To Kill a Mockingbird Monologue on Tom Robinson

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My monologue will be on the afterthoughts of Walter Cunningham Senior after the attempted lynching of Tom Robinson at the county jail

*Enter the room through the door and sit down with face in my palm and loudly sigh*

I sure does hope Atticus does this man justice

He be the only man in this town to defend a black man and still this man be hated by the whole county for doing his damn job

If Tom Robinson was a white man he woulds not be there at all

Tom Robinson ain’t no bad man, Tom Robinson ain’t even needs to be in prison

So why was I out there gonna go kill a man cause he black make no sense ain’t no man deserves to die like that

See I just wanted to do the same of what my neighbours be doing, they all be involved so I thought I had to be there or I won’t be helping out the county

Oh boy was I wrong I ain’t need to be stuck in a group like that but because they all thinks it’s good to be part of helping out the county when all they be doing is making this county worse and I don’t want to be part of that no more

No man does deserve to be lynched

Tom Robinson be out livin his life and we is trying bring him down.

We ain’t no worse than them Ewells

Ewells ain’t get no respect around this town and they don’t deserve none

Dem Ewells only think bout themselves and do whatever they want

If they don’t bother nobody Tom woulds be a free man

Why I be tryin to defend them Ewells honor when them don’t honor nobody

I sure does hope my son ain’t end up like dem

See my family will go and help out others round the county and what them Ewells do

Nothing, No one darn thing

Just cause they skin white ain’t make make em good people

That girl don’t deserve no help from us or anybody, her family be what’s wrong with this county not dem blacks

I sure do hope that whoever be in that jury listens to Tom over that girl cause if dem did actually listened to him he would’s be walkin free

“Sigh” but no one does listen to the black man, no one, not one person

Why we always gotta take the white word as right?

That man ain’t got no damn chance

Maybe one day them blacks and us farmers might get some more hope and not be seen as lesser than them big businessmen and governors

That’s all dreams for now though, just dreams

This darn depression be screwing us all over some people ain’t even got nothing and we hardly got something at all but we be living our lives.

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Oh how i want the days back of tending the crops, selling em down at the market then getting a nice ham for the whole family to eat. We ain’t got that no more. No one got no money to buy our crops and our crops can even grow cause this drought oh we got it tough.

My family be mighty poor and it’s pretty hard to feed my family some days but i can’t think what dem blacks be going through. They can’t be happy hardly having enough food for even one child and being hated on by us whites

No wonder i thought Tom should be lynched I was trying to follow what everyone else is doing, I want to fit in, be accepted again *big exhale* and have my wife back.

Us Cunningham’s will never hurt a person on this earth no matter who they are or what their skin colour they do be havin

My wife would have wanted me to be nice to everybody , She was a good lady and I hope she be looking down from up there and be happy with me, that’s all I ever wanted her to be the happiest gal on earth but now all I hope is that she can be happiest gal in heaven

God bless her soul

All we gotta do is pray for better times and hope this darn depression slows down so we can get our real lives back and we can go back to being normal

All we got outta this depression is no money, death and a hatred of the blacks

From this day ain’t no Cunningham gonna disrespect a black man ever again, they do be people just like us

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