Outsourcing Essay Topics

Outsourcing To India And China

Outsourcing can be defined as transferring the jobs from the UK to India, China and other third world or low –wage countries. There are many advantages of outsourcing. The following paragraphs explain the relationship of outsourcing and the supply and demand economics theory(Cooke, 2005; pp 173 -180). BODY It is good business senses for multinational… View Article

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Jobs in America

This paper tackles the concept of outsourcing in America and aims to explore the reasons behind the need to outsource jobs. Outsourcing has said to have several effects on the United States’ economy as well as its citizens and this paper aims to explore both the good and the ill effects of such practice towards… View Article

Trends of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the process that involve a company deleting some of its in-house operations within its main operations to a third party,thus it can be described as a contracting transaction where one company purchases services from another company,while holding the main operations of the company. The major aim of outsourcing is to cut down unnecessary… View Article

Global IT Outsourcing

Globalization of trade and economies has been instrumental in bringing the world closer through the exchange of goods and products, information, knowledge and culture. The pace of global integration has increased dramatically over the past few decades with rapid advancements in technology, communications, science, transport, and industry. This process of globalization has led to increasing… View Article

Outsourcing in America

Outsourcing is the process of transferring some of an organization’s recurring internal activities and decision rights to outside providers, as set forth in a contract. Because the activities are recurring and a contract is used, outsourcing goes beyond the use of consultants. As a matter of practice not only are the activities transferred, but the… View Article

Outsourcing and its Implications on the Economy

Outsourcing is the process wherein one company decides to purchase a product or service from a source, which is outside the company. Generally, it refers to those products and services that were previously produced internally, but is now being sourced externally (Hira & Hira, 2005). Similarly, outsourcing is the process of purchasing “intermediate inputs by… View Article

Mauritius – The Scope of Ict

1. INTRODUCTION Mauritius is a small beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, which locates 800 kilometers east of Madagascar and some 2000 kilometers off the southeast African coast. Mauritius had been served as a colony of Dutch, French and British for long. The Dutch rule started in the late sixteenth century. They named the island… View Article

Telecommuting Successfully Confidential

To help you become an effective telecommuter, Jessica, we have a few suggestions to share with you. I understand you will be working at home for the next nine months. The following guidelines should help you stay in touch with us and complete your work satisfactorily. * Be sure to check your message board daily,… View Article

Analytic Report – Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing, the sending of jobs to lower wage countries, has become a very popular practice amongst U. S. companies seeking ways to cut back on their operating costs. The idea of outsourcing has made for a highly emotional situation because of two dramatically different effects: it leads to layoffs and dislocations for workers. Well-educated… View Article

Outsourcing Contract Flaws

In any legal undertaking, contracts play a vital role in ensuring that the interests of both parties are served. Contracts serve as a binding agreement that the signatories should adhere to. In most cases, any violation of the provisions encompassed in a contract holds the erring party liable for breach of contract. When a contract… View Article

Trend in Hr Outsourcing

In business world today, the main focus is delivering company’s core competency as to generate sustainable competitive advantage. The core competency is being described as what company does the best and in the same time, generates profit for the company. As the company focusing on their core competency, other components of the company require as… View Article

Worklife of Bpo Employees

Striking a balance is the real fulfillment to life. In the rat race of our present day existence, especially in the long working hours ethos of our industry, we forget to maintain a balance between work and family. The result is devastating: high levels of stress, trauma, and even nervous breakdowns. The phrase worklife balance… View Article

IT Outsourcing

The process of outsourcing is defined as using the expertise and potentials of a third-party on contractual basis. The procedure is believed to accommodate various facets of societies on the basis of labor division as outlined by the doctrines of a free market economy and principles of globalization. As stated earlier it was during the… View Article

IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing can refer to a practice where a portion or whole of IT duty is subcontracted to another party who can be a certain service provider, in order to manage duties that are assigned. In majority of the companies, this decision is a vital decision to be made as it will mean taking a… View Article

IT Business Outsourcing

Outsourcing basically means a process of constricting to another party. It is done at the outsourcing client’s location under their supervision. There are many essential factors which are needed to decide whether to outsource the information process or not. First major factor is the activity or the process itself. Main concern should be the process,… View Article

IT Business Outsourcing

IT Business Outsourcing involves contracting of specific processes as well as tasks of IT business to a third party or who can provide the service (Gewirtz, 2007). These days a lot of variation can be seen in the business environment, the reason for which is the impact of external factors like changes in the preference… View Article

International Outsourcing

There has been a rise in consumerism due to the emergence of globalization brought about by rapid advancement in information technology. Consequently, a demand for skilful human resources to perform various duties at global manufacturing sites and branch offices has motivated the multinational corporations to outsource their work internationally. Since this outsourcing of work occurs… View Article


Outsourcing can be described as an arrangement whereby a company provides services for another company that could have traditionally been performed in-house. This trend has been very common across industries and it is mainly attributed to the increasing business competition. Some of the services that organizations tend to outsource include planning & business analysis as… View Article


Outsourcing has already become the distinguishing feature of modern business. Businesses strive to reduce their costs and to improve their profitability; and in this context outsourcing provides unlimited improvement opportunities. In his article, Pritchard (2009) writes about large outsourcing deals and the impact they produce on the quality of present day business. On the one… View Article

Human Resources Outsourcing

I. Topic In today’s fierce competition in business, corporations need to generate more revenue creatively while keeping cost of sales at minimum level without scarifying efforts. Michael Porter refers this current competition as ‘hyper competition’, which he thinks it best describes the intense development of business today. Amidst highly demanding consumers, companies spawn new methods… View Article

Human Resources Practice

The Human Resources Profession Map was developed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to aid the HR industry and its professionals to adapt to the growing and future demands, setting out the foundation for global standards of competency for the HR profession. It recognises that people could enter the HR profession from… View Article

Proposal for Artemis Sportswear Company

Cutting operational expenses is something ever organization must learn to balance to ensure productivity and profit margins increase for the company. An increase profit margin is the bottom line for any business and its stakeholders. In order to cut operational expenses productively Artemis Sportswear needs a comprehensive look at the everyday operational expenses. Cutting the… View Article

PfizerWorks Essay

1. Describe and evaluate what Pfizer is doing with its PfizerWorks. They are outsourcing a menial task because it costs less to pay an Indian company with minimum wage laws that haven’t been updated since 1948 than it does to pay for a Harvard graduates salary. Overall l would say this is typical of most… View Article

Improved communication technology and transport

People can live and work anywhere they want to choose, because of improved communication technology and transport, do the advantage of this development outweigh disadvantages? Until a few decades ago, the majority of workers commuted to their work places in order to perform their job abilities. As information technology has become more common in our… View Article