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Public relations
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Introduction The success of an organization is heavily determined by the management that is above the scope of the organization. This means that there are a number of controls that might lead to the success while others might lead to the fall of the organization. In this regard then, the public relations cater for those controls in which they can exert some influence to succeed. The public relations center on media relations by keeping in touch with the public; updating…...
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Public Relations to Facilitate Good Investment Climates
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ZIMBABWE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT PRESENTS DIPLOMA IN GENERAL MANAGEMENT Public Relations “PROMOTING THE ART, SCIENCE AND PRACTICE OF GOOD, SOUND MANAGEMENT” COPYRIGHT RESERVED ZIMBABWE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT A hearty welcome to the Zimbabwe Institute of Management Public Relations Module. Introduction Why Study PR Public relations practices interwoven in all business and economic activities of any organisation. In the way we interact with colleagues, customers, suppliers and opinion leaders. Successful deals are as a result of good public relations. In business…...
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Internship Journal
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Bill Gates once said "if I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on public relations". Such a statement, particularly from an entrepreneur so renowned in the business arena, is no doubt a sparkling endorsement for the industry. Regardless, it is only after two internships with Verve Communications in 2009 and the Sydney Kings in 2010 that I feel I have gathered the understanding and experience to realise how poignant such a declaration is - arguably even more…...
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Communications Assignment
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Background Information of Interview: This report gives a brief insight about an interview conducted with a Public Relations practitioner to identify roles and responsibilities of their job. I have also found out how important is public relations for an organization to grow and what impact it can create on the society or on an individual. The interview also helped me to learn about the essential needs for a PR practitioner in the technologically advanced era where credibility, trust, frankness, openness…...
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Media Project for Pure Drinking Water
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This is the report of my project in which we used lectures and tools of the marketing for the building of PR of my Product through Corporate communication, word of mouth marketing, 7 emerging trends, and event management. Water is the most important liquid in the world. Without water, there would be no life, at least not the way we know it. In today's living condition, the need for Pure Drinking Water is becoming an issue for the common Man.…...
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Application of Public Relations by College of Agriculture, Jalingo: A Corporate Social Responsibility Approach.
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CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 Background of the Study Public relations is an important subsystem of an organization. The effective practice of public relations is integrally bound to the wellbeing of an organization. This provides the avenue for the organization to effectively monitor, interact and react with key groups within the organizational environment. The activities of every organization significantly contribute to the well-being of its environment. Routine and administrative activities of organizations have direct or indirect impact to the stakeholders ranging from employees,…...
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Differences Between Pr and Advertising
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Differences Between Advertising and Public Relations Advertising vs. public relations, these two industries are very different even though they're commonly confused as being one and the same. The following ten properties just scratch the surface of the many differences between advertising and public relations. 1. Paid Vs Free Coverage * Advertising: The company pays for ad space. You know exactly when that ad will air or be published. For Example: Infosys gives an ad in The Hindu on Wednesdays in…...
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Importance of Video News Release in Public Relations
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Television is still the paramount source of news despite the existence of other media formats and outlets. Television reporting significantly affects the ability of the viewing public to make evaluation of what was presented to them. To reach this audience and to add credibility to clients' messages, the public relations industry uses video news releases (VNRs). VNR is a pre-packaged "news" segments created by broadcast PR firms, or by publicists within corporations or government agencies. It is the television version…...
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Public Relation Core Values
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Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has extremely important core ethical values that include advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty, and fairness. All of which will help further a public relations practitioner in their career. Every practitioner handles every job differently, in a way thats going to benefit both the company they are working for as well as the public. Honesty should be the most important core value for every practitioner. Not only should it be the most important core value…...
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The Evolution of Public Relations
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Introduction In order for us to understand how public relations have evolved through history, we must first understand what public relations are. Public relations as defined by (Wilcox and Cameron 2004) that Professors Long and Hazelton believe it to be, “ a communication function of management through which organizations adapt to alter, or to maintain their environment for the purpose of achieving organizational goals”(p.5). With that said we could now go back through history and discover how it has or…...
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Public Relation – Hilton Hotels
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Hilton Worldwide is among the world's largest hotel business, which operate more than 3,700 hotels around the world. The company's flagship brand, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, has more than 540 residential or commercial properties in 78 countries across six continents. The Business stands as the stylish, innovative leader in the complete section. As a part of the business's vision, to remain the leader in the hospitality market, Hilton Hotels and Resorts is looking for to develop better communication between the…...
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Public Relations on the World Wide Web
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From an organization’s perspective, public relations is the public face portrayed by an organization as it tries its best to conform to the norms of the respective society. A spokesperson is the individual tasked with ‘personifying’ the organization and there are certain traits expected of him or her. Focusing on our daily lives, public relations occurs at a much more frequent rate than we are aware of. There is a constant flow of information and ideas within our society and…...
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Famous Persons in Public Relations
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Over the years, key figures in public relations have contributed to its shaping through intrinsic criticism, major additions and re-evaluation that has seen latter applications being highly effective in creating cohesion and ultimate higher productivity and sustainability in the society.  Notably, the concept of public relations dates back to eighteenth century, however, many authors appear to limit their focus only from early 20th century.  This essay provides a holistic evaluation of key figures that have made key contribution to the…...
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Crisis Communication
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A crisis is any event that triggers a level of public interest and media inquiry that requires a significant increase in staffing and/or resources to make a reasonable media response. Crises include such things as disease outbreaks, disasters and other health matters. Crises also may include fires, breakdowns in communications, disruptions in services and even rumors. A major example in the one focusing on the San Fransisco Bay which was struck by an earthquake. This was referred to as the…...
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Print Media Versus Electronic Media Relations
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Print media today is still considered to be the number one medium for public relations practitioners, despite the recent progress were seeing in electronic media and especially the Internet. Public relations practitioners channel any pertinent information through the media in order to send it to its target audiences or shareholders in the company. Public relations professionals mostly deal with print media. Print media is considered an important function for public relations professionals because many newspaper and magazine agencies use new…...
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Grunig and Hunt’s Four Models of Public Relations
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Grunig and Hunt (1984)'s four models of public relations are perhaps the most commonly used theories in the field. They are useful in that they divide a complicated subject matter into four fundamental areas which can then be separately addressed. Corporations may refer to these models in establishing their CSR efforts. For example, the first area (Press Agentry) deals with the activities of those who will do anything to gain publicity. Perhaps Bransonesque stunts are not appropriate for establishing convincing…...
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Defining Public Relations
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The question, "What is public relations?" is extremely difficult to define, and has concerned many public relations practitioners and scholars alike. Ask anybody, and more than likely the answers will be different. Public Relations (PR) deals with a broad range of attitudes and methods, therefore, it is not easily defined. Many communication scholars agree that definitions are inherently rhetorical and that the formations of definitions are social processes that shape reality. Since definitions play critical roles both in societal processes…...
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Ethics in Public Relations
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Nowadays, Public Relations is one of the fastest-growing fields of professional employment worldwide. The public relation profession is constantly having to adapt to the needs of society through which different people and different organizations from different countries form a variety of definitions. For this reason, the number of ethical dilemmas in public relations continues to grow as well. Some of the issues with ethics that can be found with public relations is the withholding of information from the public, directly…...
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International Marketing Concepts
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How does the “standardized versus localized” debate apply to advertising? Communication takes place only when the intended meaning transfers from the source to the receiver. This can be a problem when a standardized approach is used. The message is not able to get through to the receiver due to different reasons such as lack of knowledge of the audience. There are people who feel an advertisement can be used anywhere in the world due to the converging tastes and preferences.…...
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Cracker Barrel Restaurants Case Study
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1. Discuss the factors that make it more difficult to establish work place discrimination based on sexual orientation than discrimination based on race? Although federal laws protect people from workplace discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, religion, sex, age, and disability, there is no federal law that specifically outlaws workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the private sector. (Federal government workers are protected from such discrimination.). an employee can file a complaint regarding discrimination based…...
Case StudyDiscriminationLgbt DiscriminationPublic RelationsSexual Orientation
Police Public Relations vs. Community-Police Relations
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Differences Between Police Public Relations Programs and Police-Community Relations Programs Police-Community Relations programs and Police Public Relations programs are similar in many ways, but not are not identical or interchangeable, according to Barker, and Hunter in 2011. Police-Community Relations is a philosophy of police administration, which seeks to involve community and police in ongoing decision making concerning policies which impact both. Police Public Relations programs involve broader and more complex goals than Police-Community relations programs. One purpose of public relations…...
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Internship in Public Relations Department of an Advertising Agency
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Section I Introduction 1.1 Background Internship is one of the essential parts required for the completion of MBA program. It is to provide first hand exposure to the students about the real work scenarios in business organizations. It allows students to imply their theoretical knowledge in the real workplace by enhancing their ability and confidence level in the dynamic business world. Besides, one of the objectives of this program is to enhance student’s interpersonal, communication, report writing skills as well…...
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Corporate Communication
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Introduction The organization which this report will be based on is called Mirihi Island Resort. Mirihi Island Resort is a five star resort located in a secluded island in South Ari atoll of Maldives. It consists of 36 rooms from 6 are beach villas and the remaining 30 are water villas. This resort is under Crown Company (Mohamed, 2014). There are total of 145 staffs mixed from all levels. 60% of the staffs are from Maldives and the rest of…...
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Organizational Structure Analysis
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Our team will be describing three of our member’s current places of employment. Those organizations are Rex Communications & Public Relations Inc., Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union, and Advanced Security Concepts. Analyzing the organizational structure types and their pros and cons for each, to determine whether or not they are affective. Rex Communications & Public Relations Inc. Rex Communications and Public Relations, Inc. is a small agency specialized in public relations, communications and marketing of luxury goods, with an…...
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Communication is faster than ever due to the advent of the Internet and social media which are venues for forum, interaction and information/issue dissemination, Today, nearly half a billion people around the world utilize the Internet. In the United States alone, about 155 million Americans access the Internet at home, with some citizens accessing the Internet only at work. Internet use by consumers in other countries, especially Japan (49 million users), the United Kingdom (29 million), Germany (36 million), Brazil…...
A Case Study of Domino’s Pizza’s Crisis Communication Strategies
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If a company experiences a huge crisis, there is no shortcut: the companies will definitely suffer and without elaborate strategies, and the company might never be the same again. The point of debate holds that instead of responding to a crisis as a defeat, the company should recognize the fact that it is another opportunity window and find the best approach out of the crisis, essentially, with its brand image and reputation intact. In reference to Weiss (2009), possessing knowledge…...
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