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Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (599 words)
Categories: Experience, Family, Life, Parent, Parenting
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When it comes to bad experiences, everyone must experience it. And surely everyone doesn’t want it to happen again. sometimes there are some people who experience severe trauma because of their bad experiences. But sometimes there are also some people who learn a valuable lesson in bad experiences. I myself have experienced some bad experiences. My worst experience was when I was in kindergarten.

As a child, I really like begging parents. from food to toys. Every time I go home from school that is ten o’clock in the morning I immediately rush out of the classroom to the school gate and try to find a toy seller if there is a new toy. My parents give me five thousand rupiahs to buy food, but I rarely used it to buy food. I often use that money to buy toys.

Because I bought too often, I was finally addicted to buying the toys I wanted.

One time my father told me to use the money to buy food. However, I still violated it. When I got home from school I remembered my father’s message not to buy toys and when I passed the school gate I saw a toy seller offering a very good toy and no one had it yet. I tried to resist my desire not to buy it, but in the end, I still bought it too. When my father came to pick me up and saw a toy in my hand, my father immediately got angry with me and advised me. At that time I was almost crying but because my father continued angrily at me finally tears fall out.

Then I was forced to go home by my father but I did not want to. However, my father kept forcing me to go home. I couldn’t fight and finally, I obeyed my father’s orders. Even though I was on my way home, I was still crying until I got home. I immediately met my mother and hugged her. I told of the incident that happened when I returned home to my mother. But my mother defended my father, my mother said, I was wrong because I disobeyed my father orders and I also had lots of toys in the closet. I finally realized my mistake and apologized to my father. My father forgave me, my father said that being a child must obey every parent’s rule as long as the rule is for your own good and does not violate any religious rules.

Finally, I regretted and then promises to myself to not repeating the action at that time I also promised to buy enough toys, and if it was not needed I would not buy it. My toy collection at that time was very much up to one full cabinet that contained all the toys. After I climbed to elementary school, I kept all of my toys in the warehouse and I never used them. Until now I don’t know whether the toy is still there or not. Even if there are certainly many that have been damaged and will only be unforgettable memories.

A small-time experience will always be remembered if it really affects someone’s feelings. My father also still remembers it in the past. Although it was a bad experience in the past. I am one of the people who learn a valuable lesson, and that is, we should not waste money just to buy things that are less useful. You can buy it as long as it’s useful.

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MY BAD EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE. (2019, Dec 08). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/my-bad-experience-in-my-life-example-essay

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