Organizational Structure Analysis

Our team will be describing three of our member’s current places of employment. Those organizations are Rex Communications & Public Relations Inc., Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union, and Advanced Security Concepts. Analyzing the organizational structure types and their pros and cons for each, to determine whether or not they are affective. Rex Communications & Public Relations Inc.

Rex Communications and Public Relations, Inc. is a small agency specialized in public relations, communications and marketing of luxury goods, with an extensive international network of media contacts, freelance editors, stylists, publicists, and tastemakers.

The company is ran by our team member, Roy Stewart and his business partner, together they have many years of experience in trade and consumer publications, television and celebrity red carpets. Many of Rex Communications functional duties are split between the specialties of the partners. As one member may help increase the visibility of luxury brands at the levels of social media, printed or online press, social media, television, and so forth.

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The other member may be required to take care of the necessary paper work and the logistics of goods. As Rex Communications is a small company, many of the divisional organizational structures are split between the partners. Some tasks are sent elsewhere, such as, records for tax season, they are sent to an outside accountant. Overall many of the duties are shared between the two partners at Rex Communications; hence forth, making the company fall closely to the third organizational structure called the matrix organization. Many of their clients will communicate to Roy or his business partner, or both to get an understanding on what procedures they must do.

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Roy and his business partner believe that their setup of the company structure is both effective and productive. Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union

In analyzing Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union, the management structure that’s being used is functional and some of divisional. There are many benefits to a functional structure for instance; groups of people can be placed together with similar skills to be more efficient. These groups can be more attuned for development and will be more adaptable. In performance, standards are better maintained. There is greater opportunity for specialized training. The disadvantages to the functional structure; managers can develop an expertise and will not acquire knowledge of the other areas of the business. This is also true with a divisional structure; as the organization grows the business becomes increasingly diversified. This can cause redundancies throughout the business divisions. Advanced Security Concepts (ASC)

Advanced Security Concepts (ASC) is a private security company that offers services that include executive protection, estate security and uniformed guards. ASC is a smaller company and deals on a customer base, therefore, it would be considered a Divisional Organization. The divisions depend on the customer and/or job type for example; estate security is composed of a team of people working at a residence. The team’s duties change per client as to what services they want. This is a very effective way of organizing the company. Each client has different expectations with a unique property and other services to take into consideration. It would not be possible for every team to work out of the same book with the variety of variables within this type of business. It was determined that the organizational structures in the three companies were found to be affective for each.

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