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Role of Sir Robert Peel in Starting Community Policing
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Policing has been a part of America for many decades. In fact, policing was known to exist prior to 1066, the year of the Normandy Invasion of Britain. Throughout the years policing has been a complicated and ongoing progress. The people of England did not have a stabilized policing standard and were often responsible for protecting and serving themselves. As early as the 1600s the Colonial America introduced the English styles of policing; citizens were responsible for monitoring community members’…...
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Models of Community Policing Styles
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Pages • 4
Abstract Policing in the United States has taken on a wide range of structures and features in the previous years. Albeit, different modes and models of policing styles keep on being presented, two fundamental parts of law implementation have stayed consistent, (traditional policing and community policing). There are such huge numbers of various aspects, patterns, and new rising advancements in the wide universe of law authorization. First, we will plot a concise history of the roots and evolvement of policing.…...
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The Reform Era of Policing (Foot Patrol vs. Automotive Patrol)
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Introduction Police patrolling is very important in a certain community whether using an automobile patrol or simply by just foot patrolling. But of course there are advantages and disadvantages between these two in terms of keeping order in the community, responding in the crime or accident scenes, apprehending some criminals or violators.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an automobile car when patrolling than just by simply just foot patrolling or not using an automobile car and vice…...
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Reactive Policing
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Reactive patrol is police responding to specific requests from individuals or groups in a community that provides “immediate” response to calls. Reactive patrol provides help to ensure that calls are responded to in an efficient and timely manner. Reactive patrol also involves the follow-up investigations required to get additional information to prosecute or otherwise help with assistance of the community. Reactive patrol is different from proactive control in the sense that reactive patrol is employed when a crime is or…...
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The Metropolitan Police Act
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Pages • 4
Sir Robert Peel established the nine principles of law enforcement also known as the Peelian Principles in 1892 under the base of patrol functions defined as deterring crime, enhancing the feeling of public safety, and making law enforcement officers available for service. Police departments today use these nine principles as a foundation of maintaining positive relationships with citizens and their community (FBI, 2012). The Metropolitan Police Act (MPA) of 1829 was established by Sir Robert Peel during his term as…...
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Intelligence LED Policing (ILP)
Words • 326
Pages • 2
In the U. S. policing the ILP application has faced various challenges that has led to the complication of the policing model. On top of the 9/11 stimulation, the move towards ILP has been advanced by various initiatives of the public policy. Therefore, due to the varied demands, ILP has been integrated with community policing so as to achieve these new standards. Though widely used by the police services, ILP clarity in its definition and elementary conceptions has hardly been…...
Community PolicingCrimeIntelligencePolice
Technology and Law Enforcement: How Technology Influences Crime
Words • 1728
Pages • 7
With advances in innovation we see brand-new and frightening ways lawbreakers devote crimes. With the introduction of cell phones and scanners years earlier, bad guys might listen to authorities radio traffic and see where and how we cops were reacting. No need for "look outs", innovation became the watch out. Now in the computer age we see criminal offenses from identity theft and hacking into computer systems to take individual and corporate secret information to cyber stalking and sexual predating…...
Community PolicingCrimeInfluenceLawPolicePolice Officer
Community Policing vs. Traditional Policing
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Pages • 7
Policing in the United States has taken on many different forms and facets in the past 50 years. Although, various modes & models of policing styles continue to be introduced, two main aspects of law enforcement have remained constant, (traditional policing & community oriented- policing). There are so many different facets, trends, and new emerging technologies in the wide world of law enforcement. First, we will outline a brief history of the origins and evolvement of policing. Special attention will…...
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Traditional Policing within Law Enforement
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Pages • 3
Conventional policing generally includes officers answering require service. Standard methods of policing rely heavily on deterrence through a visible existence of the police on patrol. Nevertheless, lots of social modifications have taken place over the years and traditional policing approaches may not be as effective in attending to the requirements of the communities. Neighborhoods have become more diverse and the problems have actually altered as drugs and violent criminal offenses have ended up being more typical in urban neighborhoods. Additionally,…...
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Purpose and Effectiveness of Police Patrol
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Pages • 7
To begin studying this topic I’d like to provide a brief definition of a patrol officer. In law enforcement, patrol officers are uniformed police officers assigned to patrol specified geographic areas. They are the officers most commonly encountered by the public. Their duties include responding to calls for service, making arrests, resolving disputes, taking crime reports, and conducting traffic enforcement, and other crime prevention measures. The patrol officer is the first on the scene to arrive. What they do or…...
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Evidence-Based Policing Fighting Crime
Words • 449
Pages • 2
The police work of fighting crime is not on easy tack and requires many strategies, techniques and skills. To find the way to a certain problem police use their evidences to conduct a research to try to solve it. By experimenting their ideas they can find out if the curtain approach to the problem does work or doesn't. The one of the advantages of evidence-based policing is that it design to help fight crime. Evidence-based policing is design to find…...
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The Future of Policing
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Pages • 6
Policing in the United States has changed dramatically since it was first brought to the thirteen colonies from England. However, some of the issues faced then are being faced in policing today. There are also new trends that are prevalent, and these trends will continue to have lasting effects on the future of policing. Even though new trends improve policing overall, they can also cause more serious issues. It is crucial to continue making changes topolicing because it allows law…...
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Technology and Law Enforcement: How Technology Influences Crime
...Technology has also given police advanced resources to prevent crime and catch criminals. Law enforcement must take the initiative in technology and not simply react to what criminals are doing. With the new technology police agencies enjoy they must...

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