My Favorite Place in Nature: A Park

Nature is a beautiful place that is around us all the time. In today’s busy day we don’t have the time to appreciate the calming and peaceful place we have in our world. Most people as of today take nature for granted and even destroy it for their own benefits. Nature is composed of many different places like mountains, rivers, parks, etc. My favorite place of nature is parks. They have a positive vibe that rubs on to us.

Whenever we go to parks they resent and calm our minds out, which is important today since every day we are always so stressed and tensed out. Nature and especially parks are a place where everyone would love to meet up at and enjoy a nice peaceful time with family.

Parks are my favorite place because they are a pleasant place to be in. They not only help restore our minds they help us in many other ways. The biggest is recovery.

When Igo the park with my little sister I love the trees and the fresh air I get. Parks and other natural places give us so many essential things we need like fresh air, water, a relaxing state of mind. I love going to parks with my sister or friends. We play sports and have fun together. When I was little I would go to the park to play sports like cricket with my friends. I have such lovely memories connected back to parks with my friends, that I will never be able to forget.

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No matter how bad of a mood I was in, whenever I would go to the park I would always come back in a happy mood. As written by Adam Alter, in his article “How Nature Resets Our Minds and Bodies”, “people who are exposed to natural scenes aren’t just happier or more comfortable; the very building blocks of their physiological well-being also responds positively.” Parks would restore my mind and always make me happy. Being in nature and parks reduce my stress and anger. As stated in the article “Taking Charge of Your Health and Well-Being”, “Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduce anger, fear, and stress, and increase pleasant feelings.” Whenever I go to the park I always forget all my stress or anger and get distracted by the beautiful nature that I get surrounded by. I loved going to the park with my family and friends, we made many good memories and the time spent together at parks brought us closer to each other as a family. Parks overall is just the best place to be at any age and with any mood.

Parks have so many different benefits and positivity connected to them. Therefore parks are my favorite place of nature. I can go there with anyone and they will enjoy the nice scenic view they get. Nature is one of the best gifts given to us by God. As humans, we should be thankful for such an amazing gift and we should never take it for granted. Nature gives so much and helps us recover and gives back essential products like air and water, which we can’t live without. I love parks since they help me every time and since I have many unforgettable memories connected to them. We should all help preserve and develop nature rather than destroying it for our own goods. Today everyone is always so busy, with their life that they don’t have the time to enjoy the exquisite nature that God has created for us. Nature always goes unnoticed by us but now its time for us to take a little bit of time out of our busy day and go out to parks and other natural places to enjoy without family. Nature is loved by everyone, no matter their age. Nature is very clean, attractive, and a resting place for our minds.

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