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Past And Current Generation



Everything changes over time and as a result features and particularities of one generation are not the same as those of the previous or next.

Background Information:

There are vast differences between my generation and my parents’ generations. The beliefs, values, cultures, and goals in the old generation were different from now. Consequently, the issues that they were and still are concerns are different from ours. We differ from our parents in many ways like communication, and education.

Thesis Statement:

This essay will discuss and compare those mentioned above among parent’s generation and our generation.

Body 1:

Topic Sentence:

One of the most differences between people in my generation and people in my parents’ generation is communication.

Subject A:

The way of communication in the time of my parents’ generation was very different from our time.


For example, in my parent’s generation, the cell phone was not invented yet, so they used to communicate with each other face to face, speak with each other and spent some time to hang out each other.

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If they wanted to contact someone that was far away or another country, they would write a letter to them.


Subject B:

On the other hand, communication in my generation is much faster and easier. We live in an era that technology is evolving every day.


For example, in my generation, if a teen wants to contact his friend that lives far away, he would call his cell phone, send an email, or message him through the world of social media.

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Concluding Sentence:

In general, people in my generation communicate differently than people in the older generation.

Body 2:

Topic Statement:

Another great difference between people in my generation and my parents’ generation is education.

Subject A:

People in my parent’s generation mostly focused on working rather than studying.


In the past; usually, rich people had the opportunity to study and afford education. For example, people in mid to low class level where looking for a job in which didn’t required high education.

Subject B:

In contrast, people in my generation more focus on education in order to get a decent job.


nowadays appropriate education plays an important role in finding a job with a good salary.

(Our Generation vs Our Parent’s Generations. (2018, Jul 08). Retrieved from

Concluding Sentence:

In general, with living in the advanced world with high technologies, getting educational is much easier in the past, and it is much more vital in the world of advanced technology.


In conclusion, communication and education, are the most obvious differences between my generation and my parents’ generation.


Each generation has its own advantages and disadvantages throughout the time; however, the most important lesson is that each generation would shape based on the issues of its own time.

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