Monday Morning Blues

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One thought that often enters my mind is, why does Monday seem so far away from Friday and Friday seem so close to Monday. Growing up and attending school this never made sense to me and it has always irritated me. The one thing I dislike more than anything is Monday mornings. Through the 11 years that I have been in school I have discovered that there is absolutely nothing good about them and all they are is a miserable, dreadful and painful experience.

. But in order to explain this more thouroughly, I am going to have to turn back the clock to 5pm on the very last moments of your glouriuos weekend, Sunday.

Typically at this time on a Sunday evening most people are trying to savour your last moments of the best and most enjoyable part of their week, the weekend. But all people are different and most deal with Sunday differently, so I have decided to place people into three different catagories, these categories are the procrastinator, the forgetful and the regular.

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I personally believe that I often fit under all of these topics but if I’m gonna be honest I’m usually scrambling to the last minute to get everything done.

To start off, I am going to discuss the procrastinator. Now, during the duration of the weekend this person knew that they had many things to get done including homework, chores, etc. But it seems that everytime, they wait until around 9pm on a sunday to get anything done.

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Typically they end up staying awake until midnight or later to just get their stuff done. On a positive note, they have it done but now they are tired and overworked.

Next, i would like to talk about the forgetful. When it comes to this catagory, this person has a had a great weekend without a care in the world. They dont waste a second thinking about work or jobs or anything. But when sunday rolls around, usually in the evening, they remember that they have what feels like 1 million things to do. But this person dosent want to give up their amazing weekend so they just simply decide not to do it. Now they may have a good nights rest but their work is not done and their teacher will not be very happy with them the next day

Lastly, i am going to talk about the regular. This person has had a very average weekend and has kept their homework and jobs in the back of their mind the whole time. Around 5pm on sunday they start to get their work done and finish it around 8 or 9 and are in bed by 10. Now this may sound like a nice organized night and this person may be well rested but it will be 10x more difficult for them to wake up in the morning.

Now that we have disscused sunday, it’s time to discuss monday. While the procrastinator is extremely tired, the forgetful is stressed and the regular is still stuck in the weekend, all of these people have one thing in common, They are all in the worst possible moods they could be in and moods are very contagious so this may spread to everyone around them which is bad for everyone. With the early wake up call, late nights and crummy moods it is just a terrible, horrible, miserable experience. But the real message i want to teach is in your life you might feel stressed, you might feel over tired and you might feel stuck in a situation but no matter what comes your way and no matter how you may feel right now, your friday afternoon will come.

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Monday Morning Blues

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