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Mexico Independence Day
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Mexican Independence Day is a major celebration in Mexico. It is bigger than Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican people celebrate with a fiesta, or party. The celebrating begins on September 15 (the eve of Independence Day). Crowds gather in the town meeting places of each city, town and village. There are many decorations that are the colors of the Mexican flag—red, white and green—and many flags are used. People sell confetti, whistles, horns, helmets and toys. There is also a…...
Cinco De MayoIndependenceMexicoWatermelon
Vietnamese New Year Celebration
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There are significant holidays to every country. Holiday is define as a day free from work that one may spend time to relax, especially a day on which custom or the law dictates a stopping of general business activity to honor or celebrate a particular event. In religious term, it is a holy day. For example, American people celebrate holidays such as, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hispanics celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and for Vietnamese people, we celebrate a very important holiday…...
Chinese New YearCinco De MayoNew Year CelebrationThanksgiving
American/Mexican Culture
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Part A) The American and Mexican cultures both celebrate Holidays. Some are similar such as our Independence Day/ the Mexican Independence Day, and Valentine’s Day, and some are different. Americans celebrate New Year Day which is celebrating the first day of a new year, Memorial Day honors the American soldiers who have died in the military, Labor Day which was once a pure labor union celebration is now a festival marking the end of summer, Columbus Day is the day…...
American CultureCinco De MayoMexican Culture
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Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet
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What is the group’s history in the United States? What is the group’s population in the United States? What are some attitudes and customs people of this group may practice? What is something you admire about this group’s people, lifestyle, or society? 1. Native Americans Native American tribes has a very unique history in North America all their own. That history has been passed down through generations of people and some only exists in archeological remains. Recently, their history has…...
Cinco De MayoThe Matrix
Living In Two Worlds
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Living in two different cultures has its benefits an challenges. Although i was born in America, my parents emigrated to the u.s from mexico. They were only 18 years old when they stepped there first foot in the U.S The customs, traditions, and culture are almost the same as an American, but they are by far different. When my parents cane to the u.s they continued to perform their customs and hold on to some of their beliefs and as…...
Cinco De MayoWorld
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