Monday Morning Leadership: 8 Mentoring Sessions You Can’t Afford to Miss

Monday Morning Leadership


            For any business to thrive there ought to be a stable management. Jeff, a business manager is experiencing numerous problems at his institution since things seem to be falling apart; hence, the company is at the brink of collapsing (Cottrell 9). In order to maintain his business, Jeff decides to seek the assistance of Tony who not only a mentor but also a speaker who is sought by many people. Tony agrees to help him but only after agreeing with certain conditions.

Apart from spending a period of eight weeks with him, Tony also asks Jeff to share the information he will acquire in the problem. This is because Jeff’s problems are not tailor-made, hence, other people can also learn from these insights. For instance, in the first Monday, Jeff was asked to always tell the truth in addition to trying something different as well as starting and finishing all tasks on time (Cottrell 17). The study intends to address Tony’s Monday Morning Leadership skills in addition to lessons learnt and how they benefit me individually.

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The First Monday

            On this day, Jeff starts by lamenting some of the problems he is undergoing in his place of work. According to Jeff, business was getting tougher every single day. Although most of his team was intact, there are many issues being ignored and this is directly affecting performance. After hearing this lament, Tony states that challenges are inevitable. However, in order to overcome challenges, it is essential that one seek the assistance from third parties.

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According to Tony, advice from professionals is essential since they “…help us look at situations from a different perspective… (Cottrell 19)” On this particular day, Tony comes up with a number of lessons for Jeff. For instance, managers need to create good relation with their teams not by free dinners and drinks but through maintaining fairness, consistency and empathy. Similarly, in order to maintain good leadership skills, it is essential that one takes the lead by being the driver and not a passenger. According to Tony, by taking the role of a driver, managers have no option but to lose some of the freedoms that they used to enjoy in the past (Cottrell 21).

            According to Jeff, although he was spending many hours working, business indicators were always showing signs of collapse. This resulted to lots of frustrations for not only the business but also his team members who were always looking up to him for guidance and moral support. These lessons have been quite beneficial to Jeff and his role as a manager. This is because they have enabled him change the manner in which he treats his employees. For instance, instead of free dinners, he ought to maintain fairness and consistency. These lessons have been quite influential to me since they have enabled me reevaluate myself on the manner in which I ought to conduct myself in order to a achieve business success. Just like, Jeff, my business was at the brink of collapsing. However, through Tony’s insights, I have been able to reevaluate the manner in which to manage my business.


            In the first lesson, Tony starts by claiming that challenges are inevitable in any business. However, the only way to embrace these challenges is by seeking the assistance of third parties. These third parties ought to be professionals who are skilled with issues related to business management. Advice from professionals is important since it results to business improvement. This is because professionals help us in observing situations from different perspectives. These lessons have been beneficial to me as well since through them I have been able to improve my business management skills. These skills are essential not only at present time but also in the future.


Cottrell, David. Monday Morning Leadership: 8 Mentoring Sessions You Can’t Afford to Miss. Dallas, Tex: CornerStone Leadership Institute, 2002. Print.

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Monday Morning Leadership: 8 Mentoring Sessions You Can’t Afford to Miss

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