The Benefits of a Mentoring Relationship

A mentor is someone who helps another individual attain objectives. A coach is anticipated to have a long term relationship with the mentee and to challenge the mentee to do better and see more plainly. A person can benefit not just from being a mentee but also from being a coach. Allen reports that individuals “who act as a mentor to others report greater salary, greater promotion rates, and more powerful subjective profession success than do individuals with no experience as a mentor to others”.

(Allen, March 2006) Everyone need to seek the opportunity to be in a mentoring relationship from both viewpoints to improve individual and expert lives. The duty for directing the mentoring experience lies with the mentee. As a mentee, start by specifying your mentoring goals and pick a coach with these objectives in mind. Talk about goals and expectations with your coach. Delight in the time being mentored and maximize it to reach your objectives. Find out to accept constructive criticism from your coach.

When providing feedback to your coach, always be polite. Interact plainly when you regularly reassess the mentoring relationship. If you decide to end the mentoring relationship, do so on great terms. (Lakoski, 2009) Expect take advantage of being mentored.

You develop networks both professionally and personally. Your mentor encourages you by using brand-new approaches to deal with weak points exposed though feedback. As you develop more locations of strength, you grow in your sense of proficiency and identity. A mentor presents you to brand-new concepts, practices, and individuals.

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This experience shows you the value of having a mentor and being a mentor throughout your life. (Stone) Benefits to mentoring others are often overlooked; nevertheless, mentoring is worth the time and effort. You establish relationships with individuals who share young, fresh, and originalities for you. You share your understanding that can just be gained through experience.

Your communication, leadership, and relationship-building skills are tested and developed. Your network expands to new mentors and mentees. Most importantly, being a mentor renews and grows your professional and personal life. “Through the volunteer experience, you gain personal satisfaction by motivating a person to raise their values and dreams”. (Stone) Consider the following reflection on the success of a mentoring program: This means that because of the care, support and guidance of their online mentors, the students have a highly improved ability to cope in their very challenging worlds where poverty, violence, drugs and dropouts are the normal order of the day.

Because of our program and our volunteers, our kids have practiced and developed skills that have moved their decision-making abilities from external sources (needing to be told what to do) to internal sources (making good life decisions for themselves.) (Schrauth, 2011) To be the best mentor possible, there are a few key elements to consider. Being a good listener is important. When you listen to and understand a mentee’s perspective, you can better help him or her adjust that perception. Identify your and the mentee’s feelings so you can process the meanings behind these feelings and move forward.

Listen to what motivates the mentee, what excites him or her, what makes eyes light up and speech confident. Focus on these areas to improve these strengths. When you offer feedback, make sure you are always productive in your confrontation of a weakness. Providing this appropriate information encourages your mentee in areas of weakness and strength. (Shea, 2002) When you have the opportunity, delegate authority and give permission to your mentee to explore options to grow in his or her own experiences. While using these best practices, your experience as a mentor will positively affect the mentee and you. Experiencing the mentoring relationship as a mentee and a mentor grows you in your professional and personal lives. The relationship challenges you to grow and refreshes your perspectives. Seek out opportunities to be mentored by those above you and to mentor those below you.

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The Benefits of a Mentoring Relationship
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