Human Resources Strategies And Policies Of Google Company

The major focus of today’s organizations is to involve Human Resources (HR) in implementing an organization’s strategies through its activities such as recruitment, selection, job analysis and planning.. Google has always been one of those organizations that develop their business and expansion strategy with the support of HR policies.

Human resource management

The tactical business goal of an organization is to gain competitive advantage which can be achieved through skilled and highly motivated workforce. As per research, Google has entered into European markets and has introduced a vertical market based structure in order to generate profits.

This particular move led Google to make changes in the skills- necessities for its prospective employees in the European market. For e.g. Google appointed their accounts manager as their retail head because it was in sync with their aim to create an important place in Europe.

Research suggests that employee stock options are one of the most important factors that attracts highly skilled employees at Google.

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Google is well known for its innovative business ideas. It has been able to achieve this recognition because it provides its employees to have 20% of their work time to think innovatively. Google also makes sure that it respects diversity and represents it equally in its workforce.

Human resource planning and forecasting

Google maintains its HR demand and supply through the use of qualitative and quantitative methods. The most common methods used by Google are trend analysis and scenario analysis. Google has also been attributed to have a data-driven HR function through its people- analytics team that conducts surveys, identify correlations, and provide effective solutions.

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The most common job analysis method used at Google is work-oriented method, especially in job that demand high interpersonal skills. The organization’s matrix and structure allows the HR department to comprehend needs of different departments and they use this information for job analysis.

Recruitment and Selection

As per Laszlo Bock, head of people’s operations at Google, Google hires people who are smart, conscientious and humble. Google relies on both internal and external sources for hiring purposes. The process starts with a phone interview to the applicants and then the shortlisted candidates had series of interviews with the firm’s managers or even have projects to undertake. However, over the years Bock realized that people’s characteristic, leadership, team building ability, negotiation skills were, equally important. Today, Google tries to identify potential employees thorough their Googlyness. It is a measure of an applicant’s fit with Google’s work culture.

Google usually conducts external events, recruitments at educational institutions, and job ads on their own websites. The organization also has employee retention program in place in order to retain top-quality employees. Google also has an algorithmic assessment tool to screen top performers from average lot. This shows how Google relies on data-based and scientific methods to recruit its workforce.

Google takes care of its employees by providing them benefits such as health care coverage, travel insurance, best parental leaves (gender neutral), and on-campus child care centers. Career enhancement and growth of the employees is also one of the major goals of Google and annual appraisals are the basis for the career development initiatives.

Staffing challenges

It has been noted by many scholars that Google’s reliance on hiring people that fit their work culture has created what a homogenous corporate culture which inhibits its evolution. Google hires external recruiters and recently also outsourced major of its sales operations to a Bermuda-based outsourcer. However, it is known to outsource non-core jobs which does not affect its core employees in major way.

There are many challenges that Google faces in the form of low pay, high-competition, high level of bureaucracy, ineffective mentoring and lengthy recruitment process. These factors were the cause behind employees leaving Google. Another reason behind people leaving Google was that, they were not allowed to own any developmental ideas that they contributed. Google has all the intellectual rights over the technology or service developed. Employees do need recognition and it motivates them to commit to the organization. If Google requires to retain and thrive on its talented and skilled workforce then it has to give recognition where it is due.

Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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