Personal Experience that Changed my Life

America may be experiencing the worst financial crisis this year. People may worry about losing jobs and missing opportunities for bigger earnings. But at age eighteen and fresh from high school graduation, I am all hopes and all set to start the best years of my life. Just a few years back, I was enjoying the comforts of home in Wooster, Ohio, simply unconcerned about my future. My parents were worried about my lagging interests so they decided to send me to a boarding school in Ashtabula called Grand River Academy.

The school was noted for its effective programs built especially for struggling students. My parents’ decision was not in vain. I blended so easily in my boarding school and felt at home. I was smoothly able to realign my perspectives and developed the motivation to accomplish many things. Grand River Academy provided just the right push that I needed. While in the academy I developed computer skills and vast knowledge in computer networking.

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Soon an unexpected opportunity came that changed my destiny.

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The director of Grand River Academy offered me a workload in one of the special projects for community extension. The project aimed to develop a computer system for the school specifically for the programs involving the school’s beneficiary communities. I was tapped to be part of the team to develop the system. For the first time I was depended on and trusted that I could make a difference for the academy.

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It was an experience that changed me and made my vision of the future clearer and attainable.

The high school project experience was significant to earn me a $6,000 – scholarship and college admission into one of the best universities in the country: Ashland University in Ohio. It is a dream-come-true for me. I give special gratitude to the Grand River Academy community for my ample preparations and being part of my achievements. Participating in the project team earned me this scholarship privilege and the key to my college education. No amount of financial crisis or global recessions can stop me now because I am determined to succeed.

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Personal Experience that Changed my Life

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