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New York City Essay Examples

Essay on New York City

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A campaign for the City Bike Company

It should be noted that the City Bike Company is the most and famous company that produces quality bicycles in the world. Furthermore, it offers quality and recommendable services to the customers as most of you are aware of it. Kindly let us stick to our culture which is in our beloved company. Finally, ladies and gentlemen keep in mind that there is only boss one in the business who has the powe...

Immigration at Ellis Island

With their landing card, American money, train ticket, and luggage in hand, the immigrants were ready to leave Ellis Island and embark on their journey in America. If you are ever bored some Sunday afternoon I suggest going to Ellis Island’s website where you can enter your ancestor’s name and do a passenger search. According to thestatueofliberty.com, today, over 40% of America’s population...

Writing Prompt: the Great Gatsby

There was also a lot of segregation back then a group known as the Ku Klux Klan spread hatred and prejudice against African Americans and other groups. Klan members held meetings and where they attacked and sometimes killed people they thought were “un-American.” This was very hard for the younger generation because a lot of the new culture had urban roots tied to them. Jazz began among Africa...

Colgate-Palmolive International Business Strategy

World'. [report] New York, New York: Colgate-Palmolive Company. 7.Dividendmonk.com. 2013. Colgate-Palmolive: A Strong International Position. [online] Available at: http://dividendmonk.com/colgate-palmolive-a-strong-international-position/ [Accessed: 19 Nov 2013]. 8.Letto-Gillies, G. 1996. Global Business Strategy. Cengage Learning EMEA. 9.Information, C. 2013. Colgate-Palmolive Company | Company ...

On the sidewalk bleeding

Hunter also reveals how Andy is a kind and caring person. The positive personality is evident when Andy talks about his girlfriend Laura, and his hopes and plans for his future with her. “Someday he would marry Laura, someday he would marry her and have lots of kids, and then move out of the neighborhood” Though this we learn how this gang member ship is just a phase that Andy is going through...

Personal space

They can have a good mood to start the new day with the crowded subway, if they're willing to make minor sacrifice on personal space. They’re still very gentle persons even they sit next to someone because the society accept the different mind and adapt to the situation of fast expanded population and less personal space. Foreigners won’t feel the indivisible walls anymore because urban Americ...

My ethnic identity

Besides, the majority of Indian and foreign population in New Jersey enjoys going to Indian square to purchase some delicious food and some delicate souvenirs, gifts, accessories, or even handmade articles. In addition, Jersey City Indian square annually hosts the celebration of Indian festivals and also American festivals. I often go there for watching an Indian dance during the Indian New year, ...

Troubleshooting Information Systems at the Royal Hotel

There are many things Blake could have done differently over the course of this project. For one, he could have possibly tried to find other people to hand the project off to after he accepted the new project. After handing it off to Jack, he should have sat down with him and made sure Jack had a full understanding of what he had to do, so he could answer any questions to clear up any doubts. Also...

The Effects of News Media

The information that is being covered should be accurate and true, but bring on conversation or debates. Electronic media has improved the ability to cover and deliver the news faster and efficient way. The print of news on newspaper is becoming a thing of the pass, because the internet is more effective and allows faster communication with less material. Convergence has transformed media and make...

Triangle: The Fire That Changed America

The style and organization of the book was quite different than what I have become accustomed to. Triangle: The Fire That Changed America starts off on the peak of the action as a sort of a preview of its climax. Organization of the book is quite unusual, but it is written in plain English. I recommend this book to anyone interested in early twentieth century history. History is a valuable piece o...

Chobani Case Study

a. The Criteria Chobani might use when seeking new markets is flavor, price, and cultural differences. I believe the flavor can’t to be too crazy, it has to be somewhat a little similar to American. The price has to be affordable to the average man. What I mean about the cultural differences is similar to what I said about the flavor, it can’t be something completely different to what American...

Anna Quindlen

These things, among others, are what set her apart from others, and she has something to show for her achievements. And so Anna Quindlen accomplished more emotionally than any other woman on Earth. She was the third woman to write a certain column for the New York Times, and a best-selling author at the same time. As a role model for women everywhere, Anna Quindlen went from being little Anna Mari...

Lipman Bottle Company

In spite of charging a higher price for 2 separation round, it may seem that it is more profitable with the New Jersey Higher Size with $105.37. But in reality, the $95.66 will have more profit compared to $105.37 because assuming that at 95.66 per unit, you multiply it with 100,000, which is the minimum production, you will still profit more because of the quantity. And to add, the cost of produ...

Irony In The Story "The Eighty-Yard Run"

This is ironic because his life was nothing like his appearance. He wasn't a loyal boyfriend, and ended up becoming a boozed-out loser. Not the type of person a company wants to portray as the ideal college student. This is ironic because although his outer appearance is nice, his actual life has not been that way at all. From him not being loyal to his wife to his wife being bored with him and ig...

Sherman Alexie's "On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City"

"On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City" was honestly one of the best poems I have ever read. It is about a subject that I have not put much thought about. However, after reading this piece I will put a little more thought into the subject to try to put myself into the shoes of a Native American trying to live in America. This is their "home" but it's not really their home. That is the way I s...

Corruption in the Gangs of New York

As immigration rose in Gilded Age, opportunities were harder to come by thus increasing reciprocity and more chances for corruption. Political machines became in power, basically a business of corruption. Corruption spread in all forms of government even the police. Bad situations also influenced corruption, in that, politicians made sure these unfortunates happened, to make them appear as heroes ...

Mother And Daughter Relationships

In conclusion, the relationships between mothers and their daughter can vary just as the tides of the ocean. The mother-daughter relationship amongst different people can be the same, but also very different, as seen in the short stories, "Who's Irish?" and "New York Day Women.". However, in the end family relationships will prevail in good standing, and the love that was always there will rise in...

Life in the Colonial Cities

Although in the early years of colonial America, many people resided in the rural areas, the cities became more populated over time. Taverns were a main reason for people moving from farms to the cities. The conditions of the city weren't excellent, as the water supply was not very sanitary and garbage disposal was a major issue. However, these factors made for the beginning of a new nation and he...

Third Amendment Paper and Case

Engblom v. Carey is the only known and documented case that violates the third amendment right. Engblom v. Carey was a U.S. court case decided by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Hugh L. Carey was being sued because he evicted state penitentiary officials so he could house the National Guard. This was because the officials were on strike and the National Guard were serving as temporary guards....

19th Century industrial leaders

John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) was the guiding force behind the creation and development of the Standard Oil Company, which grew to dominate the oil industry and became one of the first big trusts in the United States. Rockefeller was naturally cautious and only undertook a business venture when he calculated that it would be successful. After he carefully weighed a course of action he would the...

Outline H&M's product strategy

Any of these are possibly opportunities or threats for H&M and none of it will be a small task in itself for the company as it makes its voyage across the ocean. The U.S. financial decline is certain to suppress H&M's numbers for the immediate future, although, as a discount chain, it should progress better than many, as well as its competitors. In reality, reduction in spending practices ...

On the amtrak from Boston to New York City

"Blue Winds Dancing" The story tells of a young Native American's struggle with growing up in America. The struggle of the character exists because of the ancient Indian thought conflicting with our American expectations. The attitudes the speakers expresses are frustration or anger and how they both wish they could have there home back but it was taken away by the "whites." For blue winds dancing...

Michael Bloomberg

37). On matters of public health and welfare, he has also been on the forefront in putting the scourge of HIV, hypertension and diabetes on top of his agenda. He has also imposed the complete ban on smoking in public places within the city and banned trans-fat use in all food establishments. In conclusion therefore, Michael Bloomberg is a focused, principled and a servant leader who owes his polit...

Book Analysis on "New York Burning"

Then, Lepore pointed out the fear of slave rebellion as a reliable theme all throughout the days within colonies. Reference: Lepore, J. (2005). New York Burning: Liberty, Slavery and Conspiracy in Eighteenth-Century Manhattan About the Author Jill Lepore is a Professor of History at Harvard University and also the author of The Name of War: King Philip's War and the Origins of American Identity bo...

Developments in transportation

All in all, the statement, “developments in transportation, rather than in manufacturing and agriculture, sparked American growth in the first half of the 19th century” is a valid statement. The advancements made in transportation is what led to the advancements made in manufacturing and agriculture. If it weren’t for the railroads, turnpikes, and canals, most of the manufacturing and agricu...

Hero Thesis Statement

Robinson, A & Paddock, B., (2012). NY Daily News. Hero Neighbor Saves 7-Year Old Girl Who Fell From Third Story Window In Coney Island. Retrieved from the NY Daily News website: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/hero-neighbor-saves-7-year-old-girl-fell-third-story-window-coney-island-article-1.1115575 Buckey, C. (2007). New York Times. Man Is Rescued By Stranger On Subway Tracks. Re...

“Dreamland” & Islan

It was hard to believe that so much criminal activity took place in the year 1910. The author was very successful at describing the criminal underworld with the prostitution and gang activity that surrounded the area. This story did prove that people are capable of doing almost anything in able to survive and it was quite clear that most wanted to do live in America, the land of hope and dreams. R...

Jewish American Literature

As much as we agreed to this idea we cannot ignore several facts which underline the necessity to view Jewish American literary productions as shaped by strong ethnic forces, and Jewish American literature as both belonging to and standing out in the multicultural American landscape. BIBLOGRAPHY Books Sanford, Sternlicht Masterpieces of Jewish American Literature Cristina, Nilsson Jewish American ...

Harlem Renaissance

This is because literature played an important role in the revolution. Cinemas and plays as well as poems and verses written during the revolution introduced nationalism themes which were not only designed for Mexican audience but also for export. This way, modernism reintroduced the uniqueness of the Mexican society and national identity. The revolution did not only revolutionize the Mexican poli...

Coping with Life Challenges

What do you think? ” (Bambara) Bambara’s main character knew what life expected out of them and she wanted the children to overcome the struggles, simply by experiencing them. In conclusion, the author felt that living within your society, you have to overcome the stereotyping and become the opposite of what life is expected of you. Toni Cade Bambara wanted her characters in “The Lesson,” ...

Renaissance in Harlem City in the Viewpoint of Toni Morrison’s Jazz

Though it would be difficult to avoid anachronism for every writer will always interpret historical facts in their own subjective ways, it is highly recommended that writers especially historical fiction writers which has purposes of being objective rather than just being aesthetic should stick to the original. In this way, they would not only remain faithful to history where it is basing its vivi...

History of Immigration - Movie Gangs of New York

It is possible that "Gangs of New York" will inform a significant portion of its audience with the flavor of an historical period they might have otherwise missed observing altogether. However, in all liklihood, those who are stimulated to study this time-period by Scorsese's poetic vision, will find themselves startled, and perhaps confused, by the amount of drama and profound thematic issue whic...

Fidelis ad Mortem A History of The New York Police

Headquartered now at 1 Police Plaza in Manhattan’s financial District. , the New York City Police department spans over 20 different departments and nearly eighty patrol precincts. (Mushabec & Wiggen, 2008). Despite the occasional instances of misconduct, the nearly 40,000 men and women of the New York Police Department have served with a great deal of distinction under very difficult circum...

Impacts of Homelessness in New York City

The New York City have experienced periods of accelerated urbanization and spurring economic development on one hand and increasing cases of homelessness on the other due to poor housing policies and a history of failed government projects to build affordable housing facilities. The negative impacts of homelessness have in many instances overshadowed the blossoming urbanization and compromised the...

A Geopolitical Community

Community health nurses must be willing to accept and recognize cultural and language differences, which can become barriers. Some benefits that could arise for community health nurses could be the culture exchange from taking care of diverse patients. It allows nurses to be more flexible when dealing with diverse patients. A possible solution could be the use of an interpreter when dealing with d...

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Philippe Bourgois – A Reaction Paper

Philippe Bourgois comes across as a very credible source, having lived and interacted with the people who have engaged in drug dealing, and have experienced drug-related violence as well as hardships in striving to find their place in mainstream society. In chapter 7 of In Search of Respect, Selling Crack in El Barrio, Philippe Bourgois was able to convincingly show how the very culture spawned by...

Why We Should Celebrate Columbus Day

• The United States has long admired Columbus. America has more monuments to Columbus than any nation in the world, according to the Christopher Columbus Encyclopedia. These include a Columbus statue in Providence, R.I., cast by Frederic Auguste Bertholdi, who created the Statue of Liberty, and one in New York City, created by one of the six Italian American brothers who carved the Lincoln Memor...

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