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The personal mastery learning sessions enabled me to better

The personal mastery learning sessions enabled me to better understand myself. Understanding myself with respect to my personality, which beliefs and values are important to me, my surroundings and the community I live in. It reshaped my thinking process, as I must always ask myself questions such “why I do things the way I do? and what guides the choices and decision that I take daily?”.

I now appreciate and understand the importance of living life with meaning and purpose. I have an idea and picture of where I want to go and working on a formular that will get me my destination, just like solving a puzzle or math problem with confidence because I know what I am doing, and I have picture of the final product in my head.

I leaned that living a meaningless or life without purpose is like walking through the wilderness with no direction and hoping that you may find a village nearby or track that will lead you the correct pathway.

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Thus, finding purpose and meaning in one’s life is the essence of attaining personal mastery

I realized the importance of loving myself for who I am and I more comfortable to express myself freely and widely. Loving myself also enables me to tap-in and express my gifts to the fullest. I am no longer ashamed to say what I truthfully think and fully believe in myself. Some people think that loving yourself is being selfish, but it’s rather about accepting and embracing your personality.

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Personal mastery enables me to control and overcome some unpleasant habits. I used to be less disciplined and committed to my set-goals but since the personal mastery session I have noticed some improvements. I am more discipled and committed to my set-goals and staying on this continuous journey.

Proactive behaviour has suddenly become a very important aspect of my life. I realized that I and some of the people around me, we are reactive because we don’t understand ourselves, we don’t understand our direction and we do not where we want to go and ho we want to get there. Personal mastery changed my behavior from that of being reactive to being proactive, as I have started building an understanding and awareness of the above mentioned negative behaviour.

Complimenting proactive behavior is a positive attitude. I learned that having a positive attitude enables one to critically and consciously think and places you right mental attitude with regards to making decisions and taking actions in life. It brings about seeing the best in your abilities and capabilities, and most importantly seeing the best in other people around you and the world at large. Thus, through personal mastery I’m learning to channel negative energy into positive energy, reshaping my thinking process and striving to think positively always.

Tackling and overcoming my fears has been one my stop blocks or hurdle I could not jump over. I learned that the more you suppress things, it will turn to be more difficult in conquering and overpowering it. I have seen improvements in this aspect. As personal mastery has equipped me with the necessary tools to better understand my fears and taking effective steps to overcome them. I am in a position whereby I can reframe my thinking and shape challenges to opportunities. A good example will be the fear of standing in front of a group of people and addressing them. I took this challenge and mended it into opportunities, as I have requested my line manager to chair the production meeting on Thursday afternoon. Since then I’ve my confidence of public speaking grow by the day.

Balancing my life used to be one my greatest weakness. After reaslising personal mastery, I became more aware my time and energy and how I spend this time and energy. I used a be all work no play individual, spending long hours at work and volunteer to work on Saturday as work was the only important thing in my life. I am now able to actively participate in sports tournament and social gathering around the community, whilst having time to read for my exams and do some research. It is personal mastery that helped me make better decisions on when, where and how to spend my time and energy, so I can balance my life more effectively.

The perfect shape team building activity was one best highlights of the personal mastery session. I mostly liked this team building activity because everyone is blindfolded, it is a physical exercise that encourages team work and collective problem solving. It also emphasizes the importance of self-organisation and the need for leadership when confronted with challenges. The key and success to this activity is being able to communicate effectively with other team members while being blindfolded. As much as we have strong personalities and leaders, we sometimes need to learn step back and take instructions from the chosen leader for the task, and only talking when seeking of the given instructions. It requires strong teamwork and planning as well as efficient use of all possible communication skills the team has to succeed.

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