It’s Better to Have Loved Then Lost Than Never Love at All

Alfred, Lord Tennyson once said “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”, and I agree. I think being in love is a part of the journey of life and a very good experience to have, one would regret for not having go through that. Being in love also makes you a better person, happier and more passion about life and it’s one of the best feelings anyone can have. Although losing costs a lot of pain, one can also learn from that and get something out of it at the end of relationships and learn upon that.

One only gets one chance at life so it should be a life where one can experience every part of the journey. Love is a huge part of that experience. If one never loved then they will be missing one of the biggest journeys of life and would later in their life regret it. Also, if one never experience love one wouldn’t know what that is, so they can’t decide for themselves if it was worth it for them or not.

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The main character in “the long walk to forever”, Newt, is an example of someone who tries very hard to experience this journey. When he first showed up, he wasn’t sure that it would turned out how he wanted, but despite that fact he still told Catharine his feelings towards her. He went and talked to her because he doesn’t want to regret for not taking any action of what could be one of the best things in his life.

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In the end, he discovered that she loved him too, a risk worth taking. Being in love changes the way one see things in the world. It makes everything seem nicer, happier and better. Being in love will also makes you want to be a better person, for the happiness they receive they would also try to express it to others as well. One would also do things harder, be more passionate and more energized in everything they do.

In the movie Benjamin button, after Daisy broke her leg and wouldn’t be able to dance, she was crushed. However, when later she and Benjamin fell in love with each other, her ways of seeing life changed dramatically. They were always happy when they were together, and love changed her life and helped Daisy to quickly recover mentally from her accident. Losing someone causes a lot of pain, but there are things that can be learned from it. At the end of each relationship one can learn from their mistakes and change to the better. True love is something that can stand the test of time and even if it was lost there will still happy memories left in your heart. The story “The Skating Party” shows this perfectly.

Although the uncle, Nathan Singleton was engaged with Eunice Lathem, he actually loved her sister Delia Sykes. So when he had to make the choice to save only one of them he chose the one he really loved, Delia Sykes. In the end after Delia moved away with her husband he wasn’t all that sad. From this experience, he learned who he really loved and figured out that he couldn’t change the fact, so he never got married. He remained alone but felt he had done what his heart commanded. It’s better to love then lose than never love at all.

Life is a journey, and love is a big part of it. Being in love change the ways one sees things to be even better and it is one of the best feelings anyone can experience. Even at the end of a relationship there are things that can be learned that would help one to improve. So they can learn from that, improve themselves and be even happier with life. One only gets one chance of life so it should be a life where one experienced every part of the journey, or it will be something they will look back upon and regret for not doing so.

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It’s Better to Have Loved Then Lost Than Never Love at All

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