Online Jobs Vs Traditional jobs

Over the past years, most individuals have been indulged in traditional jobs as compared to the online jobs. The various methods people used to look for traditional jobs include; contacting and creating good relationship with friends, employment centers such as institutions, agencies in the private sector that employ people. Sending CVs and resumes and even talking to employers directly. Recently, there have been career opportunities via internet use for the job seekers as reported by Seymour in 2008. There is scarcity of jobs due to increased population.

Hence people have shifted to online jobs to earn a living.


Traditional jobs are occupations where one is employed permanently and is being a salary after each and every month. Online jobs are basically freelancing works where one get paid after offering his /her services through the internet. For online job you must be an agent who is free. With the advancement of technology, online jobs have become better and simpler. This is because one can easily earn money while he is at home after doing certain jobs online via the internet.

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There are merits and demerits of both online and traditional jobs. There are advantages and disadvantages of both the traditional and online jobs as well as differences and similarities.

The traditional jobs are routine in nature. It helps one make have a routine lifestyle as you need to have a routine of your daily life. It gives proper planning for the worker has he already knows his time for work so needs to create time for friends and family.

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But for online jobs, it is quite difficult to work under plan well on your work, as you are working under somebody. As much as you become your own boss, you will not benefit much since you are working under someone, though you can make a decision on what to work on, how to do the work and the exact time to complete the work.

Despite all these, doing routine works associated with traditional jobs is at times monotonous as you will be doing the same week in week out and this makes one "work like machines". But in freelancing jobs one can easily shift from task to another. At times the communication from the client may be misunderstood and misinterpreted to something totally different. As much as the freelancer can shift into different tasks, the job delivered might not be exactly what the client really needed.

For traditional jobs, the salary is fixed and is paid on an agreed terms and at the end of a certain period, this may be at the end of the week or by the end of the month. Based on this one can be able to plan well on the budget according to his or her personal expenses. But with online jobs the earnings vary and this will dependent on the amount or loads of work you get from your clients together with the number of clients you have. Besides fixed salary there is promotion based on the performance in traditional jobs as opposed to the online jobs. For online jobs if you have good earnings in this month you will be forced to save for the next month as one cannot easily predict the future wit online jobs.

One has to report daily to an office or place of work where you will be forced to interact with different kinds of individuals and makes your social life better at work. Moreover, through this interactions one can easily expand their social circles. Reporting daily at work also comes with some challenges, for example when it is raining you have to leave your comfortable home and report to work. For online jobs, one only needs a computer, Wi-Fi and continues with the work from home. In this case the climate outdoors is barely considered, neither will he be worried of traffic jam, or be in a hurry to catch a bus, van or taxi and getting to work late.

In Traditional jobs, despite starting with a lower salary and get promotions over time as you see your salary being increased. You cannot promote yourself in online jobs. In online freelancing you can earn very little at times no profit at all. Earning from online depends on the experience you have obtained in the specific field, work efficiency, number of clients and their willingness to pay. In addition to this, there are so many risks associated to online jobs as compared to the traditional jobs.

In conclusion, according to my opinion, there are many merits of traditional jobs as compared to the online jobs. However, online jobs are offering opportunities to many graduates. Alongside traditional jobs, one get involved in the freelancing jobs in order to gain some experiences together with social life experiences.


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Updated: Aug 11, 2021
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