Students and Social Service

Students are the cream of the society. They are the hopes and aspiration of a nation. If they are keen on learning and conscious of their duties, they can bring peace and prosperity for the country by their contribution and co-operation. So a student has a lot of duties to himself as well as to others. Students are the part and parcel of the society. If they are enlightened, the society will be benefited by their light of knowledge. They can play an important role in getting rid of illiteracy from the society.

They can run programs to teach the underprivileged children and grown up people for the emancipation of the nation. By setting up library, night schools in their localities, students can render their service in spreading knowledge in the country.

Students can make our rural people conscious about modern method of cultivation, irrigation, rotation of crops, using fertilizer and pesticides. They can also explain the idea of co-operative farming to grow more food.

Students’ service in the field of national health is of no mean importance. Female students can teach the illiterate women-folk about cleanliness, bringing up children, taking care of health and nutrition. Students can keep their surroundings neat and clean by getting rid of garbage and cleaning ponds for fresh and mosquito free environment.

Alarming growth of population is a threat to our national economy. Students can make people aware about the importance of family planning in our economic life. During famines, epidemics, floods and other natural calamities students can render services to the distressed.

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They can raise funds, distribute relief and extend hands to the victims. The students are the future citizens of a nation. Their contribution can change the outlook of our country. Their spirit, zeal, vigour and velour can bring peace, progress, prosperity, glory and a renaissance in our dream.

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Students and Social Service
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