My life experience

Finding the social factors that has played a significant role in shaping my life experience, with gender and ethnicity are the biggest influence in my life. Social factors play a role in shaping people’s life from the day they are born. When a child is born, they have no knowledge of the world, very fast we become customary to the expectations and is the normal of society. We become socialized. Socialization is defined is the process by which individuals internalize the vales, beliefs and the norms of given society and to function as a member of that society.

There is a lot of different parts of socialization, or people or groups that did effect my life, these are families, peers, media, school and religion (being the catholic religion.)

Of all these agents that play a role in my life and socialization, and different parts of my life. They have changed over the years which one has had the biggest influence in shaping my life.

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My family was the first agent to shape my life and in shaping your personal identity. My parents were not rich but we had most if everything we needed. It was a struggle for them to put food n the table but they tried to not let it show. I grow up in a very strict catholic house household where we went to mass every Sunday and went to Catholic schools, I have two brothers. My father worked on the Snowy Hydro in a small town where he was maintenance manager so he was gone by the time we got up in the morning and got home just in time for tea then watched tv until he went to bed so you could say that my mother was the one who brought us three kids up.

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Dad played golf on a Saturday and fell asleep infront of the tv on a Sunday. We did our share of sports like swimming in summer and netball in winter were it wasn’t unusaral for it to snow while playing and was told by my mum to tuffen up. Us kids were and still aren’t very close even though one of my brothers only lives 10 minutes away we don’t see each other very offtern at all. My parents always brought us up to treat others the way we want to be treated. Respect was and still a very big thing. The town we grow up in only had a population of 300 so everyone new everyone which meant that when we did something wrong my parents new what we had done before we even got home. One one had my parent were very strict in they would check our home work when we had finished it and if it wasn’t up to their standed or neat enough they would get us to do it again. But on the other hand weekends and schoolholidays we would take off in the morning into the Kosciusko national park and come home when the sun went down. Our swimming was very disaplined we would train in the morning at 5am then got home have breakfast and go to school then three nights a week we would train.

The three of us were sent to boarding school at diffent ages I was in year 9 when I was sent to Mt Erin in Wagga Wagga which I hated as most of the girls at the boarding school came from very rich families and whatever they wanted they got were as my parents attitude was if you don’t need it you don’t get it. I have the same attitude today and I believe that is why I believe My husband and I have been able to save money as well as pay our house off in 4 years.

My teacher tort me how to behave in the classroom, these lessons I then took with me in what I have done such as standing in lines, listening when someone is talking to me and how to interact in a group setting. My peers have had and still do have a large part in shaping me into who I am today especially in my teenage years.

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My life experience

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