Microsoft Essay Topics

A Network Enterprise Management System for Shopping Malls

Background GICEL Shopping Mall is just like an advanced supermarket that sells mostly home products such as home appliances and cosmetics. It provides other services like selling ice creams, beverages and most food items used at home. The Mall sells products to customers categorized from children to adults. A Brief study of an Existing System… View Article

Playing monopoly

Pretend to embrace a technology and become the major source for that technology like buy out the competitors. Declare it obsolete because your original way is better. Wait long enough for a technique or idea to be forgotten by the majority of people or just long enough that the majority of your followers are naive… View Article

Is Microsoft a monopoly

In order to understand if Microsoft is a monopoly one must first know the definition of a monopoly. A monopoly is a firm that is the sole seller of a product that has little or no substitutes. This automatically should arouse many thoughts in the minds of “us” as consumers. For all these years have… View Article

Operating system

As an American multinational corporation, Microsoft is regarded as the largest software maker measured by revenue in the software market. However, because Microsoft play an apparently dominate role in the market, more and more people argue that Microsoft have made damage on consumers’ profit through some marketing methods. As we know, Microsoft has been accused… View Article

The Valuation And Seclection Of Risky Assets

Abstract Investing in shares is the most common form of long term investment. We always desire the highest rate of return for any investment we make. The forever growing world of financial markets has ignited the desire in students and economists to study and analyse the behaviour of such markets. The ultimate goal is to… View Article

Microsoft PowerPoint

The development of add-ins into existing and established computer applications such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint is increasing use and function extending not only the longevity of programs but also software development and networking. The PowerPoint versions beginning with the 2003 edition have allowed for greater among Microsoft’s in-house as well as independent developers to create add-ins… View Article

Case Study Economics – Microsoft and Monopoly

Microsoft has monopoly in PC operating systems, Windows operating systems which are used` in more than 80% of Intel based PC’s. This market has high technological barriers. Threat to Microsoft is not from new operating systems but from alternate products such as browsers, which are new softwares that can be used with multiple operating systems… View Article

Request for Proposal

Introduction/General Overview of the RFP The Proposal will be aimed at inviting trainers to submit a proposal for the opportunity to train our staff on the use of Microsoft Office through a competitive and rigorous bidding process. Bidding has proved to be the best way to get the best vendors for this form of training… View Article

Benefits of Access in Workplace

Implementing Microsoft Access software into the work environment of Party Plates Company will be very beneficial to our environment. Microsoft Access is very useful and efficient database software that allows individuals to handle large volumes of data. Having access to Microsoft within the work environment will allow better communication between departments of our business and… View Article

Review Questions

Answer the following questions: 1) What is the difference between a task dependency and a task constraint? When it comes to the differences between a task dependency and task constraint, it depends on the time. A task dependency joins two tasks by saying that one task begins relative to a different task. A constraint just… View Article

Boutique Management System

1. DESCRIPTION: The project is entitled as “BOUTIQUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is developed by Visual Basic as front end and MS-Access as the back end. This project is designed to provide the easy access to maintain the reports of boutique service. This project is very useful to the all type of boutique service. By using this… View Article

Microsoft’s Lost Decade

Introduction Microsoft’s story serves as a prime example of the pitfalls of success. In this case we can analyze, critique, and make recommendations to avoid a similar disaster in the future. While they were really the sole company to open the window into computer technology for the everyday user, but over the last decade appears… View Article

Microsoft Access

Industrial Engineering and Services is a small consultancy company consisting providing solutions to big companies like Yamaha and others, on machinery and repair work. It also supplies metal imported to other small and large companies for their use in production. The company does not require large database to keep record of its transactions, expenses and… View Article

Evaluation System

Introduction As we move into a new era of “Quality Assurance,” universities and schools are increasingly being called upon to evaluate the students and their respective grades. One common method is via student evaluations. At the University of Batangas, most especially in the College of Engineering Department, a student evaluation is needed especially by the… View Article

Four Different Ways Select Text in Word Program

There are many ways that one can select text in Microsoft Offices’ Word program. This is to provide a variety of methods to aid users in completing their daily task efficiently. Whether it be to select a single word, paragraph, or the entire documents, this can be achieved by using the four different ways that… View Article

Microsoft Opens the Gates: Patent, Piracy, and Political Challenges in China

Microsoft faced many macro risks when operating in China. Many of these risks included software piracy, Chinese government pressure to transfer technology, host government promotion of competitor products, discriminatory procurement practices by sub-national authorities in China, and the strong encouragement for Microsoft to enter joint ventures with local firms. One main micro risk that Microsoft… View Article

Access Control Lists: Identify Rsources, Users and Groups

An Access Control List (ACL) is a list of Access Control Entries (ACE) that identify resources and the users or groups of users who have permission to access those resources. The resources may include files, hardware or processes on the network. In simpler terms, an ACL is a list of permissions that are attached to… View Article

Microsoft Environment Analysis

1. The five vulnerabilities that exist for this LAN based workgroup are 2755801, 2501696, 2588513 2639658, 2659883. 2. Yes, the vulnerability that involves privilege elevation is 2639658 (Vulnerability in TrueType Font Parsing), but it is not a high priority. 3. 2719662 Solution: Workarounds refer to a setting or configuration change that does not correct the… View Article

American online

Question 1: Prior to 1995, why was American Online (AOL) so successful in the commercial online industry relative to its competitors CompuServe and Prodigy? America Online was successful due to the pricing rate structure. Compared to its competitors, American Online’s rate structure was the easiest to understand and anticipate. Only paying $9.95 per month, the… View Article

Bis 220 Reflection Summary

Throughout this journey called Information Technology. There have been many things that we have been able to take from these lessons. There has been the learning of systems of programming. The several ways in which an organization can choose to take in the succession of their company. We have read and learned in the readings… View Article

Operating System and Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational software corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing. The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. Microsoft is the world’s largest software maker measured by revenues.[3] It is also… View Article

Microsoft-Gates Lie

The experience of reading this book is ironic at this point in time. It is written by a black man from the southside of Chicago who goes from rags to riches beyond most of our wildest dreams. A black man’s route from poverty to incredible success? Is there not a current presidential candidate who has… View Article

Microsoft Organizational Growth & Control Study

Microsoft has been a highly influential and instrumental organization of change during our lifetime. At times we praise these innovations, and at times we’ve cursed it. The Government has tried to control it. Organizations have tried to imitate it. By no means has this company had an easy time. Organizational growth goes through stages, each… View Article

Project experience

Reflecting back on your project experience, or using information from your resources what tools do you think would be the most helpful for creating the project schedule for your trade show project? The best tool for creating the schedule for the trade show project is Microsoft Project. This software comes in different versions but the… View Article

Sales and Inventory System Thesis Sample

Collaborate more Productivity and quality tools for everyone in the provider organization. Working with limited resources, healthcare providers today are challenged to meet ever-increasing demands. In order to meet this challenge, your organization needs to be as efficient as possible. This starts with giving your most important resource—your people—smart, timesaving tools that help them be… View Article

Security Assessment and Recommendations

Company Overview Aircraft Solutions (AS) is a recognized leader in the design and fabrication of component products and services for companies in the electronics, commercial, defense, and aerospace industry. Located in Southern California, AS has a dedicated, trained workforce and maintains a large capacity plant and extensive equipment to meet customer requirements. Much of the… View Article

Definitions and words have many misconceptions

Everyone views things differently. People of different races, age, sex, and religion may think differently than I would. Disagreements are common to encounter and stereotyping plays a huge role. One word that interest me the most is self-interest. While everyone has a different point of view on this word, I believe self-interest means more than… View Article

Technical Writting

Company Introduction Texans r Us is in search of a Microsoft trainer to train the staff in Microsoft Office Programs. This Request for Proposal (RFP) will layout the company background and scope of work and will describe the project. If your agency would like to be considered for this project submits a written proposal that… View Article

The Purpose of Producing Documents in a Business Environment

1 Understand the purpose of producing high quality and attractive documents in a business environment 1.1 Outline different types of documents that may be produced and the different styles that could be used A document is information produced in either printed or electronic format and may be one of many types such as: – •… View Article

Understand Models

Learning about Excel the past two weeks of this module have been interesting. There is more to learn about Excel than students could have anticipated. Week two of classes we were to complete an income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, a common size income statement, and a common size balance sheet, from chapter… View Article