An Incident Which Changed My Perspective Of Life

Throughout my life, I have read many books and really love to read in the written languages of Russian, English, and Japanese writers, which are familiar and understandable to me. Every book has its own zest. Before coming to the United State, I had finished one interesting motivational book. That book made a huge impact on my life’s perspective. It’s called The Motivational Hacker by Nick Winter. That book describes how to be a success no matter what field we have chosen and the day-to-day efforts to achieve our goals.

The writers talk about building a habit in the way of one’s own level. It means to start with a goal that I can follow, which does not demand any perfection and discusses pre-commitment; therefore, the author gave examples from his own experience that allowed him to achieve two goals, which he was having a lot of trouble achieving. One was skydiving because he was very afraid to do it.

The second one was finishing the book The Motivational Hacker. To achieve his goals, he used a tool called “BEEMINDER.” This tool is habit tracker authors describes what he put to achieve to his goals. He bet his money which he pays to the company when he fails to be coherent on his habits, he could lose the money that he bet and pay to that company. In the end, he did not lose his money, he went skydiving and finished his book.

This book changed my life perspective.

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This is really what I want to, be tried and tested myself. I went in the same way but used another strategy. My story starts with me, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in teaching Japanese as a second language. I wanted to pursue my education in a second degree in nursing, but in another country. I chose the US because US education is number one and is widely known for the quality of its teaching and research, also with excellent programs across all disciplines. I was afraid of not receiving an ‘A’ in all four classes when studying in the United States. What I did to achieve my goal. I also set up threat bets. I used a tool to talk with my dad. The talk was about losing a chance of an opportunity to study in the United State. If I fail or get a low grade in one class in the first semester, I’ll come back to my country of losing the chance to study here. I went hardcore with that goal. I did and received A’s in all four classes.

This book has taught me what it takes to achieve some goals. The book The Motivational Hacker changed my life perspective and motivated me. Putting effort on a day-to-day basis toward reaching a goal helps me to achieve it.

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