Why Veterans Day Is Important Essay Examples

Why is Veterans Day important essay samples

In its 237 years, the United States has been involved in a dozen major wars to defend our nation, preserve our freedom, and serve our national interests. The major conflicts include the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the Wars against Terrorism. Our armed forces have gone into harm’s way many other times, too.

Let’s Celebrate Veterans Day
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Is one of your family members a veteran? Did they support and protect this country while risking their lives, and missing their family, and friends. Many schools and businesses don’t celebrate Veterans Day. This has created a big social debate and made many people start the topic and argument whether we should take off a day for this national holiday.... Should we? As a son and grandson of a military veteran. I myself believe that Veterans Day should be celebrated…...
CelebrationWhy Veterans Day Is Important
20 Veteran’s Day Deals From Your Favorite Restaurants
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To honor the service of veterans and active members of the armed forces, a number of restaurant chains this Friday will offer discounts and free meals to this segment of the population.From Chipotle to iHop to Krispy Kreme, restaurants are showing their support on the holiday to all vets and active military personnel. Check out these 12 mouth-water restaurant deals.1. ChipotleBuy one entree item and get one free for any burrito, bowl, salad or tacos at restaurants across the U.S.…...
VeteransWhy Veterans Day Is Important
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World War II

Millions of Americans have served in our military. In World War II alone, 16 million served. Many have been killed or died. The number of military dead is over 1,200,000. In World War II alone, America lost over 405,000 of its young men and women. Hundreds of thousands have been wounded, and many have suffered as prisoners-of-war.

Definition of Veterans

Now for my definition of Veterans are heros. Veterans are amazing, brave people who have put their lives on the line more than once. But it saddens me how many veterans we are losing every day just from ww2. Out of the 16 million men and women who served there are only about 620,000 americans left who served. Everyday we lose 372 veterans. Soon there will be no ww2 veterans left which saddens me.

I recently watched a video about a ww2 veteran who took a japanese flag from a japanese officer and promised to give it back. 60 years later he decided to act on it. He had help from millions of people to help find the japanese officer. When did they got a plane ticket to japan. While there they visited a memorial. Mid-way the veteran started to cry. This shows that veterans are not heartless they didn’t want to kill but they were forced by peer pressure. They meet with the officer and he thanked the veteran. I did forget to mention that this flag was taking on d-day. Twenty men were killed on D-Day, believe to be the highest loss per capita on D-Day of any American community.

Importance of Veterans Day

It is fitting on Veterans Day that we honor all of the veterans, both living and dead, from Virginia and throughout the United States, including the men and women currently serving in uniform. To quote one of our recent presidents,there is no higher calling than service in our Armed Forces. We live in freedom because every generation has produced patriots willing to serve a cause greater than themselves. Those who serve today are taking their rightful place among the greatest generations that have worn our nation’s uniform So, please join me today in pausing to reflect on the service of all our veterans, and then take a few minutes to reach out and thank one.

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