for Treatment of Hypertension

      The prevalence of hypertension globally has sparked much research on medications and ways to cure it. Although there are varieties of medications available in the market to control hypertension, there are still none that can actually cure it. Until the time a drug to cure hypertension emerges, hypertension will be controlled by the use… View Article

A Research-Analysis on the Principles of Biomedical Ethics

Introduction “The uninsured” is a term that is coined to people who don’t posses any form of insurance who primarily include paperless immigrants, minorities, children and or teenagers without insurance, employees of small businesses, people who belong on the lower part of the social strata and also a significant number of the elderly.  In effect,… View Article

Should Corrections Be Date and Time Stamped

1.Should corrections be date and time stamped? According to the American Medical Association, all medical records should be date and time stamped and should identify the corrector or the person that is making any changes of any sort. First, the individual making the correction needs to identify him or herself as having authorization to do… View Article

Patient’s Rights In Practice

In the field of healthcare, patients have several rights they can or should utilize in order to receive the maximum benefit out of the treatment they receive. The patient should be thoroughly evaluated and one should make sure that all their rights and responsibilities are respected. However, we should also be aware that there is… View Article

Patients and Clients in Home Care

It is said that “there’s no better place than home”. This is the comfort that home care provides its patients. It permits the assistance of people that have special needs in the comfort of their homes and with the companionship of their families. Medical services and health assistance can now be obtained without going away… View Article

Exploring the Issues behind Patient-Assisted Suicide

Death is as much a part of human existence, of human growth and development, like birth. All humans need to undergo all these processes as they journey through life. However, death sets a limit on our time in this world, and life culminates in death. However, when we intervene with some of these natural processes,… View Article

Patient Education And Epidural Pain Management

The term pain pertains to a sensation that is communicated by the sensory neurons that are located around the human body to the brain. This sensation is described as an unpleasant feeling that is generally related to a form of damage to a particular tissue in the body. Pain thus activates a specific physical and… View Article

Suction of the Tracheostomy Patient

Abstract             A tracheotomy is a surgical procedure in which an opening is made into the trachea. The indwelling tube inserted into the trachea is called tracheostomy tube. A tracheostomy may be either temporary or permanent.             A tracheostomy is used to by pass an upper airway obstruction, to allow removal of tracheobronchial secretions, to… View Article

Narrative Report

Last September 3, 2010 I started my on-the-job-training program at The Medical City in Ortigas. I was assigned at the Admitting Department where all incoming patients are entertained and admitted. It is where the patients usually go whenever they need to transfer rooms. It is also where the incoming patients call if they need to… View Article

Dissecting Transference and Countertransference

Transference and countertransference are feelings towards an individual which are brought about by past experiences and relationships.  These feelings occur unconsciously and can be positive or negative in nature. Transference is often carried by the patient into the clinician-patient relationship as brought about by their history with past figures of authority in their lives. (Pearson,… View Article

The Tilting Gait

Based on the acute history described by the patient, he has classic signs of sciatica indicating musculoskeletal pain. Visceral organ disease can have similar pain distributions and should be ruled out by a thorough history. Most visceral organ disease usually has a slow, gradual onset of symptoms that localize to specific areas without referred pain…. View Article

SROP Personal Statement

As a young child growing up in the African countries of Cameroon and Gabon, I witnessed diseases such as malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, tetanus, and HIV/AIDS ravage villages and devastate local family members with horrible deaths. This early exposure to such suffering in my life encouraged a strong desire within me to do something useful to… View Article

Preference of Patients

In the medical profession, there are some issues that call for ethical appraisal. Although these issues might be provided for under the code of ethics of the medical profession, they have raised several controversial debates that have haunted the ethical foundation of the profession. One of such issues which have been a cause of controversy… View Article

Goal Statement

I felt my scores were mostly accurate in rating how I feel about communicating because I am not a real shy in communicating with others, so I could get up and talk, if I am prepared. Three specific public speaking goals I want to achieve during the term are; listening speaking and confidence. The goals… View Article

My Emergency Room Experience

I used to wonder what happens inside the Emergency Room of hospitals, what it would be like for a patient, for a doctor, and most especially for a nurse. As a nursing student, and as part of our program I was given an opportunity to have a clinical experience inside the Emergency Room. I had… View Article

Quality Improvement in Nursing

Answering the call light (also called call bell a handheld like that is attached to the patient room wall, above the headboard of the bed) in a timely manner by the nursing staff in hospital setting is necessary to prevent falls that can harm, prolonged stays, and unnecessarily increase the cost of healthcare. However, researches… View Article

HIPAA’s Pros and Cons

HIPAA or what is known as the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996” has its pros and cons (United.., 2007).             Pros include the following:             HIPAA guarantees dependability and promptness of “electronic patient health, administrative, and financial data” (HIPAA, 2006).             HIPAA implements rules, policies, and standards that maintain the confidentiality and… View Article

Charity Concert Event for the Benefit of the HIV-positive patients

The “Rock for a Cause” is a concert intended to help HIV-positive patients in the local hospital. The proceeds of the concert will all go to the local hospital to provide financial and medical  assistance to HIV-positive patients confined at the hospital. Through this commendable event, the company can help hundreds of people afflicted with… View Article

Use of Stasistics in Workplace

Arrowhead Regional medical center Colton is a 456 beds facility that is serving San Bernardino, Riverside and the mountain area, statistics is an essential component in the delivery of quality care. It is used in collecting an appropriate quantitative data, also use to assess the efficiency of treatment and interventions. As a center that participates… View Article

Bar Code Scanning and Patient Safety

The following paper explores eight published articles that address the issue of bar code scanning for medication administration and patient safety. Online research was conducted to locate and review articles which are included in review of literature, and to acquire accurate information addressing the issues discussed. The understanding of Bar Code Scanning for Medication Administration… View Article

Blackberry Case Study

Once the leader of mobile devices for business associates across the United States, in recent years BlackBerry has loss significant market share to its competitors such as Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. Struggling to keep afloat, although BlackBerry only holds five percent of the total mobile device industry, it still succeeds in its consulting business… View Article

Case Report of Six Sigma at Academic Medical Hospital

Six Sigma is a business management strategy designed to meet customer needs and process capability. Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes. It uses a systematic project-oriented fashion through define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC)… View Article

Communication Barriers

Environmental factors can affect the communication between the older adult and the nurse (Ruan & Lambert, 2007). Some of these factors provided by older adults included not being familiar with the hospital floor, dark rooms, loud noises, the amount of patients needing attention (especially when their illness is severe), visitors and family and the age… View Article

Feasibility of Telehealth

Health is a vital aspect of life, which is why it is important to have an access to different health care services. The world’s population is rising radically every year; thus, the demand for quality health care services also increases. With the application of modern technology the health system has been able to accommodate this… View Article

Personal & Professional Healthcare Communication Paper

Communication, according to the Free Dictionary, is “the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing or behaviors”. It is vital in the development and maintenance of personal and professional relationships. It is important to understand communication also includes non-verbal as well as verbal acts. According to Rane (2010), 93% of communication… View Article