To Love Another Person is to See the Face of God

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To love another person doesn’t really mean to see the face of God. You have to feel all the love and blessings of God. Living the life of God, with his words and doing things that we know is right is living the path of life loving any other person regardless of what she or he is living with the love of God with no conditions, no barriers that can stop him/her, only with just plain love of God .

Accepting other person, understanding them is the way of showing love to them. Helping them in times of trouble, giving them advice for goodness in life and supporting them on the things that they want to do are few thing we can do to show them our concern and love for them. We should not wait for them to return favor for what we did for them, because like God who love and help us, he didn’t ask anything in return for what he did for each one of us and never get tired of doing those things, so should just be thankful for what we did.

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That is God’s will for us.

There are times we need to sacrifice for the sake of others. Those sacrifices are just tools for them to have happiness they deserve. But should not be lonely because we sacrifice it, God has always plans for our life. We don’t that he might have more plans for our life. Also we don’t know what will happen in our lives, but we should not just wait until something comes in our way.

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We should be the one to start our lives with God in our side for us to reach success Sharing happiness that you receive with all other people you want to share is showing them your love for them. Someday all of our sacrifice and all that we share with others will return to us but we don’t know when. Only God knows.

We should not be disturbed by the ups and downs of life. It is part of life were our courage, strength and faith in God were tested for us to be more ready to face all the coming trials for us. It is part of the path we all have to take to learn more things about life, on how we can more understand the life God had do for us. Being able to surpass the trials we are facing is like reaching one of our many goals in life. And showing our love to other person is one of the greatest commandments of God. Love all the people with your whole heart, let them fell it not just hear it, let them receive it not just expect it and love is the beginning of goodness. Showing love to others is the best way to show them goodness. Love God first, and love others more than you love yourself.

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To Love Another Person is to See the Face of God

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