Living In Two Worlds Essay

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Living In Two Worlds

Living in two different cultures has its benefits an challenges. Although i was born in America, my parents emigrated to the u.s from mexico. They were only 18 years old when they stepped there first foot in the U.S The customs, traditions, and culture are almost the same as an American, but they are by far different. When my parents cane to the u.s they continued to perform their customs and hold on to some of their beliefs and as well there traditions. this has influences me in several ways.

Although my family and I live in the u.s we follow the customs and traditions of my culture. I have learned two languages, spanish and english. Spanish was my first primary language, then english came along in 3rd grade. I eat variety of foods and celebrate different holidays that have to do with my religion and culture. For example, we celebrate cinco de mayo and “La Independencia De Mexico” Mexico independence Day and for our food tradition we make tamales, posole, birria, and mole. It is also a benefit because i get to celebrate with my family and have different foods and i get to learn new things about my culture.

Family is really important in our culture; thats why we create family reunion twice a year. In our family we always look for each other, that’s one custom my parents taught me. It’s really fun when i get to interact with people that comes from the same culture as mines; in other words “Mi Gente” (my people). Sharing my culture with my friends or to other people is important to me. I feel that people should have a good understanding of who i am and what my culture is like.

Even though this can be a major disadvantage there are many setbacks to being part of two cultures. In my culture for being the oldest from your brothers or sisters you have to look out for them and always set an example for them. They always come first and then comes yourself. Since my parents came from mexico the only language they know is spanish. They never tend to lear english. Therefor spanish became my primary language. It brought me many disadvantages in school, because i started learning english in 3rd grade. That’s why now in english class i some times have trouble writing it.

In conclusion, living in two cultures is amazing. Everyday i enjoy my culture, i breath it, live it, and i love it. I have learned so many things about my culture, where i come from, but i still have plenty much to learn from it.

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