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New York City Essay Examples

Essay on New York City

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A campaign for the City Bike Company

The City Bike Company started in the United States as a sharing program. It situated in New York dealing with bicycles which are of high quality. Interestingly, it is the biggest bike sharing program in the country and even the whole world. The company was selected to advance and operate the system using a new technology. In that reason the company has a great opportunity hence enlarging its operation system in the City. Basically, it spent millions of dollars to…...

Immigration at Ellis Island

Specific Purpose: to inform my audience about the immigration process at Ellis Island Central Idea: The immigration process at Ellis Island had four main steps: arriving at Ellis Island, the medical examination, interrogation, and actually leaving the island Method of Organization: chronological Introduction Have you ever wondered where your family history lies and how your ancestors ended up in America? Well, chances are that your ancestors traveled to America and entered through Ellis Island in New York City. Ellis Island…...

Writing Prompt: the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby - Writing Prompt 1 The 1920’s were a time of dramatic changes that affected the economy, society, politics and popular culture. The nation’s total wealth doubled between the years of 1920 and 1929. As modern cities began to develop new buildings and advanced technology, many Americans began to move into the city and started to abandon the rural farm life. This brought a wave of new technologies that could make the modern consumers life easier. The soaring…...

Colgate-Palmolive International Business Strategy

1. Introduction What a “Colgate Smile” is a phrase commonly used as a compliment about one’s smile. It has been popularized throughout the whole world, due to Colgate’s good reputation as a successful business. Colgate, today being one of America’s most successful Fortune 500 companies, has a long history of evolution and complex adoption of various business strategies, which led to its current solid powerful position. As representatives of the Colgate-Palmolive Company, we are pleased to tell you more about…...

Discrimination Issues in On the Sidewalk Bleeding

Don’t judge a book by its cover. We all grow up listening and trying to live day in and day out following the metaphorical phrase. For most of us, this idiom means little however; Evan Hunter uses a character from On the Sidewalk Bleeding to influence the reader of its importance. Andy is a young gang member growing up in the rough neighborhood of The Bronx. As a result, the attraction of membership leads Andy to join The Royals, a…...

Personal space

Most social situations North Americans require a comfort zone of six to eight square feet per person, and any violation of that buffer can trigger a reaction (Bowen). “People use avoidance responses,” says Robert Sommer, a psychologist at the University of California-Davis and author of the book Personal Space (qtd. in Bowen). But where does the standard of personal space come from? According to Sommer, “a comfort distance for conversation varies from culture to culture.” Because Mediterranean and Asian countries…...

My ethnic identity

Ethnic background is a method of defining, separating, and organizing around a shared awareness of the typical origins of socially distinct groups of individuals, such as language, culture, religious beliefs, or citizenship. It can form community and identity, as well as can set in motion "like-minded" people into action for gaining social, political, and cultural interests. I am Mainland Indian. Because that is about a billion people, I need to include a lot more information. I would say that I…...

Troubleshooting Information Systems at the Royal Hotel

This is a case of Blake, a young, inexperienced professional, taking on an internship with a consulting company, who assigns him to manage the Royal Hotel in New York City, a luxury hotel which catered to businesses and had a large number of repeat guests. This case emphasizes the difficulties Blake faces in helping the hotel consistently keep the rooms in excellent condition while trying to implement ways to make it happen. Also, it emphasizes the importance of communication with…...

The Effects of News Media

There is a social responsibility of the news media to deliver correct information to the public. What is the responsibility of information that may shape the view of a people’s political opinions? Journalism has changed because of electronic media and their convergence transformed the ways news consumed. Information media has a social responsibility to society to cover the news with unprejudiced and honesty to the public that it serves. The public relies on TV, radio, newspapers and internet to receive…...

Triangle: The Fire That Changed America

Published in 2004 by Gover Atlantic Inc, David Von Brehle wrote Triangle: The Fire That Changed America that recounted that fateful day at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory on March 26, 1911. Von Brehle portrayed not only the horrors of the trapped workers in the factory but also included the poor state of worker's safety and low wages. Von Brehle's purpose of writing about the Triangle disaster is to inform readers that factory conditions in the late nineteenth century and early…...

Chobani Case Study

1) From the information about Chobani in the case at the start of the chapter, (a) whom did Hamdi Ulukaya identify as the target for his first cups of Greek yogurt and (b) what was his initial “4Ps” marketing strategy? a. Hamdi Ulukaya first targeted young and fit Americans with his first cup. b. Hamdi Ulukayas initial “4Ps” marketing strategy involved product, price, place, and promotion. For product, he focused on the packaging. Made the cup with bright colors so…...

Influential Person Anna Quindlen

When you think great American author, many people think of Anna Quindlen. She won many awards. They include but are not limited to a Pulitzer and two Clarion Awards. She is an older sister and a daughter, as well as a wife and mother. Anna Quindlen has published many, many literary works, including novels, children’s books, nonfiction works, columns, and new table pictorials. This woman is not only an author, but she is a role model and hero to some,…...

Lipman Bottle Company

Synopsis Lipman Bottle Company, the leading bottle distribution company in Albany, New York started distributing bottles of large bottle manufacturers on 1909. From then on, they started to adapt to the changes in the bottling industry such as the use of plastics, which prove to be profitable on their end. They grab the opportunity to distribute and print bottles with different shapes and sizes for clients who liked the convenience of their dual services. Their track record became unstable when…...

Irony In The Story "The Eighty-Yard Run"

Mr. Christian Darling, a well-respected high school athlete and handsome man, had an interesting - rather ironic - change in his life from the beginning of the story to the end. In The Eighty-Yard Run, a story by Irwin Shaw, the focus is on Mr. Christian Darling and his high school sweetheart, Louise. In high school, they were always together, and Louise always bought Christian Darling many nice gifts. As time passed and high school ended, Christian and Louise got…...

Sherman Alexie's "On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City"

It does not seem hard to understand the basic theme that is present in "On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City" by Sherman Alexie. Many Native Americans today are forced to assimilate into the American culture leaving behind their traditions and values in order to be successful in America. If they do not become Americanized many Native Americans struggle to survive on reservations. Sherman Alexie portrays the bitterness for having to put his traditions aside perfectly in my…...

Corruption in the Gangs of New York

The Gilded Age, or as it is commonly referred to as, the era of corruption, took place in 1877 to 1900. This time period was most effectively portrayed in the novel and movie, The Gangs of New York, which was written by Herbert Asbury. The Gangs of New York focused on a time of politicalcorruption during a period of massive increase in immigration in New York. In this essay I will discuss three themes: immigration, Political machines, and bad situations,…...

Mother And Daughter Relationships

What is the "mother-daughter" relationship? I have no direct information on this due to the fact that I am not a child. I do, however, have 2 sisters, and their relationship with my mother is really different when compared to the characters in the short stories "Who's Irish?" and "New York Day Women." Relationships in between moms and children take various kinds for various individuals. The mother/daughter relationship amongst various people can be the exact same, however likewise very different.…...

Life in the Colonial Cities

The people of early colonial America settled mainly in rural areas and farms. Eventually, by the end of the 18th century, cities became dominant settlements over the rural regions. The cities of colonial America were heavily influences by British; the latest fashions of dress, social ideas, and furniture among other things were imported from Great Britain. As the size of cities grew, problems in health and sanitation began to arise. Throughout all of the major cities, taverns were the common…...

19th Century industrial leaders

Many have debated that the industrial leaders following the 19th Century were "Robber Barron's". However, in this very competitive time period, many new businesses were being formed. It took talented businessmen such as Vanderbilt, Carnegie, and Rockefeller to get ahead and keep the companies running, building America into what it is today, the most powerful nation in the world. Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794-1877) was a classic Market Entrepreneur, succeeding by creating and marketing a superior product at a low cost. He…...

Outline H&M's product strategy

Nobody immediately considers Sweden as a country well known for its fashion, but its Hennes & Mauritz retailer has profitably dominated the globe, with almost 1,000 stores in 20 countries. It is now Europe's foremost clothing merchant, and at present appears resistant from the anguish confronting other sellers. Even though Europe is the chain's domination, H&M is one of the few fashion retailers to have created a flourishing hold in the US market, with additional outlets by the end of…...

On the amtrak from Boston to New York City

The situation of the poem is described in the title "On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City," was about a white woman and a person with a Native American background who were on a train together. What was being taken place when the speaker is meditating about the "white" woman they were having a conversations with other passengers, including an older white woman about the brief history of the city as they pass landmarks of the Native American…...

Businessman Michael Bloomberg

In his life time, Michael Bloomberg has been a prominent businessman as well as a robust politician hence drawing a broad interest from many people in all walks of life and every corner of the world. He is a son from a family whose origin can be traced back in both Poland and Russia. Michael Bloomberg is known to have been born in the year 1942 at the famous St. Elizabeth’s hospital which is in the Brighton fraternity of Boston.…...

Developments in transportation

Developments in transportation, rather than in manufacturing and agriculture, sparked American growth in the first half of the 19th century; moreover, it was the booming railroad industry, the country massive turnpikes, and the canals promoting water travel that sparked American growth in the first half of the 19th century. Railroads had been in the making for years, and they just kept improving, thus improving the ease of news spread and travel throughout the United States. The turnpikes going from city…...

Hero Thesis Statement

When the word “hero” comes to mind, people generally think of Superman, a military person who was in a war, or a person who has saved someone’s life. Hero headlines may read “Hero neighbor saves 7-year old girl who fell from third story window in Coney Island” (Robinson, A. & Paddock, B., NY Daily News, 2012), a “Man is rescued by stranger on subway tracks” (Buckey, C., NY Times, 2007), and “Wounded Placerville soldier receives hero's welcome” (News 10 ABC,…...

“Dreamland” & Islan

In the book, “Dreamland” (Baker, 2000), the author Kevin Baker tells about Coney Island and the lower eastside of New York City, where there are rough individuals, such as gangsters who roam the area. I liked the main character, Kid Twist is a European immigrant, and he comes to the rescue of an individual when a gangster, by the name of Gyp the Blood is prepared to kill a small boy delivering newspapers in New York City. The sad part…...

Jewish American Literature

Jewish American Literature holds an essential place in the literary history of the United States. It encompasses traditions of writing in English, primarily, as well as in other languages, the most important of which has been Yiddish. While critics and authors generally acknowledge the notion of a distinctive corpus and practice of writing about Jewishness in America, many writers resist being pigeonholed as 'Jewish voices'. Also, many nominally Jewish writers cannot be considered representative of Jewish American literature, one example…...

Harlem Renaissance in Literature

The Harlem renaissance is considered to be one of the most important periods in the history of African Americans literature. It marks the period between the early 1920’s and the late 1930’s when the African Americans demonstrated their capabilities in the literature art. The literature in the Harlem renaissance has been rated as one of the greatest attempts to define the identity of women in the American society. The period saw the rise of African American writers both men and…...

Coping with Life Challenges

Toni Cade Bambara, born March 25, 1939 in New York City City; her mother was Helen Brent Henderson Cade. Bambara adopted that surname when she found it on a sketchbook her great-grandmother had. Bambara spent the very first 10 years of her life in Harlem, New York. In 1973, she published and essay in Redbook describing what she liked about her mom. Bambara is an activist, novelist, writer, essayist, and a filmmaker. Bambara was influenced by her work as a…...

Renaissance in Harlem City in the Viewpoint of Toni Morrison’s Jazz

“Jazz”, a novel by Toni Morrison, is a chronicle of the lives and struggles of the African Americans during the Harlem Renaissance in the United States. The novel begins with an African-American community in Harlem New York in the year 1926. What makes it a credible commentary on that specific period in the history of the United States and that of the African-American people is the vivid description of the author of the “glittering city (Morrison 1992)” of Harlem, the…...

History of Immigration - Movie Gangs of New York

Although Martin Scorsese's 2002 film "Gangs of New York" purports to be an historical film which recounts ethnic based gang rivalries in 1863 New York City, the film relies heavily on poetic-license, accentuating violence and a typical Hollywood "good versus evil" story-line, rather than delving into the historical specificities and realistic detail. While it is almost certainly true that Gangs captures the flavor and mythopoetic spirit of America's ethnically diverse past and the violence and tensions which seethed during the…...

Fidelis ad Mortem A History of The New York Police

Since the declaration of Dutch independence in 1609, the city of New York, the called New Amsterdam, had been a relatively large and sprawling municipality. As one might expect, the city had criminal elements in proportion to its population. (Costello, 1885) Throughout its history, the entity that would become the New York Police Department has represented the leading edge in law enforcement, organization, technology and civilian relations. By 1800, having repaired the privations caused by the revolution of 1776, the…...

Impacts of Homelessness in New York City

The exploration of the New York Harbor was first done by an Italian-born navigator Giovanni Di Verrazano in the year 1524. In the year 1609, an Englishman Henry Hudson who was employed by the Dutch sailed up the river Hudson named after him when he reached the New York Bay while in the same year, the exploration and claiming of the northern part of the New York was being done by Samuel de Champlain to the benefit of France (infoplease.…...

A Geopolitical Community

A geopolitical community is a neighborhood, which is either man-made or surrounded by natural boundaries. It is considered a standard perspective about communities. Manufactured limits could be the towns where we live, work, or go to school. Natural borders could be the land formations that separate and isolate groups of individuals (Maurer & & Smith 2008). The geopolitical community I reside in is Nassau County, Long Island in New York. Nassau County is comprised of lots of suburbs and towns…...

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Philippe Bourgois – A Reaction Paper

In chapter 7 of his book, In Search of Respect, Selling Crack in El Barrio, Philippe Bourgois begins his commentary on “Families and Children in Pain” by countering the view set forth by developmental psychologists that a large chunk of a person’s character is shaped during infancy or as a result of  “early childhood socialization experiences… (which) ignores historical processes and the effects of unequal power relations around class, ethnic, or gender and sexual categories” (Bourgois, 2003, p. 259).  To…...

Why We Should Celebrate Columbus Day

• Columbus Day recognizes the achievements of a great Renaissance explorer who founded the first permanent European settlement in the New World. The arrival of Columbus in 1492 marks the beginning of recorded history in America. • Columbus Day celebrates the beginning of cultural exchange between America and Europe. After Columbus, came millions of European immigrants who brought their art, music, science, medicine, philosophy and religious principles to America. These contributions have helped shape the United States and include Greek…...

Feasibility and Economic Justification

The building and construction of a new circulation center for liquid chemicals near New york city City would need a feasibility study. The feasibility research study is performed as a "phase [which] considers the technical aspects of the conceptual alternatives and provides a firmer basis on which to choose whether to undertake the job" (Kerzner, 2009, p. 419). Thus, it can be seen that carrying out an expediency for the purpose of building a brand-new distribution facility would show the…...

Character Analysis of Mrs Foster

The short story “The Way up to Heaven” is written by Roald Dahl, who is a British novelist and a short story author. He was born in Wales in 1916. “The Way up to Heaven” is a story about Mr. and Mrs. Foster “sad” life. The story takes place on a January of 1950’ in New York City, on East Sixty- second Street. It also takes place on the New York Airport and in Paris. Mrs Foster herself, is an…...

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