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Most people tend to give up in life due to some heavy problems, some useful things that is not recommended for our body to solve the problem. There are a lot of things that can be done in order to attain solutions to problems, little do they know that life starts in knowing God. The motivation behind our life is far more noteworthy than our very own satisfaction, our genuine feelings of serenity, and even our bliss.

Knowing our purpose takes some time, people often ask themselves “What’s the meaning of life if we all end up dead in the future?” these questions are common to some people whose just a little push can make them give up.

And one of the most common questions asked is “Why should we do these things? We’ll end up dead anyway” hearing this pessimistic phrase can of course make us all think that; that person gives up easily, coward. To almost certainly utilize the maximum capacity of our life, these two certainties will never be overlooked; first, contrasted with endlessness, life is amazingly concise; second, the earth is just a brief home.

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Life is full of trials, think about it, and because of these trials, some people’s faith in God became shallow. And another saying comes again “If God truly exists, why isn’t He helping?” it’s funny, thinking about how they think of how God works and His miracles. Apparently, even students nowadays when felt pressured, negativity flocks in and sometimes they feel like want to escape, but don’t even pray and worship to God.

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God plans for us to encounter coexistence. The Bible calls this common experience association. Genuine cooperation is far beyond simply appearing at administrations, it is to encounter coexistence. It incorporates unselfish cherishing, genuine sharing, viable serving, conciliatory giving, thoughtful consoling, and the various directions found in the New Testament.

The deepest level of worship is praising God regardless of agony, expressing gratitude towards God amid preliminaries, confiding in Him when enticed, surrendering while at the same time enduring, and cherishing him when he appears to be far off.

Figuring out how to love unselfishly isn’t a simple errand. It runs counter to our egotistical nature. That is for what reason we’re given a lifetime to learn it. And of course, love means we need to include God, but we can’t love God if we don’t love his creation, for instance, family, friends, and what’s more? The saying “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). Loving God’s creation unconditionally is like loving the world wholeheartedly, accepting everything may it be positive or negative, not afraid to face failures and making it a solution to be able to become a greater human.

It takes a very long time for us to develop to adulthood, and it takes a full season for natural product to develop and mature. The equivalent is valid for the product of the soul. The advancement of Christ like character can’t be surged. Spiritual growth, as physical development, requires some serious time. The maturity of a person is not based on age it is through experience, we cannot say that a person is mature when they have beards or moustache.

As we watch out at the church today, there is so much that empowers us and fills us with appreciation. There is recharged energy among God’s kin for the spread of God’s brilliance over the earth. More than ever we hear siblings in different circles and different streams of contemporary Christianity discussing the gospel and mission, about changing urban areas and contacting unreachable society. These discussions are basic, and we trust they will proceed with even more noteworthy power and purposefulness in the near future. Yet we look down to others.

We, as humans, already know why we are here, everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we tend to forget that we are living, we should be thankful of the things that happening to us now and to not complain. I heard this line from someone who is diseased, “Having this disease reminds me that I am living.” This simple phrase got me hard to think that most of us want to end our life, we didn’t think of our parents’ emotions and feelings if ever we ended our life.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy our life, being generous and other virtues. Most of us wants to be perfect in a lot of ways but nothing is perfect when it comes in being a human we have our own flaws. We expect such an extensive amount to ourselves. The greater part of us are additionally eager to pardon others their transgression, however with regards to our own, we aren’t exactly as charitable or liberal.[footnoteRef:5] [5: Stephen Arterburn, the Exceptional Life.

As one may expect, individuals’ joy levels were decidedly related to whether they saw their lives as important. In any case, the two measures were not indistinguishable – proposing that what fulfills us may not continually bring all the more significance and the other way around. To test for contrasts between the two, the scientists analyzed the review things that made point-by-point inquiries about individuals’ sentiments and dispositions, their associations with others, and their everyday exercises. Feeling glad was emphatically associated with considering life to be simple, charming, and free from troublesome or upsetting occasions. Satisfaction was additionally corresponded with being healthy and by and large inclination well more often than not. Notwithstanding, none of these things were connected with a more prominent feeling of significance. Feeling great more often than not may enable us to feel more joyful, yet it doesn’t really convey a feeling of direction to our lives.

Our associations with other individuals are identified with both how glad we are just as how significant we see our lives. In Baumeister’s examination, feeling increasingly associated with others improved both satisfaction and significance. Notwithstanding, the job we embrace in our connections has an imperative effect. Members in the investigation who were bound to concur with the announcement, ‘I am a supplier,’ detailed less bliss than individuals who were bound to concur with, ‘I am a taker.’ Be that as it may, the ‘providers’ revealed larger amounts of significance in their lives contrasted with the ‘takers.’ also, investing more energy with companions was identified with more noteworthy joy yet not additionally meaning. Conversely, investing more energy with individuals one cherishes was related with more noteworthy importance yet not with more joy. The scientists presume that investing energy with friends and family is frequently progressively troublesome, at the end of the day additionally fulfilling, than investing time with companions.

With regards to pondering how to be more joyful, huge numbers of us fantasize about taking more excursions or discovering approaches to dodge commonplace undertakings. We may dream about skipping housework and rather accomplishing something fun and pleasurable. Be that as it may, assignments which don’t satisfy us can, after some time, signify a significant life. Indeed, even routine exercises — chatting on the telephone, cooking, cleaning, housework, thinking, messaging, supplicating, looking out for other people, and adjusting funds — seemed to convey additionally significance to individuals’ lives, however not satisfaction at the time.

All the more extensively, the discoveries propose that unadulterated bliss is tied in with getting what we need throughout everyday life—regardless of whether through individuals, cash, or life conditions. Importance, conversely, appears to have more to do with giving, exertion, and penance. Obviously an exceedingly important life may not generally incorporate a lot of everyday joy. What’s more, the investigation recommends, our American fixation on bliss might be personally identified with a sentiment of vacancy, or a real existence that needs meaning.

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