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Students and Social Service
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Students are the cream of the society. They are the hopes and aspiration of a nation. If they are keen on learning and conscious of their duties, they can bring peace and prosperity for the country by their contribution and co-operation. So a student has a lot of duties to himself as well as to others. Students are the part and parcel of the society. If they are enlightened, the society will be benefited by their light of knowledge. They…...
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Facets of Guidance
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Personal and social guidance Personal and social guidance is needed by learners in order to cope with negative feelings; such as feeling inferior, rejected, lonely, hated, indecisive, inadequate or dislike for themselves. As well to transform them into positive feelings; such as having a good self-esteem, feeling loved, accepted, happy and confident. Educators and counsellors will use personal and social guidance to fulfil one of their principal responsibilities – to enable learner to develop a positive self-image. Personal guidance will…...
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